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Istanbul humanitarian summit aims for peaks, lands in foothills

Istanbul is a city living under the shadow of the war in neighbouring Syria. A bomb blast in the heart of the historic tourist centre earlier this year killed several people including foreign visitors, causing the tourist dollar, which many rely on, to evaporate. Show More Summary

The G7 asserts its like-mindedness

The G7 countries of the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada have met for the 42nd time in Japan to discuss the biggest risks to global security and the world economy. Here is their 32-page official statement. The G7 is an interesting grouping, often seen as outdated with its heavy European influence. Show More Summary

Obama in Vietnam: Street food soft power trumps choosing fish

President Barack Obama’s visit to Vietnam (the first by a US president in nearly 10 years) came at a time of unusual political turmoil. In mid-May I wrote on how the large 'fish kill drama' was the first test for the new government in...Show More Summary

Digital Diplomacy links: Intel agencies tweet, Russian disinformation, LGBTI, ISIS & more

The Russian Government's use of the internet to spread disinformation, particularly in Germany, is prompting calls for a direct and visible response. Why was a Q&A with the US Embassy in Beijing on 'discovering America' scrubbed from...Show More Summary

Afghan president's heavy hand against protesters

[youtube:VkVD2QihpSk] Rising anger against a decision to change the route of a vital electricity supply line in Afghanistan is becoming more and more visible — both inside and outside the country. Before the global Anti Corruption Summit...Show More Summary

Book review: 'China's Future' by David Shambaugh

David Shambaugh's slim volume, China's Future, stands in stark contrast to the conventional wisdom on China. Indeed, it is hard to discuss 'China's future' without immediately speaking of 'China's rise.' The majority of contemporary literature on China focuses on its military modernisation and 'string of pearls' expansion into the South China Sea. Show More Summary

The 'China factor': Looming large over new President Tsai's plans for economic autonomy

In the days leading up to last Friday's presidential inauguration ceremony in Taiwan, turtle eggs and pineapples hogged the front pages of the island nation's newspapers and airwaves. Chinese customs officials have become suddenly concerned about residual pesticides on pineapples exported by Taiwan. Show More Summary

The revolting male

Looking for a universal, all-purpose hypothesis for the weirdness that is Trump, Sanders, Brexit, Austria's near-miss with a far-right presidency, and the worldwide decline in democracy? How about neoliberal globalisation? The neofascist...Show More Summary

Not what it used to be – Labor’s commitment to Australian aid

Last weekend Tanya Plibersek, Labor Deputy Leader and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development, committed Labor to restoring the Coalition's latest round of cuts to Australia’s aid program and providing 'around $800 million more for overseas aid than the Liberals' over the next four years. Show More Summary

Malaysian PM Najib Razak strengthens hold on power

Najib Razak's term as prime minister of Malaysia is now in its seventh year and there is every reason to believe he will continue to lead Malaysia for a long while yet. Najib Razak with Vladimir Putin at the Russia-ASEAN Summit on May...Show More Summary

Fallujah: Déjà vu all over again

For such a nondescript city in Iraq, Fallujah has name recognition beyond its importance. In Western military circles at least the name is synonymous with the 2004 battle that turned into the bloodiest urban assault undertaken by the...Show More Summary

Quick comment: Michael Fullilove on the US election

Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove remembers the 2008 US presidential election campaign, when he was living in Washington, as a time of hope and promise. This year's race? Not so much. Fresh from a trip to the US, in...Show More Summary

Pacific Island links: PNG protests, InterOil takeover, Vanuatu's female MP quota and more

[youtube:o3Xasz8FyQs] Student protests across Papua New Guinea continue as Prime Minister O’Neill has refused demands to step aside. Four weeks of protest has forced UPNG to suspend the teaching semester, with the Vice-Chancellor demanding students vacate the premises in 48 hours. Show More Summary

Facts take flight; rhetoric takes over

Boris Johnson, former London Lord Mayor, tilter for the next British prime ministership, and all round consummate public player, may not have expected to have Geert Wilders as a political bedfellow. Wilders, the ultra–nationalist, anti–Islamic...Show More Summary

Let's not frame the TPP as a 'contain–China' play

None of the US presidential candidates is keen on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Does this mean that the treaty — signed but unratified — is finished and all that debate, negotiation and angst will have been vain? President Obama doesn’t see it that way. Show More Summary

Human spaceflight in Asia: Game of Flying Thrones

Asia has hosted the world’s second 'space race' for several decades. As with the first space race between the US and the Soviet Union, the ultimate goal is to send humans into space. Japan once harboured dreams of its own space capsule, but cancelled those plans when it joined the International Space Station program. Show More Summary

GOP unites, Dems looking shaky

So, with less than two months to go until the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees are crowned at their respective party conventions, the GOP is uniting around its candidate while the bitter rivalry between the two Democratic...Show More Summary

Australia and India don't see eye to eye on the Indo-Pacific

The maritime relationship between India and Australia has been on an upward trajectory since the 2014 Australia-India Framework for Security Cooperation. A lack of past interaction meant there was ample room for collaboration. The pace...Show More Summary

Lifting of Vietnam arms embargo 'not about China'? Pull the other one, Obama

'The decision to lift the ban was not based on China or any other considerations,' Obama said today: [youtube:Bv7Ab08EVJ4] Precisely no-one, including the Chinese, believes this. So what was achieved by maintaining this fiction? This is not meant as a naive question. Show More Summary

The misguided missile defence debate

A new NATO missile defence base in Romania recently became operational, which has revived an erroneous debate about whether the step significantly alters nuclear parity between NATO and Russia. Discussions about NATO's current missile...Show More Summary

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