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The Death of the Call Centre

For some time now we’ve been talking about the digital evolution of the telecom industry, but to this point it’s been an almost entirely theoretical conversation. In an effort to truly see what we’re talking about when we speak of the “digital age,” consider the impending death of one legacy era concept that I’m surely […]

The Robots are Coming: Foxconn Begins to Automate its Workforce

The robots are coming; heck, in many heavy manufacturing industries, they’re already here. Last year infamous tech manufacturing giant Foxconn announced a plan to heavily automate its workforce, and this week we got the first signs that Apple and Samsung’s chief manufacturing partner has initiated its promised robot revolution, with reports that it has replaced upwards […]

Zero-rating unlikely to undermine Net Neutrality, ITIF report argues

Strictly speaking, zero-rating services, which allow consumers to access certain online content and services without it counting against their monthly data allotments, violates the spirit of net neutrality, of that there is no doubt....Show More Summary

How do you solve a problem like small cell technology?

In an effort to increase the coverage and density of mobile networks in preparation for forthcoming 5G wireless technology, wireless carriers have long seen small cell sites as the most cost effective and efficient way to go about improving and expanding their networks. But it seems that small cell technology isn’t quite the saviour of […]

Uber Enters World of Self-Driving Cars

While self-driving car technology has raised many questions over the past year or so related to the reliability and safety of robots in assuming the task of operating our conveyances, this technological revolution has brought many non-traditional players into the automotive industry, including tech behemoths Google and Apple. Show More Summary

Deliver actual 4G before developing 5G, Analyst Argues

The rush is on to produce viable commercial grade 5G technology as quickly as possible, but with no development path yet charted, no clear guidelines on how to get there, and no common understanding of what exactly constitutes such a radical technological paradigm shift, perhaps it’s time to take a step back, calm the hype, […]

Google Patents Human Flypaper, looks to end pedestrian fatalities in car accidents

In an effort to avoid any potential pedestrian fatalities related to self-driving automobiles, it was revealed this week that Google has applied for a patent related to a “sticky” adhesive solution that would carry pedestrians along with the car in the event of an accident. Say what now? Yes, Google’s solution to solving car accidents […]

Nokia takes Circuitous Route Back to the Mobile Market

After Nokia’s mobile division was acquired by Microsoft in 2013, we all wondered what the Redmond PC giant could do with the Finnish company’s tarnished mobile brand. Turns out, nothing. Under the watch of Microsoft the Nokia brand quickly faded away, a radical departure from the days when the “Nokia” name was synonymous with global […]

Verizon’s Ploy to Transform Prepaid Customers into Postpaid Contracts

In an effort to keep pace with rival and current wireless market disruptor T-Mobile, Verizon has finally turned its attention the prepaid market, something Big Red has traditionally left to the lesser lights of the wireless industry. To that end, Verizon announced that effective this past weekend, the data allotments at all prepaid price points […]

Could the Flip Phone make a Comeback?

As the size of smartphones continues to increase the mobile market is soon going to run into a serious redundancy dilemma: Is your phone powerful enough to replace your tablet, or conversely, is your tablet functional enough to replace your phone? My guess, however, is that neither will happen, at least not until the complete […]

Increasing Number of Teens are “addicted” to their Phones

More than alcohol or drugs, it looks like the new pox on teenagers is something that most of us have within 5 feet of us right now: smartphones. Earlier this month Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families regarding technology and media usage for children, released the findings for […]

Growing Successful B2B Relationships

As with any mutually beneficial relationship, there is a relatively simple formula for establishing and maintaining healthy and successful business-to-business relationships, yet you’d be surprised just how many companies neglect these relationship-building fundamentals. Show More Summary

Apple’s Sky-Rocketing R&D Budget Hints at Big Things to Come

If there’s one sure sign that Apple is eyeing some revolutionary product release, it’s a sharp increase in the company’s research and development budget. Now after several years of lacklustre product releases and flagging sales, Apple’s R&D spending is estimated to top $10 billion this year, and unless Apple is blowing all of that on […]

Sprint Promises Increased Frugality and Efficiency in Network Expansion

When you have less cash than all of your rivals, well you have to know how to spend it wisely. That was the message from Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure coming out of his company’s quarterly earnings call last week. While Sprint has attempted to differentiate itself in an increasingly saturated mobile market by offering some […]

Facebook denies suppressing trending conservative news

Several weeks ago I wrote about dangers of Facebook operating as a news delivery platform, as the private enterprise with its own clear biases has little to no obligation to remain neutral, particularly when it comes to offering bipartisan coverage on election issues. While at the time my concern was that Facebook could unduly influence […]

FBI, Stingray and Secret Cellphone Surveillance

For several months now we’ve known of the existence of the controversial Stingray phone surveillance system, a covert piece of law enforcement technology that ostensibly tricks mobile devices into thinking it is a legitimate cellular tower, thus routing all surrounding mobile traffic to it instead of towards networks operated by wireless carriers. The problem has […]

AdBlock Plus Attempts to Rescue the Internet it’s Helping Destroy

For many advertisers and website publishers AdBlock Plus has become the scourge of their existence, allowing users to block valuable advertising, which in turn chokes the main revenue stream for many in today’s online world. This has led to many blaming such ad blocking technologies for ushering in the destruction of the Internet as we […]

Seniors, “Age Tech” and the new era of getting older

There’s no question that advances in healthcare and medical technologies have allowed us to live longer, but for many living longer has not necessarily meant living better. In fact, for as much as technology has extended the average lifespan, it has, for the most part, done nothing to help fill those extra years with meaning […]

The Challenge of Improving the Customer Experience

Today most businesses will tell you that one of their top goals is to improve the customer experience. In fact, almost 90 percent of businesses view customer experience as the new competitive battleground, and many view improving it as their number one priority, even more so than growing revenues. But talking about improving the customer […]

Blackberry “very close” to smartphone profitability

It seems rumours of the end of Blackberry’s mobile hardware business have been greatly exaggerated, but honestly who could blame analysts for thinking the end was nigh given the failure of the company’s flagship Priv smartphone and the company’s less than stellar quarterly numbers? But despite the general sense that Blackberry’s smartphone days were coming […]

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