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Strict biosecurity protocols are essential to keep disease pressure on the farm under control. That said, with too many movements of livestock and personnel all gains on that front can succumb. With the implementation of an ‘all in, all out’ system real progress can be made. No matter whether this concerns a broiler operation of a layer or breeder facility.

Investigation reveals violations in poultry processing plants in US

Investigative research into the state of US meat production has uncovered a range of severe hygiene violations in unpublished US documents.

Japanese scientists use egg whites for clean energy

Proteins taken from egg whites could be used in the future to improve the production of carbon free energy. Japanese scientists claim to have used the protein as a tool for producing hydrogen, a source of clean electricity.

Asian food sector targeted with egg substitute

San-Francisco-based food technology company JUST is on a mission to build a food system where everyone eats well.

France to ban sale of eggs from caged hens by 2022

French Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert has announced that the Government is to ban the sale of shell eggs in supermarkets from cages by 2022.

Peptidoglycans – Snicking away at animal performance

As animal production becomes more and more sophisticated, previously unobserved factors that potentially hinder performance become a bigger issue. Intestinal commensal bacteria – bacteria that live together – fit this narrative.

Formaldehyde denial: Loss of a vital preventive measure

The EU recently passed a denial of authorisation for formaldehyde in animal feed, but formaldehyde is a vital measure for the prevention of Salmonella.

Germany: First food retailer to use 'early feeding' system

REWE Group is to become the first food retailer in Germany to use the early feeding system where birds receive feed in the incubator rather than being left unattended for up to 36 hours.

Antiviral effect of lithium chloride on avian leukosis virus

Research has shown that lithium chloride effectively blocks a subgroup of avian leukosis virus from replicating in chick embryo fibroblast (CEF) cells, showing that it could be used an antiviral agent against the ALV-J.

US use of antibiotics in poultry far greater than in the UK

Antibiotic use in US poultry production is 3 times higher than the UK and 5 times higher for turkeys, according to a report released by the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics.

Door opening in the EU for insect protein for poultry

Hopes are rising that the European Commission will next year give the green light for insect proteins to be used in poultry feed.

The 1st edition of Poultry World 2018 is now online

A new year brings new challenges. That is surely the case in Europe, where the EU banned the use of formaldehyde in poultry feed. Poultry World delves into the matter and gives you all the ins and outs.

First human case of H7N4 confirmed

Chinese authorities have confirmed the first human case of the H7N4 strain of avian influenza.

Ventilation during incubation is a complex matter

Optimal chick quality and maximal hatchability depend largely on the environmental conditions that we create in the setters and hatchers. When these conditions meet the demands of the embryo, conversion of egg content into embryo and the development of the embryo will be optimal. Good quality day old chicks will be the result.

Blockchain technology: Transforming poultry supply chains

The online currency Bitcoin has been hitting headlines worldwide as its value soars, but the technology behind it has big potential for the poultry industry and its supply chain.

US state propose tracking air pollution from chickens

Fears about potential health hazards caused by the rise of industrial poultry plants in a north eastern corner of the United States have prompted authorities to see if they are causing air pollution.

Australian regulator defines free range egg standard

New guidance for free-range egg producers has been provided by the Australian government ahead of the launch of new National information Standards rules that come into force in April.

Processed soya to improve performance of broiler chickens

Processed soya bean meal in broilers led to significantly increased feed conversion rates and body weight gain, according to newly published research.

IEC: New avian influenza vaccination document released

Advantages and constraints of an avian influenza vaccination programme are highlighted in the International Egg Commission’s newly launched paper.

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