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Funny Pictures – March 21, 2018

I bought an exercise wheel from Amazon. The box has a picture of a woman putting a lime on her head for some reason. via You had one job! via I must have missed this one in the library. via I went out of town for a few days and came home to my dog […]

Funny Pictures – March 20, 2018

My parasailing guides had a great sense of humor. via My bathroom art. via We hired people to tend to our garden a few days ago and we just discovered their solution for making sure one of our plants doesn’t fall. via The cafe where I work got broken into. The thief was greeted by […]

Funny Pictures – March 10, 2018

My boss’s coffee mug. via This Burger Kind ad above a McDonald’s restaurant. via When roommates disagree. via This guy took my order at a Taco John’s. via One picture has never encapsulated my life as a parent more. via There’s a new Bishop at the Catican. via This Save the Date wedding note. via […]

Funny Pictures – March 12, 2018

This local lawyer makes a valid point. via A lemur discovers the wonders of cupcakes. via The best kind of hair dryer. via There’s a new bike gang in town. via The Newfoundland Virus. via Street art. via Went to use the bathroom, but I was wearing my normal clothes.. via Teaching kids to push […]

Funny Pictures – March 19, 2018

Not sure if this says “Is Loved” or “I Sharted”. via The blanket my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face. via The Black Panther. via Accurate sign. via Calm ur tit. via If you have a bad day. via A note that my little cousin left for his dad. via My sisters bookmark. […]

Funny Pictures – March 18, 2018

Are we there yet? via Everything’s a sequel these days. via Woke up this morning to this and I have to say, my wife looks a lot different without make up. via Now tell me the affect it’s having on aquatic ecosystems. via Always love a bit of good self-deprecation. via Is that comfortable? via […]

Funny Pictures – March 17, 2018

Is it going to be alright if l keep it in rice? via My kind of marathon. via How I’m handling life right now. via Regional Pizza Guide. via Hipster Peer Pressure. by DukeOfCheddar This passive aggressive car sticker. via Dangerous Road. via Good advice on my beer lid. via Meanwhile in California. via Reason […]

Funny Pictures – March 16, 2018

The WiFi password at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. via Fool’s chocolate. via Say..Isn’t he that actor? via +10 armor +20 frost resistance -10 speed. via Jurassic Bark. via Pikachu at Walgreens. via Met one of those guys from the math problems last night. via Found this sign in Iowa. Even the […]

Funny Pictures – March 15, 2018

This picture in the bathroom of the bed and breakfast I’m staying in. via This was delivered at work for my boss. My dog’s 9th birthday was Lit. via Pilots having fun. via I knew my wife made some hard boiled eggs yesterday, opened the fridge this morning to this. via Someone carries these stickers […]

Funny Pictures – March 14, 2018

Someone tried to reenact the Italian Job in my town last night. via Happens every time someone takes their shoes off! via A friend left her dog at home and came back to this. Oreo found a bag of charcoal. via The Shape of Water Review. via Now This Is Pod-Racing. via My local Dunkin […]

Funny Pictures – March 13, 2018

Just a guy riding his Segway while walking his pony. via A bar in Kalamazoo, MI has a “stock exchange” on all their beers where prices go up or down based on how popular the beers are. via MILF. via Loved my first trip to Japan. via This leather shop sign. via Mother’s day conversation […]

Funny Pictures – March 11, 2018

My uncle attempting to hide a keg from the cops. via We buy mouses! via My friend went on a spring break trip to Florida, ended up making the news.. He didn’t do anything bad, he just has a hairkini. via Daughter yelled at me to make her a “surprise snack”. via So annoying. via […]

Funny Pictures – March 7, 2018

I thought as a society we had left this kind of blatant segregation in the past. via Roommate is coming home any second now. via Not just the kids. via Update: Feline continues to seek fully liquid state. via Libraries always surprise me. via They keep it real in my high school’s band. via Finally […]

Funny Pictures – March 6, 2018

Found my cat quietly plotting how he’s going to murder all of my fish. via These Oscars presenters looked familiar.. via Tony Starch. via Dining etiquette. via Indisputable proof that cats are liquid. via He said he’s disappointed he was picked as student of the month because “It’s too much responsibility for a 2nd grader”. […]

Funny Pictures – March 4, 2018

Are you sure they gave us the right one? via Target staples all of them! via Depressed? via How to speak Irish. via Trying to get millennials to buy homes the right way. via Texas, home of the world’s scariest sign. via Bryan Cranston eating Pop-Tarts like an insane person. (1 bite. 2 Pop-Tarts) via […]

Funny Pictures – March 3, 2018

During my annual wellness check the nurse suggested at my age I should have a bar in the shower. I took her advice. via The guys in the warehouse where I work have a trophy wall of dead routers. via A 6th grader in my wife’s class drew this comic – Lord help me. via […]

Funny Pictures – March 2, 2018

Accidentally brought a Mac to Microsoft HQ today. via My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer. via Ishmael’s heading to the slopes.. via Little Diddy.. with Jack and Diane. via Pretend to be normal people. via Would give this movie a watch. via Mischief at the t-shirt […]

Funny Pictures – March 1, 2018

Inspector Gadget spotted in public. via They really should’ve put some more thought into this T-Shirt design. via When was the last time you felt connected to a higher power? via He saw the opportunity and he took it. via My friend Maggie pitching her movie. via Just when I thought I was getting more […]

Funny Pictures – February 28, 2018

Ugly people have talent too. via Yum. via Turn me on yourself. via Every headline on the internet in a nutshell. via Just say ‘Yes’ to saying ‘No’ to saying ‘Yes’ to drugs. via Hedgedog. via You don’t say? via Free Wi-Fi. via This is my friends cat, it’s way cooler than I’ll ever be […]

Funny Pictures – February 27, 2018

Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward. via The Jeep Wrangler “Stormtrooper” edition has to be the safest car on the market. You’re guaranteed not to hit anything. via Go see a psychiatrist, they said. She’ll help with your self esteem, they said. via So that’s why they drive like that. via Alice in […]

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