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Blackberry “very close” to smartphone profitability

It seems rumours of the end of Blackberry’s mobile hardware business have been greatly exaggerated, but honestly who could blame analysts for thinking the end was nigh given the failure of the company’s flagship Priv smartphone and the company’s less than stellar quarterly numbers? But despite the general sense that Blackberry’s smartphone days were coming […]

Activist Investor Carl Icahn pulls out of Apple over China concerns

The first (and perhaps largest) rat has officially jumped from Apple’s ship, as billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn—known for laying waste to companies to turn a profit for investors—confirmed last week that he has sold his shares in Apple over concerns of growing resistance to the Apple brand in China. “We no longer have a […]

Breaking the Blockade: The Advertising War Continues

“Ad block is a threat to the very existence of the World Wide Web.” (AdSupply) “[A great man] thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts.” (Lao Tzu) As I’ve said before, I’m just not sure how many people truly grasp the make-up of our digital world, and just how central advertising […]

The iPhone Apocalypse: Apple Records First Revenue Decline in 13 Years

Last week something happened that had never happened before in the modern smartphone era: Apple’s revenues slipped on the back of slumping iPhone sales. To that end, on Tuesday the Cupertino company reported an almost 13% drop in quarterly sales, marking the first time revenue at the world’s most valuable company has dropped since it […]

Nokia Acquires Digital Health Company

Take note Blackberry, there is life after complete and utter mobile collapse, as with the announcement that it was acquired digital health services Withings, Finnish tech giant Nokia continues to radically reinvent itself as a network infrastructure, IoT and data services firm. To that end, health services stands as one of the largest vertical markets […]

There may be hope for mobile-only operators after all

For awhile now we’ve been talking about the necessity for traditional telecom operators to begin to transition away from simply providing the wireless infrastructure that content providers can get rich off of, towards discovering what makes them unique in an increasingly competitive digital space and finding ways to monetize that uniqueness. Show More Summary

Is Apple outdated?

It seems Chinese mobile consumers are starting to admit an obvious fact about Apple that their American counterparts have pushed out of mind for years now: iPhones are lagging behind the competition in terms of innovation and advancement, and for years have failed to offer anything in the way of a solid growth driver. In an […]

T-Mobile’s Q1 Results Set the Bar High for Competition

For several years now much of the domestic wireless market has stood by and watched T-Mobile spend millions of dollars on its aggressive un-carrier campaign, justifying their lack of response by critiquing T-Mobile’s unsustainable strategy and simply waiting for the other shoe to drop. The only problem, though, is that T-Mobile has repeatedly proved its […]

IoT Infrastructure is Ripe for Ransomware

The inevitability of all technological progress is that somehow cybercriminals will find a way to target it with any or all of the malicious tools in their digital arsenal, and according to one think tank, so it will be with the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). According to the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), […]

Tech Battle 2016: Apple Services Shutdown in China amidst brewing Trade War

For several years now China’s relations with the U.S. tech industry have been steadily deteriorating. It started ages ago with the communist regime’s stance against Google, to which it added an on-again, off-again (most off-again) relationship with Facebook, a fight with Android for mobile dominance, antitrust allegations against chip maker Qualcomm, and a weirdly awkward […]

Is the Apple Car still a thing?

It really wasn’t that long ago that connected cars were front and centre in tech industry hype, and speculation was mounting that Apple would wade into the automotive industry with a connected car of its own. In fact, during the late summer of 2015 it seemed all we could talk about was Apple’s rumoured car […]

Blackberry, Encryption and the RCMP

For years Blackberry built its reputation on uncompromising mobile security, an ironclad commitment to creating secure encryption keys that were un-hackable and inaccessible to even the company itself. That commitment subsequently led...Show More Summary

Google Accused of Antitrust Violations in Europe (again)

Several years ago Google ran afoul of the European Commission over its domination of the search market, to the point where regulators starting calling for the dismantling of Google (which we’ve now seen, in part, with the creation of Alphabet and the subsequent corporate reshuffling) in an effort to break the company’s monopoly. The concern […]

When Facebook Controls the Content

We already know that Facebook has run psychological experiments to determine how altering people’s social news feeds impacts their moods, interests, and outlooks on life, offering a brief glimpse of the power that the social network wields. Now with Facebook attempting to control content through hosting news, and assuming the role of ethical watchdog regarding […]

Mitel Announces Merger with Polycom

On Friday Canadian telecom stalwart Mitel Networks announced that it had entered into a merger agreement with U.S. voice and telephony hardware manufacturer Polycom for $1.96 billion in cash and stock. The move effectively combines two...Show More Summary

Blackberry not done with Android just yet

Following a disappointing earnings call earlier this month it truly looked like the writing was on the wall for Blackberry’s hardware business, as the company’s high-end flagship phone, the Priv, failed to impress. But according to CEO John Chen, what the company got wrong was not the market’s desire for a secure, functional, and familiar […]

America’s Information Superhighway isn’t all that Super

I’ve long said that Americans are blissfully unaware of just how poor their Internet experience is in comparison to much of the rest of the world, but the good news is that things are getting better. While the U.S. still lags behind many countries when it comes to average network connection speeds, things are improving, […]

Attitude, not Age, Defines Different Generations of Customers

Far too often marketing researchers and other such analysts would have us view our customers in various groups and demographics, producing studies that help businesses better market to Generation X, or Gen Y, or Gen Z, or the Millennials, Baby Boomers, or, heck, even the classic “Greatest Generation.” Having such varied age groups is supposed to come […]

A Look at the Growing Business of Data Theft

My guess is that when you think of hackers or other cyber-criminals stealing data, deploying destructive malware, or holding computers for ransom you likely think of a few shady characters, perhaps with mohawks and a variety of piercings and questionable tattoos, sitting in a dank, dark basement staring at computer screens. Truth is though, as comfortable […]

Overwhelming Majority of Wireless Customers want Free Data Services, Survey says

From the files of, “Did we really need a study to tell us that?” a new survey commissioned by the CTIA has found that an overwhelming majority of Americans would welcome the introduction of new free data options that would allow consumers to access more streaming video and other online content without it counting against […]

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