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Cisco to Acquire OpenDNS for $635 Million

Cisco has announced that it will acquire OpenDNS for $635 million. OpenDNS is a privately held security company based in San Francisco providing advanced threat protection for any device, anywhere, anytime. The company says the merger...Show More Summary

Bell Canada to Bring 1 Gbps Services to Toronto This Summer

Bell Canada has announced that it will jump on the 1 Gbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) bandwagon, as it plans to launch such a service in the Toronto market as part of a $1.14 billion investment in its network. The (FTTH) network will serve 1.1 million Toronto homes and businesses, with 50,000 premises getting access as early as this summer. [...]

Digital Disruption Threatens to Topple Corporate Giants

Once thought untouchable atop their thrones of corporate power, questions are now being asked whether many of the titans of the business world will be able to survive the transition to the digital age, as such lumbering behemoths threaten to be swept aside from smaller, more agile, tech savvy competition. As Reuters journalist Eric Auchard [...]

Apple Pay Causing Top-to-Bottom Reinvention of Banks and Traditional Business Models, CIBC CEO Says

Following the announcement of backing for Rogers’ Suretap digital wallet initiative, Victor Dodig, chief executive of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, has spoken about the effect technology and new players such as Apple are having on the banking system: They are causing a “top-to-bottom reinvention” that leaves banks with two options. One is to [...]

Google Undercuts Apple with Free Streaming Music Service

In an effort to upstage grand entry of Apple’s Beats Music into the realm of streaming music this coming week, Google has shrewdly launched a free version of its existing Google Play Music service, undercutting Apple in hopes of better cornering the mobile music market. While Google’s own streaming music service has already been available for [...]

Data De-Prioritization in a Net Neutrality World: T-Mobile Maintains Data Throttling Practices

The practice of de-prioritizing data on broadband networks is really nothing new; it’s been a standard network management method since the dreaded days of P2P music and video swapping. It began with carriers simply blocking P2P content, but later evolved into them simply de-prioritizing the content, meaning the transfers were slower and thus people were [...]

IoT is Key to any Telco Transformation

Over the past several weeks I’ve been talking about the transformation of the telecom industry; telcos having to come to terms with the fact that being the supplier of wireless networks and other traditional communications services is simply not enough to stay relevant in this rapidly changing market. In order to become digital telcos the industry [...]

Industry Minister Approves Mobilicity Sale to Rogers

The Canadian wireless landscape is undergoing a major change: Rogers just made the Mobilicity acquisition official in a deal that aims to boost wireless speeds and quality for wireless customers in BC, Alberta, and Southern Ontario. On top of that, this is the fastest government approval for such a merger. Shortly after Rogers’ announcement, Industry [...]

Australian ISP Exetel Terminates Contracts of ‘unfair’ Data Gluttons

Recently AT&T was slapped with a hefty $100 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission over the unlawful throttling of data speeds for customers on supposedly “unlimited” data plans. The company was charged with misleading those customers, letting them think their plan gave them unlimited access to high speed 4G network access, while in reality [...]

Rogers to Buy Mobilicity for $465 Million

The Globe and Mail reports that Mobilicity’s sour days may have come to an end with its acceptance of a $465 million offer from Rogers. After considering offers from Telus and Rogers, it looks as though the struggling carrier’s backers have opted to move forward with Rogers’ offer. The filing, which was posted overnight, confirms the [...]

Google Not Responsible for Search Results, B.C. Supreme Court Rules

They say that once something hits the Internet it’s there forever, virtually out of reach, and in the case of embarrassing, scandalous, defamatory or otherwise private or personal content; that online information has the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s enough to make you wonder why anyone posts anything on [...]

Polish Airport Hack a Reminder that Airlines are at Risk for Cyber Attacks

Earlier this year as part of a piece on the security of the growing Internet of Things, writers here offered a speculative example of cyber-criminals gaining access to airlines, smart cars, and other aspects of our critical infrastructure and the damage that could potentially be done…turns out it wasn’t as speculative as we might have [...]

Incumbents and Big Banks Announce Support for Suretap Mobile Wallet

Ahead of the Canadian launch of Apple Pay, major telecom players and big banks have teamed up to push a local mobile wallet initiative, reports the Globe and Mail. Rogers launched its mobile wallet, Suretap (now a separate entity, Suretap Wallet LP), last year and now Telus, Bell Koodo, and Virgin have announced they are [...]

A Look at Blackberry’s Possible Embrace of Android (and why it might be a bad thing)

Last week the news broke that Blackberry may be considering deploying Google’s Android operating system on its next Blackberry device, a strategy consistent with the company’s recent shift away from a mobile hardware business towards a device and data management and software oriented firm. Although Blackberry has yet to comment on the rumours regarding its [...]

Telus and Rogers Bid to Buy Mobilicity

Telus is trying again to buy Mobilicity, but this time with a different approach. After three failed attempts to acquire the struggling new entrant in 2013 and 2014, Telus recently submitted the terms of a new proposal: While it would become the new owner of Mobilicity, it would transfer the ownership of some of the [...]

Finding that Mobile Advertising Sweet Spot: The Tricky Game of Effectively Reaching Customers

For many I would guess that mobile advertisements are, for the most part, an annoyance; something you need to click around to actually get to the content you’re looking for. The problem with advertising, at least for now, is that companies need to take a carpet bomb approach to reaching the actual set of eyeballs [...]

Sprint takes Proactive Approach to Net Neutrality, Stops Throttling Heavy Users

The latest iteration of the Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality regulations has now officially come into effect, and the Commission wasted no time in bringing to bear the full weight of its newfound authority against AT&T for misleading unlimited data customers about throttling their data use, levying a $100 million fine against Ma Bell for [...]

Wind Mobile Strikes Exclusive One-Year Deal to Bring Cell Service to Toronto Subway System

Wind Mobile has announced that it has inked an exclusive one-year deal with BAI Canada to bring cellular service to its customers using the downtown underground portions of the Toronto Subway. The announcement could be a selling point to attract more users to the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, which currently serves more than 800,000 wireless subscribers. [...]

FCC Hits AT&T with $100 Million Fine over Confusing Net Neutrality Violations

It looks like AT&T is getting the first taste of life under Net Neutrality, as the Federal Communications Commission is reportedly slapping Ma Bell with a hefty $100 million fine over data throttling and misleading customers, the largest fine in the relatively short history of the open Internet. The FCC is charging that AT&T is [...]

Smartphones and Social Media Threaten News Industry

Most people like the news; most people want access to the news; heck, most people use the news, but as news media firms around the world have discovered during the industry’s inevitable transition to digital, most people don’t want to pay for the news, and why would they, given that there are so many free [...]

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