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Science Just Figured Out Why Babies Move in the Womb and It's Actually Incredible

Post by Jordyn Smith. Feeling your baby kick is a right of passage for pregnant women. The first time it happens, it's crazy exciting, and every time after that -- no matter how nerve-wracking it can be sometimes -- it's a reminder that your baby is thriving and ready to meet you. Show More Summary

This Mom Just Gave Birth in the Red Sea and the Photos Are Stunning

Post by Jordyn Smith. When it comes to giving birth these days, more and more moms are forgoing hospitals for their living rooms, bathtubs, and apparently, the most beautiful seas in the world. Whether it helps them feel close to nature or more bonded with their children, these "unusual" birthing places are becoming way more common. Show More Summary

Dad Demands Mom Pay Half the Bills During Her Unpaid Maternity Leave and People Are Slamming Him

Post by Jordyn Smith. One of the most difficult parts of managing pregnancy, maternity leave, and a new baby is the money issue most parents tend to run into. Whether that means trying to save more, earn more, or figuring out how bills will be delegated. Show More Summary

50 Irish Baby Boy Names With Strong Meanings

Post by Jordyn Smith. Ireland is chock-full of rich history, beautiful language, and interesting legends, making it the perfect place to mine for unique baby names with a wide range of meanings. Irish names are a pretty common thing in the United States, so many non-Irish parents have recognized the beauty of these historic names. Show More Summary

I'm Never Not Afraid of Losing My Baby and Here's What It's Like

Post by Kimmie Fink. By most accounts, pregnancy is a magical time. I'm not referring to the aches and pains, of course, but to the sense of wonder that grows as your due date approaches. But the experience is much different when that excitement is missing, like it is for me right now. Show More Summary

50 Baby Shower Desserts for When She's Expecting a Girl

Post by Maressa Brown. From the guest list to the venue, the theme to the timing, throwing a baby shower requires quite more than a bit of planning. One of the main concerns is, of course, the menu. A fête celebrating a little one on...Show More Summary

50 Uncommon Irish Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Post by Jordyn Smith. Thanks to the beautiful Gaelic language, Ireland has always had a wealth of beautiful names to choose from. The appearance of Irish immigrants in the United States in the 19th century introduced the country to a ton of beautiful, traditional Irish names that are still used by non-Irish parents to this day. Show More Summary

50 DIY Baby Shower Favors That Can Be Made on the Cheap

Post by Elena Donovan Mauer. Baby shower favors are a thoughtful way to say thanks to guests for attending -- and for showering the mom-to-be with gifts, of course. The only problem is that as the guest list grows, the total cost of favors can quickly skyrocket. Show More Summary

This Woman Is Panhandling for Money to Have a Baby and She Has Zero Shame About It

Post by Jordyn Smith. We all know how expensive it is to have and raise a kid, but when you're a couple struggling with infertility, the costs that go into trying to get pregnant are almost heartbreakingly high. One Utah woman, battling...Show More Summary

The 20 Best Royal Baby Names Inspired by 'The Crown'

Post by Ashley Austrew. There has never been a shortage of fascination with the British royal family or the people with whom they're connected, but that fascination has reached a fever pitch in 2018. Kate Middleton is expecting her third...Show More Summary

5 Fat-Shaming Things Plus-Size, Pregnant Women Are Sick of Hearing From OB-GYNs

Post by Jen Mclellan. This article is part of a series dedicated to providing support and visibility to plus-size pregnant mothers. To read more stories, visit Plus-Size, Pregnant & Proud. To apply to join our private community on Facebook, click here.  Doctor knows best! Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. Show More Summary

20 Award Winning Photos That Show How Amazing Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Really Are

Post by Lauren Levy. It doesn’t matter when, how, or where a woman gives birth, he process is always both difficult and remarkable. Luckily, incredible birth photographers capture these jaw-dropping moments that many overlook and completely forget. Show More Summary

Woman Slams Gender Reveal Cakes as 'Weird' and Sparks a Major Debate

Post by Jordyn Smith. Gender reveal parties are a huge thing right now. Parents go all out, performing sometimes hilarious, sometimes weird stunts to reveal the gender of their little one to their closest friends and family. And everyone knows that no gender reveal party is complete without an over the top cake. Show More Summary

The 51 Stylish Yet Unique Baby Boy Names That Define Each US State

Post by Ashley Austrew. Usually, when we look at the data for baby name trends, we focus on numbers that cover the most popular picks in the entire United States. But while popular baby boy names may take top honors across the country,...Show More Summary

Moms Are Pushed into Unnecessary C-Sections Because Doctors Rely on 'Unrealistic' Standards

Post by Lauren Levy. Many laboring moms aren't given enough time for their bodies' to progress before they're pushed into unnecessary medical interventions. Instead of being forced into C-sections because of unrealistic standards ofShow More Summary

51 Unique Baby Girl Names That Define Each State

Post by Ashley Austrew. Most of the time when we look at baby name trends, we focus on numbers that cover the entire United States. But while popular baby girl names may take center stage across the country, each state has its own defining style and unique flavor that dictates unique name choices for the parents who live there. Show More Summary

50 Baby Boy Names Currently Trending Around the World but Not in the US

Post by Elena Donovan Mauer. When it comes to naming a baby boy, it might seem tricky to come up with a name that seems out-of-the-box here in the US. Name like William, James, Jacob, Michael, and Alexander are perennial favorites. And while we certainly love a classic name, there are literally millions of boy names to choose from. Show More Summary

9 Ways Being Pregnant Is Exactly Like Being a Toddler

Post by Catherine Kennedy. Pregnancy is a wild ride. Those nine months (plus a few after) are filled with all of sorts of aches and pains. Then, running after a toddler while expecting baby #2 brings a whole new set of challenges. The tears, screams, crankiness... Show More Summary

11 Places to Buy Plus-Size Nursing Bras That Fit Every Budget and Bust Size

Post by Jordyn Smith. This article is part of a series dedicated to providing support and visibility to plus-size pregnant mothers. To read more stories, visit Plus-Size, Pregnant & Proud. To apply to join our private community on Facebook, click...Show More Summary

Couple Has an Epic Photoshoot With Their Embryos In Case It's Their Only Chance to be Parents

Post by Jordyn Smith. There aren't a ton of parents out there who can say they were able to take pictures with their kids while the little ones were still embryos. But two fun-loving parents were able to do just that, while also bringing a little bit of humor into the stressful IVF process. Show More Summary

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