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Front page imagery

The home page of Antietam on the Web is a simple table of contents decorated by a photograph. Since a major redesign of the site in 2010, I've used about half a dozen pictures to represent the place and the history of Antietam. Here are their stories...

Just as surely dead

I like to look beyond lists and rosters to flesh out the individuals who were at Antietam. An example of how this sometimes goes, with a bit of an unexpected twist, is the case of Sgt Hascall of the 61st NY Infantry.

Antietam 150: Anniversary Sunrise

At the end of the day of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, a couple of quick shots of how it looked at its start.

Antietam 150: The Dead of the Maryland Campaign

This post contains my first feeble attempt at a list of individual soldiers who died on the Maryland Campaign of 1862. There is no single, comprehensive list anywhere. This is a start...

The Antietam Roster

Something like 160,000 soldiers were present on the Maryland Campaign of 1862, and our Roster project aims to get as many of them listed on Antietam on the Web (AotW) as we can...

Kentucky Confederates at Sharpsburg

Most of the Southern states were represented by units in the Army of Northern Virginia at Sharpsburg, but Kentucky is not usually thought of as one of them...

Generalsandbrevets is back

Update April 2012:  He's back.  Thank goodness!  Now subtitled Civil War Generals in Black and White, but with very similar layout and still at the address  Thank you,  Mikel. ____________ Original post of 30 Jan 2010, "Generalsandbrevets Gone":  As I'm sure you know by now, the excellent web gallery Generals of the American Civil [...]

First Minnesota at Antietam

Enjoy a fine online resource on the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry from Wayne Jorgenson and Chuck Barden. They've built a considerable database of the members of the Regiment.

Patrick Clooney, 88th New York

The life and passing of Patrick Phelan (Felan) Clooney. One of the heroes of the Irish Brigade at Antietam.

The Newf and Werner von Bachelle

In April 1861 Werner von Bachelle volunteered for service in response to President Lincoln's first call for troops. Killed at Antietam, he's a celebrity today - thanks to his faithful Newfoundland dog.

The Liljenquist photographs and Sharpsburg

I've explored this treasure that is the Liljenquist collection of ambrotypes and tintypes at the Library of Congress, and found some intriguing images with a connection to our favorite battlefield.

New blog: the Maryland Campaign of 1862

Tom Clemens makes his debut in the blogosphere today on The Maryland Campaign of 1862. That’s also the title of his two-volume series coming soon from Savas-Beatie: a carefully annotated edition of General Ezra Carman’s life’s work. Volume 1: South Mountain arrives mid-May 2010. Among other things, Tom promises to use the site to get some of [...]

Shepherdstown battlefield update

[Press release, reposted from TalkAntietam] PARK SERVICE STUDY AFFIRMS LOCATION & SIZE OF SHEPHERDSTOWN CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELD In an update of the 1993 Report on the Nation’s Civil War Battlefields, the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission (CWSAC) has provided information that sites the location of the 1862 Battle of Shepherdstown and provides more information about the actual [...]

Dr. Howard and Hooker’s foot

Because he was conspicuous on his white horse and close to the battle-front on the morning of Wednesday, 17 September 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland, perhaps it was inevitable that Major General Joseph Hooker would be killed or wounded in the ferocious combat there. Major General Joseph Hooker (c. 1862, Library of Congress) And wounded he was. Although [...]

WP Upgrade to behind AotW

I’m happy to report success in updating our underlying blog software to the current version of Word Press this afternoon. I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you this is the first upgrade since the original installation of nearly four years ago. There were some blips along the way, but generally it was a smooth transition. An upgrade [...]

Generalsandbrevets gone

As I’m sure you know by now, the excellent web gallery Generals of the American Civil War is offline. The site was a comprehensive online collection of photographs of very nearly every Confederate and Union General (about 1,000 individuals) - plus most of the 1,400 Federal officers who were made General by brevet. It [...]

Frank Schell’s battle

Frank Schell accompanied the Army of the Potomac on the Maryland Campaign of 1862, and was on the field for the battle on 17 September.  He was a civilian there from New York - a sketch artist for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Fortunately for those who study the battle, a number of his original battlefield sketches [...]

David Hunter Strother on Antietam

Halt at Clarksburg, Sept 12th 1862, McClellan’s Staff (DH Strother, 1862) Daniel Hunter Strother (1816 - 1888) - writer, artist and Federal officer - was on General George McClellan’s staff on the Maryland Campaign of 1862.  His creative skills resulted is some fascinating artifacts of that period, which I’m enjoying in my study of Antietam and [...]

A hyperTOC for Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions

An excellent companion to Moore’s Roster for researching North Carolina troops is the 5 Volume Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War, 1861-1865, published by the State of North Carolina in 1901. Editor Walter Clark had been Lieutenant Colonel of the 70th Regiment. All NC military units - along [...]

A hyperTOC for Moore’s Roster of North Carolina Troops

I’ve been on a fruitful run over the last couple of weeks looking into North Carolina soldiers who were at the battle of Sharpsburg. It began with the following haunting photograph from the Time-Life Voices volume on the battle of Fredericksburg … W.B. Whitaker (Time-Life’s Voices: Fredericksburg, courtesy Frances Honeycutt) He’s First Sergeant - later Captain - [...]

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