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I Love Breastfeeding -- but It's Time to Stop Pretending It's Easy

Post by Elizabeth Broadbent. If a pregnant woman asked me if nursing was easy or not, I'd do the same thing so many women did for me when I was pregnant. I'd shift my eyes to the ground, shrug, and reassure her that, yeah, it's pretty easy. Show More Summary

50 Easy, Budget-Friendly Baby Food Recipes for Every Age and Stage

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Not only is making homemade baby food much easier than most people realize, but it can also save parents a ton of money, too. As convenient as those pouches and jars might be, they can get pretty pricey after a while -- and there are only so many flavors and combinations on the shelves. Show More Summary

This Mom and Baby Are Calling BS on People Who Think Preemies Can't Breastfeed Before 34 Weeks

Post by Lauren Levy. Many moms of preemies who hope to breastfeed don't get started right away. Although every case is different, this delay in attempting to latch isn't always because the little one isn't capable of breastfeeding. Instead, it's oftentimes because doctors or nurses assume they aren't able to. Show More Summary

17 Cheap Baby Products on Amazon That Are Total Game-Changers for Moms

Post by Megan Zander. Babies are adorable, but they're also a ton of work. Which is why we're all for any baby product on the market that can make a parent's day run more smoothly. But sometimes getting to the store to find all of these life-saving products can be more than a little challenging. Show More Summary

50 DIY 3-Ingredient Baby Food Recipes That Are Super-Fast and Nutritious

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. Surprisingly, baby food isn't hard to make. But can be hard to think of new and interesting combinations to keep a little one from getting bored (and, let's face it, to keep mom and dad from getting bored). Show More Summary

Target Has A New Subscription Box for Baby Clothes and We're Already Obsessed

Post by Jordyn Smith. Target is full of good ideas lately, but their newest one is about to have moms everywhere freaking the hell out. The retailer has combined everyone's love for subscription boxes with parents' obsession with their ridiculously popular Cat & Jack baby clothing line in a cool new seasonal box. Show More Summary

50 Nursery Decor Ideas That Are Stylishly Neutral and Perfect for Any Baby

Post by Michele Zipp. Expectant and new parents tend to put a lot of thought into creating a nursery that's stylish and has the right amount of fun for baby. There can even be a bit of stress to find the type of decor and look that will fit a new little person we don't even know yet! That's why neutral nurseries are so inspiring. Show More Summary

A Transgender Woman Made History by Breastfeeding Her Baby and It's a Pretty Big Deal

Post by Jordyn Smith. A talented doctor and a dedicated nurse practitioner just made history for their work helping breastfeeding become a reality for transgender new moms. Thanks to their efforts, a transgender woman was able to successfully -- and exclusively -- breastfed her newborn for six weeks. Show More Summary

Mom's Side-by-Side Photo Shows How Her Breast Milk Changed to Treat Her Baby's Flu

Post by Jordyn Smith. We all know how incredible and beneficial breast milk can be, but its ability to change to fit a child's specific needs never ceases to amaze us. After her baby daughter came down with the flu, one mom says that her breast milk changed to help her treat the virus. Show More Summary

Here's How Attachment Parenting Really Affects Kids Longterm

Post by Larysa DiDio. I’m not what most people would consider a crunchy, hippie mom, but when I parented my babies and young kids, I did it in ways that just seemed natural. I fed them when they were hungry, I listened when they wanted to talk, and I cuddled them when they had trouble sleeping. Show More Summary

Mom Reveals Feeling Like a 'Piece of Sht' After Breastfeeding Almost Killed Her Baby

Post by Lauren Levy. After giving birth to her first baby, Mandy Dukovan was determined to breastfeed. However, what she wasn't prepared for was just how difficult this journey would be for her and her son, Brock -- or that it would leave him literally starving. Show More Summary

Mom Seriously Confused After Her Breast Milk Turns Bright Pink

Post by Lauren Levy. A mother's breast milk is an incredible thing with the fitting nickname of liquid gold for a reason. Not only does it have cells, hormones, and antibodies that help to protect babies from sickness but breast milk can completely change based on a babies needs. Show More Summary

Glow, Baby: Stylish and Functional Ways to Light Up Your Baby’s Nursery

Post by CafeMom Contributors. Your new baby is the light of your life – which is precisely why you spent so much time debating color schemes, choosing the perfect theme, and finding the perfect furniture and accessories for the nursery. Show More Summary

The 1 Car Seat Rule That Not All Safety-Conscious Parents Know

Post by Lauren Levy. The purpose of a car seat is to protect a child in the event of a worst-case scenario. But in order for this piece of safety equipment to do it's job to the best of its ability, parents need to know the things that could unintentionally inhibit it from keeping their little ones safe. Show More Summary

Why a Crying Baby Is Actually a Sign of a Good Mom

Post by Lauren Levy. Sure, every pregnancy and child are different but Jordan Harrell's little ones all had one thing in common: they were extremely difficult babies.  Her long nights and equally trying days were filled with endless crying with each of her children and this went on for years. Show More Summary

Mom Admits She Hates Her Baby and the Internet's Response Is Unexpected

Post by Lauren Levy. Woman often don't feel comfortable sharing how much they're struggling after becoming a new mom. If they do open up about their problems, these moms usually limit how much they reveal instead of completely getting real. Show More Summary

Mom Called 'Abusive' for Wanting to Pierce Her Baby's Ears

Post by Jordyn Smith. There are countless different ways to approach parenting but this fact doesn't prevent some pretty heated debates among opinionated parents. One of these topics that people tend to feel strongly about is if and when moms or dads should allow babies' ears to be pierced. Show More Summary

Most Parents Are Giving Their Babies Solid Foods Way Too Soon, Says New Study

Post by Jordyn Smith. Many parents struggle with knowing exactly when to introduce solid foods to their babies. There are plenty of guidelines out there that suggest introducing them when your baby shows signs of "readiness," but that...Show More Summary

18 Unexpected Must-Haves You Should Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Post by CafeMom Contributors. We’re not just moms – we’re also like MacGyver, prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s why our diaper bags aren’t just packed with the usual essentials like diapers, wipes, and bottles. Are you...Show More Summary

Why 1 Mom Never Wants to Hear Again That 'Fat Babies Are the Cutest'

Post by Jordyn Smith. Celebrating your newborn's weight gain milestones is something most parents don't think of as being possibly hurtful to others. If your baby is gaining healthy amounts of weight it's normal to not think twice when you're making comments about "fat babies" being the cutest. Show More Summary

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