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Comedian With Cerebral Palsy Just Gave the Best Advice for Raising Kids With Special Needs

Post by Maressa Brown. Parents raising a child with a disability face unique challenges every single day. And every mom and dad in this position wants to identify winning ways to prep their child for adulthood. That's why Kristina Kuzmic,...Show More Summary

Mom Leaves Kids in Freezing Car for Over an Hour to Go to a Job Interview

Post by Maressa Brown. A mom in Indianapolis, Indiana, is under fire after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter alone in her car in the parking lot of a hospital while she went on a job interview, reports local news outlet WXIN. Show More Summary

The New Way Millennial Parents Are Teaching Their Kids About 'Stranger Danger'

Post by Emily Long. I could have been one of the Stranger Things kids. I grew up before the Internet exploded, at a time in history when we played outside -- unsupervised, without putting our parents at risk of arrest -- for hours, rode our bikes beyond our neighborhoods, and couldn't check in via text or social media. Show More Summary

I'm Raising a 'Gender Neutral' Kid and It Doesn’t Mean What People Think It Means

Post by Jordyn Smith. One of the first things many people say when they find out they're expecting is something along the lines of, "I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, I just want it to be healthy." That was totally me -- and I meant it, too -- right up until it was actually time to find out the sex of my baby. Show More Summary

The Genius 'Stop Fighting' Hack Every Mom of More Than 1 Kid Should Try

Post by Ashley Austrew. "Treat others how you want to be treated." It's the golden rule, and one we recite to our kids over and over again, but it can be difficult to get the message to truly sink in, especially when "annoying" little brothers and sisters are involved. Show More Summary

This Heartbreaking Photo of a Little Boy Praying With Santa Is Going Viral

Post by Maressa Brown. For many kids, visiting Santa and sharing their greatest Christmas wish is a heartwarming, joyous tradition. But for 12-year-old Jacob Coker, the annual chat with St. Nick struck a much more somber note. In fact,...Show More Summary

The 1 Big Reason Kids' Social Skills Are Regressing

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If you're the parent of a school-aged child, you've probably noticed a disturbing trend: Kids don't really talk to each other anymore -- not in the traditional sense, anyway. Where we used to race home to call our friends after school, they text or get on Snapchat. Show More Summary

Why This Mom Makes Her Kids 'Practice' Opening Their Christmas Gifts

Post by Lauren Levy. Once kids wake up on Christmas morning and see that Santa Claus has stopped by, all hell can break loose. Every family has their own holiday traditions, but when little ones start running for the tree and tearing...Show More Summary

15 Gifts Moms REALLY Want This Christmas

Post by Mary Hawkins. Ahh... Christmas. It's one of the few days out of the year where we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with our family. Quality time that usually begins at the earliest possible hour because the kids are dying to rush to the tree and get their hands on their presents, but still, quality time. Show More Summary

This Terrifying Video Shows You Why Your Big Kid Still Needs a Booster Seat

Post by Jordyn Smith. While parents are becoming increasingly diligent about car safety for our little ones, many of us still view our kids as being old enough to ditch the booster seat at around 7 or 8 years old. Unfortunately, that arbitrary number may be way off. Show More Summary

What You Should Tell Your Daughter About Winning and Losing -- and What You Shouldn’t

Post by CafeMom Contributors. You probably signed your daughter up to play sports with dreams of her positive experiences ahead—the lessons she’d learn by being part of a team, the friends she’d make, and the health benefits she’d gain. Show More Summary

How to Teach Our Daughters to Tap Into Their Confidence and Find Hidden Strengths

Post by CafeMom Contributors. Whether the only sports you played were in gym class, or you were a star collegiate athlete, you know that one bad play or mistake can quickly zap confidence.  And if an athlete isn’t able to shake off those...Show More Summary

The Sports Sisterhood: Female Athletes Share How Their Teammates Lift Them Up

Post by CafeMom Contributors. There’s nothing like an embrace from your teammates -- whether you’ve just scored the game-winning point, or if you just lost the championship. These girls are your daughter’s pitch, pool, court, rack, and mat sisters. Show More Summary

Sports Moms Share Their Secrets to a Successful Season

Post by CafeMom Contributors. Success in sports shouldn’t only be defined as the number of wins and losses your daughter’s team tallies up throughout the season. Parents and coaches alike might agree that the real indicator of a successful season is ending on a high note with a positive attitude, regardless of the team’s stats. Show More Summary

6 Ways to Encourage Girl Athletes of All Abilities to Get the Most Out of Sports

Post by CafeMom Contributors. Your daughter might be the highest scorer in her division, she might be warming the bench most of the games, or she might just be a middle-of-the-road player, and those are all important roles. No matter...Show More Summary

Parent Asks for Advice on How to Punish His Daughter Because Doing the Right Thing Is Hard Sometimes

Post by Genny Glassman. We all know the Halloween custom of "trick-or-treating." Parents often spend the month of October rushing around costume shopping, decorating the house, and buying giant Costco bags of candy in preparation for adorable kids dressed as Buzz or Dora to show up at their door and beg for a treat. Show More Summary

Can You Solve the Math Problem Given to a Dyslexic Kid That's Stumping the Internet?

Post by Lauren Levy. Helping your kids with homework isn't always easy, and sometimes it can feel like something worthy of a celebration when you can figure out the answers -- especially in your least favorite subjects. But when oneShow More Summary

Here’s What to Say to a Young Kid Struggling With Anxiety

Post by Jorrie Varney. In the weeks leading up to her first day of kindergarten, my daughter was over the moon with excitement. She talked about her new school, her new friends, and the holy grail of 5-year-old happiness -- the school bus. Show More Summary

This Is Why You Should Always Test Your Kid's Halloween Makeup Before Using It

Post by Jordyn Smith. Choosing your kids' Halloween costume is almost always a super dramatic experience. The pressure to make them look as cool and perfect as possible is very high, and it's never fun to learn that some of the money you've invested your money in may be dangerous for your kids. Show More Summary

The Chilling Reality of School Lockdown Drills: We Hate Them, We Need Them

Post by Brandy Ferner. "I don't know if I can ever bring kids into this messed up world," a childless, 22-year-old friend told me after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. I remembered saying those exact words after watching planes crash into the Twin Towers on 9/11. Show More Summary

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