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17 Trending Baby Boy Names That Are Going to Be Everywhere in 2018

Post by Genny Glassman. Though we can barely believe it, the year 2017 is almost over! And while there are many things to be thankful for this year, for some lucky couples, 2018 might just be the first time they get to call themselves mama or dada. Show More Summary

These Clear Drapes Let C-Section Moms Witness Every Second of Their Baby's Birth

Post by Ashley Austrew. For many moms who give birth via C-section, the first glimpse of their baby comes when a doctor or nurse lifts the newborn above the blue-green drape that covers the lower half of their body during the procedure. Show More Summary

15 New and Hot English Baby Names That Are Trending Right Now

Post by Genny Glassman. What is it about British baby names that drive Americans crazy? Perhaps we love their accents or a certain British poshness that we appreciate here in the states, but either way, whenShow More Summary

Men Are Tweeting Their #Pregnantwife Problems and Every Dad-to-Be Can Relate

Post by Kathleen Wong. Being that you're literally growing a new human (or two, or three) inside of you, being pregnant can be a wild ride. From strange cravings to the hormone changes, there's almost no other experience like being pregnant -- for both the person carrying the baby and the other person there to ensure it's a smooth ride. Show More Summary

Drinking Red Wine Might Boost Your Chance of Getting Pregnant, Says Science

Post by Genny Glassman. We all know there are certain sacrifices women need to make once they are pregnant -- the expectant mama can kiss coffee, sushi, and deli meats good-bye for nine months. But what about before you're expecting? Well,...Show More Summary

10 Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. In some ways, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be pregnant. Think about it: Nobody''s gonna give you the side-eye when you go back for a third helping of mashed potatoes, and maternity clothes mean not having to worry about popping your top button on your jeans after dessert. Show More Summary

15 Short but Chic Baby Names With Big Personalities

Post by Emily Cardoza. While long and luxurious names have been the favorites of the past decade -- Isabella, Alexander, even Charlotte -- parents are beginning to gravitate toward names with smaller sounds -- Noah, Ava, and Mia, for example. Show More Summary

6 Reasons Why Being Pregnant at Thanksgiving is Actually the Best

Post by Megan Zander. If you're pregnant and worried about seeing the family at Thanksgiving because you don't want anyone to compare your growing bump to a butterball turkey, or you're afraid about your face will look swollen in family photos, fear not. Being pregnant during Thanksgiving actually makes the holiday a ton more fun. Here's why:

15 Raw Birth Photos That Capture Tattooed Moms In All Their Glory

Post by Genny Glassman. In general, women's bodies are judged harshly -- especially once they become mothers. Moms are supposed to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way. And, believe it or not, tattoos on a mom can...Show More Summary

19 Handsome Baby Boy Nicknames That Make Better First Names

Post by Genny Glassman. Looking for a baby boys name that doesn't sound too trendy? While baby names based on nicknames have been making a huge comeback in the past ten years, there is a new movement of parents who wish to find names that aren't so cutesy. Show More Summary

45-Year-Old Woman Went to the Hospital For Kidney Stones and Gave Birth to a Baby Instead

Post by Jordyn Smith.   There's just something about "I didn't know I was pregnant" stories that make them almost always incredibly fascinating. While some people may have a hard time understanding how it can be possible to be completely unaware that there's a baby inside of you, we can't deny that bodies do crazy things sometimes. Show More Summary

Hospitals With No-VBAC Policies Are Finally Being Challenged, Thanks to New Guidelines

Post by Jordyn Smith. VBACs -- or vaginal births after cesarean -- are a huge topic of discussion in the medical field. There's no denying that there can be certain risks when a mom goes for a natural birth following a previous C-section,...Show More Summary

15 Stunning Yet Undiscovered Celtic Baby Names for Boys

Post by Emily Cardoza. It’s tough these days to walk onto a playground and not hear “Liam,” “Owen,” or “Connor.” Today’s moms and dads have embraced the Celtic sound, and for good reason -- these names balance a boyish vibe with friendliness and flair. Show More Summary

A Judge Wrote an Eviction Notice for This Mom's Overdue Baby -- and It Actually Worked

Post by Jordyn Smith. If you've never experienced the hell that is being pregnant and past your due date, you should count yourself lucky. The extreme discomfort, the nervousness, the strong desire to finally, finally see your baby.Show More Summary

You Won't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry Over What This 'Terrifying' Ultrasound Captured

Post by Lauren Levy. Getting a first glimpse of your unborn baby is an exciting pregnancy milestone for many parents. Sometimes these ultrasounds give memorable first-looks to save for the baby book or send to loved ones but for some parents, they think they see more than they originally bargained for. Show More Summary

'Padsicles' Exist and They're the Post-Birth Pain Relief of Your Dreams

Post by Jordyn Smith. When you're pregnant -- especially for the first time -- most of your focus revolves around what's going to happen after your baby is born. While we do pay a lot of attention to the delivery room as well, the issues surrounding how to deal with your painful lady bits once all is said and done can be kept pretty hush-hush. Show More Summary

Woman Wants to Correct How a Mom Pronounces Her Baby's Name and Sparks a Major Debate

Post by Lauren Levy. One of the first decisions new parents make -- often before the baby is even born -- is what they are going to name their child. Although names, pronunciations, gender, and spelling for a moniker are subjective, there are accepted versions based on where the name is derived from. Show More Summary

8 Maternity Styles That Also Work Perfectly for Your ‘Fourth Trimester’

Post by CafeMom Contributors. As your due date gets closer, you'll probably be eager to get "your" body back—I know I was. Unfortunately, your chances of waltzing out of the hospital wearing your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans are slim, if you'll pardon the pun. Show More Summary

The 25 Most Popular New Girls' Names of the Millennium

Post by Genny Glassman. We tend to think that baby names stay the same. That the same 10 girls names get rotated again and again, but in reality baby names follow just as many trends as fashion or food does. Now that we are firmly in...Show More Summary

This Baby Literally 'Unwrapping' Herself During a Gentle C-Section Is Insane

Post by Lauren Levy. Even if you are squeamish, childbirth is simply incredible. Whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through a C-section, those first moments when a newborn enters the world not only can take your breath away but also prove just how incredible the human body is. Show More Summary

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