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16 Toy Fads We're Glad Are Over

Post by Suzee Skwiot. They dominate holiday gifting season and often times extend throughout the year, but toy fads are both the best and worst things to happen to all parents. Every kid wants one, every parent wants to get one, and ultimately, forks over double to retail price just to snag it on eBay. Show More Summary

The 5 Stages of Accepting Your Kid's Learning Disability

Post by Stephanie Booth. Just because your amazing child has a learning disability doesn't mean they're any less amazing. But hearing your child's diagnosis for the first time can rock your world... and leave you feeling confused and guilty. Show More Summary

Quiz: Are You Raising a Daddy's Girl?

Post by Stephanie Booth. Few relationships are as sweet -- and important-- as the one a girl has with her father. (And we don’t just mean because at some point he’ll teach her to burp the alphabet.) Her daddy is her very first hero.Show More Summary

My Son Hardly Ever Plays Outside and I Don’t Feel Guilty

Post by Adriana Velez. Oh great, another report on how little time our kids spend playing outside. Did you know?!? American kids are spending only four to seven minutes a day outdoors. Our children are living under house arrest, says author Scott Sampson. Show More Summary

10 Cool Ways to Upcycle Legos

Post by Judy Dutton. If your kids (and you!) are Lego fans, you've no doubt spent countless hours cobbling together castles, space ships, or heck, entire villages made out of these colored bricks. Yet did you know that in addition to...Show More Summary

Mom Gives Brawny Superheroes a Sensitive Side in New Coloring Book

Post by Suzee Skwiot. When Linnea Johansson's 3-year-old son Caspian came home from kindergarten, she noticed he was trying his hardest not to cry. She asked him why he didn't want to shed a tear, and right then, she saw the issue. "He...Show More Summary

25 Worst Things Siblings Have Ever Done to One Another

Post by Suzee Skwiot. "You're adopted!" or "Mom doesn't like you!" are two of the most common things kids yell at their siblings. But that's before they start to get more creative... and devious. Everyone says kids say the darndest things, but you don't know the half of it until your kids are locked in a stubborn sibling rivalry. Show More Summary

15 Secrets to Raising Happy Kids

Post by Judy Dutton. If there's one thing all parents want for their kids, it's this: to be happy. Sure, becoming a doctor or Internet billionaire would be a nice bonus, but happiness is the true benchmark that you've raised your kids right. Show More Summary

21 Lies Parents Tell to Make Their Kids Behave

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Lying is bad. We know this. But sometimes (earmuffs, kids!), it's the only parenting solution. And come on, we all tell white lies, right Mom and Dad? From telling them that the Boogey Monster will get 'em, to yes,...Show More Summary

11 Clever Birthday Party Goodie Bags Without All the Junk

Post by Judy Dutton. If your kid's birthday is coming up and you want to send guests home happy, a cool goody bag will definitely do the trick. But every mom knows what it's like when her kid brings home a bag full of junk that nobody needs. Show More Summary

Girl Hates Gym So Mom Writes An 'Excuse' Note She Will Never Forget (PHOTO)

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Some days, you just really don't want to play in gym class. Kids, you know what I'm saying. So it's time to go to Mom and ask her to write a nice excuse note for the teacher. That's exactly what one girl expected, but the entire plan backfired when her mom wrote her the best excuse for PE class. Show More Summary

Are You Raising a Bully? (QUIZ)

Post by The Stir Bloggers. “Sometimes little ones can act bossy, even aggressively, but that doesn’t mean they’ll grow up to be bullies,” says Emily Bazelon, bullying expert and author of Sticks and Stones. Yet there’s no denying there are plenty of tormentors out there. Show More Summary

Are You Raising a Bully? (QUIZ)

Post by Jeanne Sager. “Sometimes little ones can act bossy, even aggressively, but that doesn’t mean they’ll grow up to be bullies,” says Emily Bazelon, bullying expert and author of Sticks and Stones. Yet there’s no denying there are plenty of tormentors out there. Show More Summary

'My Little Pony': Are You Smarter Than a Brony? (TRIVIA)

Post by Jeanne Sager. It may have been created with kids in mind, but My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become a cult classic, spawning its own conventions and a following of adult fans who refer to themselves as the Bronies. These...Show More Summary

Kids Magazine Gives 5-Year-Old Girls Beauty Tips on How to 'Fix' Their Faces

Post by Judy Dutton. Oh, Lego, how could you? It's bad enough this company started wooing girls with boxfuls of sparkly pink and purple building blocks. But the latest issue of Lego Club Magazine now gives girls beauty tips. Er, we'd...Show More Summary

16 Wild Ideas for Wacky Hair Day (PHOTOS)

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Once a year, it's time to bust out the colored hair spray and stretchy ties because it's wacky hair day at school, and all the kids are competing. Set the alarms early, do a practice run the week before, and get ready to deck out your kiddo's hair in the most insane 'do possible. Show More Summary

12 Mortifying Playdates and the Moms Who Survived Them

Post by Judy Dutton. Ah, playdates: One moment, everything is fine; the next, you find yourself up to your ears in some snafu that's so horrifying, you pray you'll never run into the other kid's parent again! To let you know you're not...Show More Summary

'Cinderella' Comes Back to the Ball in Live Action: Should Your Kids See It?

Post by Kiri Blakeley. Is Cinderella one of those fairy tales that should be permanently retired? Disney doesn't think so and has decided to update its animated classic with a live-action version of the age-old tale of an orphan who,...Show More Summary

18 Wildest Whoppers Kids Have Ever Told Their Parents

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Forget "the dog ate my homework" or "I didn't do it." Today's kids have gotten much more creative with their lies. Whether they say it to their teacher, or look you straight in the eyes and insist it's true, the most far-fetched fibs are the ones we remember most. Show More Summary

7 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids Right Now

Post by Caroline Olney. There's no way to guarantee that you're going to raise a perfect kid, but there are definitely some things you can do that will ruin your chances. High up on that list are the things you can say that will mess with your kid's mind and put them through psychological stress they won't even know they're going through. Show More Summary

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