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Funny Pictures – July 26, 2017

38 minutes agoHumor / odd : Off Stuff Magazine

My dad is in Las Vegas near a rescue pet conference that is currently taking place. This is the picture he sent me. via Can someone tell me what kind of hummingbird this is? via My husband’s late night contribution to the questionable label on my wine. via How to get around copyright law. via […]

Funny Pictures – July 25, 2017

My grandma got a label maker. via Toilet Brush Usage Instructions. via Child Labor Reimagined… via When you try to pick out an outfit but everything in your closet is a bust… via I can’t believe that they still do this to Pokemon in some parts of the world. via Stop taking photos and help […]

Funny Pictures – July 24, 2017

This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs. via This story is nuts! via When the clothes shop has your size. via Saw this in a candy shop. via He wanted a remote control car for his birthday.. via The left door perfectly describes the right door’s condition. via The ol’ rugs […]

Funny Pictures – July 23, 2017

Seafood. via My dog got into a bag of green powder that was supposed to be used for a color run..(It’s harmless). via Does Siri watch Game of Thrones? via Fire Station tells it like it is. via This Wifi at Indira Gandhi International Airport. via Zro Kids. via Very subtle. via I’ll need a […]

Funny Pictures – July 22, 2017

I am not afraid of you Summer! via Definitely Not Bees. via Not every product needs a mascot… via Trashy. via Built a garden for my wife a few months ago and it is finally time for the bountiful harvest. Tonight, we feast like kings. via This bulletin post. via Sign at local church. via […]

Funny Pictures – July 21, 2017

Had to laugh even though it’s my worst nightmare. via These sequels are getting out of hand. via Saw this in line at the DMV. via A map of the internet in 1995. via The best thing about living in Alabama. via FRIENDS vs. my friends. via The liquor store in my town. via Don’t […]

Pool Float Ideas for 2017

With summertime in full swing, its pool season and we are taking a look at the myriad of unusual and quirky floats available this year. The options are endless with exotic animal, foods and of course the weird poop emoji. We’ve come across many cute and crazy creations, so pretty and some a little ugly. […]

Funny Pictures – July 20, 2017

I keep the leg of every pirate I kill. via ….Found the spoon honey. via Rate my GF’s sunburn. via Has science gone too far? via A woman came to us (I.T department) and had written down the whole bluescreen error. via A book review from Snoop. via This sums up the quality of our […]

Funny Pictures – July 19, 2017

He’s waiting for the cat to throw the ball. It won’t happen. via I am sure no one will notice. via Possibly the greatest table of contents ever. via – Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes. OK. via It looks like Superbad is happening across the street. via HotDognald’s. via God damnit Netflix. via Mom’s invention to […]

Funny Pictures – July 18, 2017

My buddy’s dog saw a moose. via Non-Emergency & Emergency Hotlines in South Korea. via My cat came home wearing a Armadillo shell, that’s what life in Brazil is like. via “License and registration please”… Hands over Bible. via I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. via You can’t bring your dog on the subway […]

Funny Pictures – July 17, 2017

Yes, he was Asian. Yes, he had a great sense of humor. Yes, it’s a Ferrari. via Real men never take second trips. via This sign on the London Underground reminding people to respect the British culture. via Best Festival of the Summer! via Found this the other day. via My mom got me my […]

Funny Pictures – July 16, 2017

Thank you, Inspirational Parking Meter. But alas, it must still come from within. via “See human, i can take stupid selfies too”. via At my house we use snorlax as a baby gate. Let’s just hope the baby never finds the Pokéflute. via My son took a nap on his Daddy and woke up a […]

Funny Pictures – July 15, 2017

My Pit Bull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park. via You complete me. via I stared at these bathroom doors for 5 min before walking into the wrong one. via This is a legit tourist magazine in Prague. via Hold on… is that Prison Mike? via The license plate on […]

Funny Pictures – July 14, 2017

The Thing [1984] via The next time the doctor keeps you waiting… via Pony Sized Dog or Dog Sized Pony? via Legend! via That’s a nice song you’ve got there.. Mind if I yell my name on it? via What the….? Who uses red paint for a base color for a wood chipper? via My […]

Funny Pictures – July 13, 2017

Pack only the basics. via I like to think that isn’t his phone and someone just put it there without asking. via This shop knows what’s up. via I Photoshopped one of my dad’s terrible golf swings. via It started as a Winston Churchill quote. I made some edits. via He was born with 1 […]

Funny Pictures – July 12, 2017

Sorry cookie monster, those are mine now. via At my accountants office. via “No Exit” sign perfectly translated in Russia. via How to make brownies. via My uncle after 2 lobster rolls, fish & chips, a pavlova, and ice cream. via Face Swap. via The choice is yours. via Brother’s note left for my mom […]

Funny Pictures – July 11, 2017

MILF Billboard. via Cat expressing its dislike for salad. via These companies test on animals! via Feels like there’s a story here… via Not so fast. via These gender reveals are getting out of control. via This little library notice. via Short story. via Remember the guy who was cutting his lawn during the tornado? […]

Funny Pictures – July 10, 2017

What a wonderful phrase. via Had to drug our cat for a hair cut. via The joy of pizza without the cals… via Checkmate. via Wife sent this in when she got a speeding ticket. via Gotta love the names they come up with for fireworks. via Whoever made this, you’re diabolic. via For a […]

Funny Pictures – July 9, 2017

I don’t know what to believe. via Damn, Donovan! via You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six hour drive in Wyoming just to take this picture. via That moment you realize you grabbed the wrong spray… via What kind of tea is this? via […]

Funny Pictures – July 8, 2017

Well played, Amazon. via Coexist. via Just saw this bad boy on the highway. via Access granted! via Iron Maidens. via Too bad Venom isn’t in “Homecoming”. via Simple advice from a simple man. via My friend, who rarely touches the stuff, ate too many edibles. He then walked around the rest of the day […]

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