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Constipation in Cats

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM Topaz’s family called me from his Christmas vacation in Florida.  They were concerned because they found this older gentleman of a cat straining in his litter box, but not producing any stool.  Since I was here at The Animal Medical Center and he was 1,000 miles away, I suggested a safe [...]

Corn Cobs Are Not For Dogs

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM This amusing, but two decade old cartoon used to hang outside the x-ray suite in The Animal Medical Center’s Radiology Service.  In response to Jeffy’s question, one of our medical staff penciled in “Radiology says NO!”  Twenty years later, that answer is still correct and here’s why. A sick young dog [...]

Books for Pet Lovers

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM If you are like me, you received gift cards during the holidays. What better way to spend them than on books about dogs and cats. Here are a few titles that are currently sitting on my nightstand: Dogs: Man’s best friend The Divinity of Dogs: True Stories of Miracles Inspired by [...]

Resolve to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM It’s that time of year again; the time when we make New Year’s resolutions. I seem to make the same ones every year: eat healthier, exercise more, be kinder. My suggestion for 2013 is for every pet owner to be a responsible one. To achieve that goal, the American Veterinary Medical [...]

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Cats Get it Too!

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM Last week, I highlighted a common pancreatic disorder in dogs, pancreatitis. The following day, the New York Times Well Pet blog wrote about a much less common, but equally serious pancreatic disorder, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). The article focuses on EPI in dogs, but cats also can suffer from this disease. [...]

Dog Noses Put to Good Use

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM In a post last week, I wrote about a serious intestinal infection, Clostridium difficile and how a radical treatment similar to one used in cows, sheep, and goats is helping humans. While researching some information about C. difficile, I found an interesting story of a dog named Cliff who could sniff [...]

Poop Therapy

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM We live in a world obsessed with clean. Our floors are scrubbed with antibacterial cleaners, we squirt hand sanitizer gel on our children’s hands and wipe down our kitchen counters with antibacterial wipes.  Knowing this, you shouldn’t be surprised there was a big buzz when a poop transplant between a mother [...]

Pancreatitis: Systemic Effects of an Unhappy Organ

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM One of my friends was in the hospital last week. Not a human friend, but a dog friend. Happily, I have dog friends who are not dog patients and Decoy is one of those. This lovable lab is a member of a family who are friends of my family. Under the [...]

Should the Government Regulate Cats?

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM This question is a rhetorical one – state, federal, and local governments already regulate several aspects of your cat’s care. And there are good reasons for the government to do so. U.S. regulations Rabies is a fatal disease, easily prevented by vaccination. Governments want to protect the health of their citizens [...]

Holiday Hazards 2012

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM The holidays can be fun times for everyone in the family—pets included—but they can also pose dangers to dogs and cats. Here are a few of the holiday-related cases we’ve seen at The Animal Medical Center’s Emergency Service this week. Tarquin, Gracie and Yoggy snacked from the naughty list Tarquin, a [...]

The Bucket List…for Dogs

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM For me, one of the most charming movies ever is the 2007 release “The Bucket List,” starring two of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. In the film, two dying men team up to create their bucket lists – lists of adventures they hope to complete before they “kick [...]

What’s On the Mind of Pet Owners?

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM A recent survey of both pet owners and veterinarians interrogated the pet health issues each group thought were most important. In last week’s post, I discussed the issues from the veterinarian’s point of view. In this blog I will write from the pet owner’s point of view. Pet owners said they [...]

World AIDS Day 2012: Getting to Zero for Cats, Too!

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM The World Health Organization marks December 1st as World AIDS Day. For 2012, the chosen theme is “Getting to Zero.” World AIDS Day remembers those who have died from this terrible disease and educates those at risk of contracting it. This year’s theme focuses attention on the hope that someday there [...]

What’s On Your Veterinarian’s Mind?

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM A recent survey of both pet owners and veterinarians examined the pet health issues each group thought were most important. In this blog I will write from the veterinarian’s point of view and in next week’s post, the issues from the pet owner’s point of view. In an exam room with [...]

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM November is a busy month. Not only is it National Diabetes Month, but it is also National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer and diabetes are two important diseases the veterinarians at The Animal Medical Center treat every day. According to VPI, a pet insurance company, their top ten insurance claims for pet [...]

Animals Were Affected by the Hurricane, Too

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM Hurricane Sandy created hardships for people living up and down the East Coast. Residents were displaced from their homes and sent to evacuation shelters or lived in flooded apartments, and life in general was disrupted. Sandy spared few. Animals, too, suffered as a result of the high winds and flood waters [...]

Alcohol, Peroxide and Rubber Bands: The Nay List for Pets

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM The New York Times and my fifteen-year-old have a favorite word – meh. It means neither good nor bad, just meh. Twitter jumped on the ranking bandwagon using #mehlist. When it comes to medicine, things are more black and white, definitely not meh. This past week I saw patients getting home [...]

Can Hurricane Sandy Make Your Pet Sick?

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM The deadliest feature of Hurricane Sandy was not the wind and rain, but water from the storm surge. The storm surge was so massive it brought water into the lobby of The Animal Medical Center, but my basement, prone to flooding during a heavy rain, stayed dry. The severe flooding has [...]

Fluid Therapy

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM If you visit a friend in the hospital, you are likely to notice their doctor is treating them with intravenous fluids. If you visit your pet in the veterinary hospital, you will notice the same may be true – clear fluid is dripping intravenously through a catheter. Veterinarians and physicians use [...]

Understanding Feline Diabetes

By Ann Hohenhaus, DVM According to the American Diabetes Association, November is American Diabetes Month. Due to obesity, diabetes is on the rise in people and, unfortunately, the same is true for our feline companions. The theme for American Diabetes Month 2012 is “A Day in the Life of Diabetes” and I will detail some [...]

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