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Funny Pictures – May 24, 2017

How to win the heart of a woman. via What do you say when you weren’t expecting a bridge to be there?… via We got donuts for my son to bring to school for his 6th birthday… via Price tag doesn’t lie. via It happened. I’m a Disney Princess. via I saw this on a […]

Funny Pictures – May 23, 2017

Fire breathing dog! via This is how he sleeps on the couch. And – he only be bothered to open one eye when I said his name. via “Who paid for you?” he whispered. But the old wall keeps her secrets. via Our Formal night on the Carnival Sensation. via Muffler shop understands dad jokes. […]

Funny Pictures – May 22, 2017

How I know it’s been a while since I’ve ridden my mountain bike… via Gluten free bun $2. $3 if you’re drinking a beer. via If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip who will? via The office Keurig might be possessed. via My friend’s dog looks like Doug from UP with this Snapchat […]

Funny Pictures – May 21, 2017

My very elderly father needs a walker but was afraid it would make him look “disabled,” so I made a fake ad for a “sports” walker to make him happy. via “Oh, your tent has a waterproof seal? Mine has 8.” via Honest parental car sticker. via My daughter finally brought home something fridge-worthy. via […]

Funny Pictures – May 20, 2017

The best way to a man’s heart. via When you’re struggling to make the minimum word count. via Instead of Millennium Falcons or fire trucks, my 8 year old son builds Lego bars with drunk patrons. via Help… via Bride who is a computer engineer doesn’t have any girlfriends, so she invites her bros instead. […]

Funny Pictures – May 19, 2017

My wife met Chris Pratt….Anna Faris didn’t approve. via I was hoping to see a bear with a sword. via Lovely. via The fashion icon. via So I get home from work and these guys are doing this in the park across the street. Life is Awesome. via I dunno if I wanna… via Forget […]

Funny Pictures – May 18, 2017

Grab a bargain at Lidl. via Quality Beef vintage ad. via Well alrighty then. via My wife and I accidentally got each other the same gift for our second anniversary. via Saw this near my hotel in Melbourne… via The Work Season. via After a really rough day at work, this made me smile on […]

Funny Pictures – May 17, 2017

Who would throw away a perfectly good… via Some reasons. via Little old lady on my flight brought a magnifying glass to play the in-flight Eye Spy game. via Where an adventure ends, another one starts. via..I have so many questions. via Been there… via I only drink a little. via Interesting… via This […]

Funny Pictures – May 16, 2017

What’s your Mom yelling about? via A proud father. via This toilet works best when.. via What Religion are we? via There was a mix-up with an item I ordered from China, so the seller sent me a note and a little gift to tide me over until the correct item arrived. 10/10 apology. via […]

Funny Pictures – May 15, 2017

So, our dog met the neighbor’s new kitten yesterday… via They don’t waste any time. via At least she got the job done. via Forgot to reposition the camera to take a jump pic, looks like we hung ourselves. via My friend wanted her family to take her to an art museum for Mother’s Day. […]

Funny Pictures – May 14, 2017

You shall not pass! via Panda getaway mission in IKEA. via Doesn’t care or recently pooped himself? via When your kid finally starts reading a book on subway rides instead of looking at his phone the whole time. via If you can think about it, don’t. via Picked up this little number at a museum […]

Funny Pictures – May 13, 2017

New workout plan. via When you don’t realize how big your head is until you take a selfie with a friend. via Somehow our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside. via Looking for a parking space. via Not the […]

Funny Pictures – May 12, 2017

Most people have never heard of Edward Scissorhands lesser known cousin, Bamboo Saladhands. via I snapped this pic of our puppy mid sneeze. via I have no idea what this sign is trying to warn me about. via A book my friend bought. via Ready for summer! via Hotel Room Survey… via Ah, Belfast. via […]

Funny Pictures – May 11, 2017

I put a German Shepard mask on my Golden Retriever. Real German Shepard included for comparison. via I’m a super nervous flyer. My wife just took this pic of me at the airport restaurant, about to board the plane, a part of our honeymoon. via My friend’s first graders are nonstop entertainment. via Someone clearly […]

Funny Pictures – May 10, 2017

A little boy in our neighborhood went door-to-door selling homemade brooms for $2. Even demonstrated the effectiveness of it! Needless to say… via Seemed like the obvious answer. via Amazing exchange rate. via Might be missing a few pieces. via The stars have aligned…Snapchat finally worked on my duck. via This is, without a doubt, […]

Funny Pictures – May 9, 2017

Telehubbies. My old colleague was having a BBQ with friends and his wife captured the perfect moment. Sorry Trey. via The goddamn disrespect. via Used faceapp on my dog. Im now terrified.. via It said “one size fits all” and I called bullshit… I owe cvs an apology. via Cactus rock climbing! via I’m a […]

Funny Pictures – May 8, 2017

Introducing the undisputed heavyweight champ of the world… via Got extra salt and vinegar on my fish and chips. via Nobody beats Canadian hospitality. The trophies for female winners of the tennis open. via My girlfriend told me I take to long in the bathroom. So this is what I came back to when I […]

Funny Pictures – May 7, 2017

Yoga anyone? via Fiancée got her Student Loan repayment email…while attending her college graduation. via Family friendly bar. via Dine in or drive thru, why not both? via Haircut of the century. via Something is off.. via Laziness at it’s finest! via My 5 year old insisted on dressing up as Groot to see the […]

Funny Pictures – May 6, 2017

Those first 5 days.. via Just how long are people not showering for? via Han Dynasty has the most unfortunate URL I have ever seen. via My cap for graduation tomorrow! via Helena Bonham Carter shows incredible acting range. via Anything is possible. via The exact moment my buddy was bit by a horse. via […]

Funny Pictures – May 5, 2017

My husband shaved our cat then made a new, much more disturbing one. via My wife, the librarian, received her new vanity plates yesterday. via You can tell who my real close friends are by their facial reactions as I fell on the dance floor. via Christmas morning, 1989, my brother and I couldn’t believe […]

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