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Flashback Friday: The scientifically-proven method for getting your bartender’s attention.

We’ve all been there: waiting at the bar, dying for a drink, but unable to catch the bartender’s attention. It’s easy to assume that we are being served (or rather, ignored) by a crappy bartender. But maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re the ones not giving the right signals that say “Beer me! Now!”. Show More Summary

The bad news: your ice cubes are full of bacteria. The good news: we know how to kill it!

Yup, you read that right: according to this study, the ice you make in your freezer is full of bacteria, and some of it is the bad kind. Store-bought ice isn't too bad, but you might want to be suspicious about the ice from your local watering hole. Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: Microbiologists discover caffeine-adapted bacteria living in the sludge in their office coffee machine.

We can just imagine the scenario that spawned this paper: a bunch of microbiologists sitting around the lab coffee machine, looking for a way to procrastinate, and machine microbiome! Here, the researchers not only sampled...Show More Summary

Do emotions related to alcohol consumption differ by alcohol type?

When you're choosing a drink at a bar, what goes into that decision? We know that taste has a lot to do with it, but according to this study, emotions may come into play as well: more specifically, the emotions brought about by the type of alcohol itself. Show More Summary

FlashBlack Friday: Which makes you happier: anticipating an experience or a purchase?

Psychologists have known for some time now that so-called "experiential purchases" (when you spend money to experience something, like a Broadway show or a vacation) make people happier than material purchases (like a couch or car).Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: Men with beards are more likely to be sexist.

Despite the recent popularity of beards, facial hair can be controversial: as we've previously shown, it makes men less likely to get hired and more likely to be seen as guilty by a jury. Well, all you beard-haters out there, here'sShow More Summary

Are the oysters listening?

Remember the scene in the original Alice and Wonderland movie when the walrus lures a group of baby oysters out of the water by playing the flute? Obviously, the plausibility of this scene relies heavily on oysters having a sense ofShow More Summary

Flashback Friday: Apparently, vigorous orgasms can burst a blood vessel in your eye and blind you.

Who doesn’t love a good medical case study involving sex? We certainly do! Here’s one about a patient who became blind in one eye after a vigorous romp in the sack. Apparently he experienced what’s known as a “valsalva manoeuvre” during...Show More Summary

Think You Know How Ripe You Like Bananas? Think Again

Do you know what you like? That may sound like a dumb question, but disentangling all the different reasons for loving one thing and hating another can be tricky. Take bananas, for instance. Many people pronounce a clear preference for a certain level of ripeness when it comes to their bananas. Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: Spiders perform female genital mutilation to ensure faithfulness.

If you think love in the animal world is sweet, think again! From ducks who rape using corkscrew penises to a bedbug who "pierces the female’s abdominal wall with his external genitalia and inseminates into her body cavity" to spiders who self-castrate in order to fight harder, animal sex can be, well, beastly. Show More Summary

Yes, dogs really can smell fear (and happiness).

Many people think that animals can smell fear, but it's hard to differentiate between what an animal smells and what it sees and hears (for example, a screaming human running at full-speed away from it). Fear not! These scientists set out to test whether dogs can actually smell human emotions. Show More Summary

Did your kid get a pea stuck up his nose? Science to the rescue!

Image: Flickr/Jason Rogers Before you go near your kid with a pair of tweezers, read this! Here, researchers combed the literature for examples of successful removal of peas and other objects from kids' noses using a technique called the "mother's kiss". Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: Scientists identify the top 10 relationship deal-breakers.

Finally, an expression popularized by the TV show 30 Rock has made it into the scientific literature. In this study, the scientists used surveys to identify and rank the top 10 relationship deal-breakers for both short-term and long-term relationships. Show More Summary

Scientist finally figures out why holes feel larger with your tongue than with your finger.

For almost 30 years, scientists have known about the illusion that makes small holes seem larger when felt with the tongue rather than with the fingers (we don't know who first discovered this, but we assume it was X-rated). Since that time, the reason for this illusion remained mysterious... Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: An autopsy of chicken nuggets.

Ever wondered what fast food chicken nuggets are actually made of? So did these researchers, and they actually went so far as to examine formalin-fixed sections of nugget under a microscope. If you enjoy eating these junk food favorites, we suggest you stop reading here. Show More Summary

Happiness may not bring you more sex, but more sex makes you happier.

The pursuit of happiness is a tricky journey. Things that seem like they might make you happy don't (e.g. money), and things that you've been told time and again will make you happy, like chatting with friends, need to be done right....Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: Sorry, science says cats simply can't love you the way dogs can.

We're pretty sure this post is going to be hated by all the feline fanciers out there, but this study is just too good not to share. Here, researchers applied a test developed for use with children to investigate the relationships between cats and their humans. Show More Summary

People with wider faces have a higher sex drive.

Here's another addition to the list of things that you can guess from a quick look at someone's face, which includes whether a gay man is a "top" or "bottom" and whether a criminal will get the death penalty. Here, researchers foundShow More Summary

Flashback Friday: Duct tape can do everything — including cure your warts.

Mmm… warts! Those fun, fleshy skin growths caused by papillomavirus. They are harmless, and yet… ugh. One of the most common methods of removal is to freeze them off using liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). But apparently there’s a DIY method that, according to this study, works even better: covering them with duct tape. Show More Summary

Study identifies 5 common cat personality factors. (No, "cat-itude" isn't one of them.)

If you're a "cat person", I'm willing to bet that you are already saying "Of course cats have personalities!" But which parts of your feline friend's personality are just part of being a cat, and which vary from cat to cat? Well, according...Show More Summary

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