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7-Year-Old Native American Gets Sent to Principal's Office Because He Has a Mohawk (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Many school districts enforce policies that try to prevent kids from being distracted -- or offended, depending on how you look at things. Teyawwna Sanden was less than pleased when she learned her 7-year-old son violated dress code because of his mohawk. Show More Summary

Giveaway: 'The Marvels' Prize Pack and $300 Visa Gift Card

Post by Caroline Olney. Who said picture books are only for babies? The Marvels, a new novel from Brian Selznick, New York Times bestselling author/illustrator and Caldecott Medal–winning creator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck,...Show More Summary

14 Hilarious Excuses Kids Give to Avoid Homework

Post by Wendy Robinson. Ah, fall... that magical time of year when the leaves start changing, everything starts tasting like pumpkin, and, at least in my house, the wailing and crying over homework begins. My son is only in second grade but he's already developed strong feelings about homework. Show More Summary

Dad Transforms Vehicle Into 'Cars' Character for 3-Year-Old Son (PHOTO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. When your kid can't get enough of their favorite character or movie, do you, a.) grit your teeth and smile, b.) tell them to get over it, or c.) bring fiction to life? Brett Winek made his 3-year-old son's day when he turned his new Mustang into a Cars replica. Show More Summary

Kids are Most Fun When They're Learning to be Independent

Post by Aimee Ogden. When are children the most fun to have? To a lot of people, their kids' "best" age is probably whatever age they were in the current batch of old photos taped to the fridge: photos don't scream, throw food, or have diaper blowouts. Show More Summary

Parents Talk to Their Kids About Sex in This Horribly Awkward and Funny Video

Post by Tanvier Peart. Certain topics, like sex and sexuality, are oftentimes put inside a little box and stored away. After all, who really looks forward to such an awkward (but necessary) discussion with their child? Here's a super hilarious video of parents talking to their kids about sex. Show More Summary

19-Year-Old With Autism Dies After Being Left on a School Bus (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. When parents put their children on a school bus each day, it's only assumed they'll make it from point A to B and back. Sadly, Eun Ha Lee never had the chance to greet her son, Hun Joon Lee, because he never came home. Show More Summary

Air Force Dad Surprises Son on His Birthday in a Big Way (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. You can't always purchase the best presents in stores, but that doesn't mean they can't come in a really huge box. A U.S. Air Force dad surprised his son at his birthday party, which is a gift worth more than anything money can buy. Show More Summary

Dad Bakes Coolest Hulk Princess Cake for 4-Year-Old Twin Girls (PHOTO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Little girls might dig princesses, but that doesn't mean they can't rock out with superheroes. When faced with the task of creating a Hulk princess cake for his twin 4-year-old girls, this dad allowed creativity to take over in the best way. Show More Summary

Little Girl Hilariously Schools Dad on Why She's No Princess (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Just because a little girl enjoys wearing pink outfits and sparkly jewels doesn't make her royalty. JoJo Lomelino sets her dad straight in this sassy viral video on why she's no princess.  Didn't you know, Daddy,...Show More Summary

Four-Day School Week: Good For Kids, But Not For Moms (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Kids are tired. They're tired of waking up early. Tired of trying to find a stylish outfit to wear to school. Tired of hearing their parents' "back in my day" stories. While experts might not be able to help with all of these problems, they do believe a four-day school week can improve grades, and oh yeah, allow for more rest. Show More Summary

Be Super - Anything Is Possible!

Post by The Stir Bloggers. [code] [/code] For over 55 years, Barbie has been helping inspire generations of young girls through play. She's held almost 150 different careers and continues to encourage girls of all ages that anything is possible. Girls of all ages will love connecting with Barbie and her friends on the Barbie YouTube channel. Show More Summary

Kids Will Eat More Fruits and Veggies ... If You Pay Them

Post by Tanvier Peart. Having a tough time trying to get the kiddos to finish their plate, that is, when it doesn't include sweets? Experts say paying children cash rewards to eat fruits and veggies will do the trick, thanks to a little study throughout elementary schools in Utah that monitored such incentives. Show More Summary

Mother Horrified to Learn Teacher Locks Her 5-Year-Old Daughter in the Bathroom at School (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Parents with little ones starting school for the very first time are already feeling some kind of way. Whether it's sadness their kids are growing up, or the uncertainty that they'll instantly make friends, something always crosses your mind. Show More Summary

This Is the Most Epic 'Crazy Hair Day' Ever (PHOTO)

Post by Eve Vawter. It's back-to-school time, and you know what that means? STUPID SPIRIT DAYS, where we have to remember to put our kids in pajamas or put their clothing on backwards or wake up four hours early so we can style their hair for "crazy hair day" -- which usually means I put my own daughter's hair into six pony tails instead of two. Show More Summary

Your Bratty Child Isn't a 'Brat' — Just 'Spirited'

Post by Tanvier Peart. The next time your child does something that makes your blood boil, think of another word to use other than brat. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka is a parenting expert and best-selling author who's here to set the record straight: A spirited child is not the same as a brat. Show More Summary

6-Year-Old Girl Traps Herself Inside Arcade Game All for a Dumb Ball (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. In case you didn't get the memo, children are ninjas. Not only are they masters at sneak attacks, but they can do the unthinkable in the blink of an eye. Juliette Grimes gave her mother and onlookers the scare of their lives when the 6-year-old climbed into an arcade game and got stuck. Show More Summary

Awesome Dad Creates Perfect Anti-Bullying Song Every Child Should Hear (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. What would you do if your child came to you in tears and told you he or she is being bullied? Khari Toure created the empowering anti-bullying song "Love Yourself" that reiterates one's self-worth. Pure genius. It's OK if you find yourself envious of how amazing this track flows. Show More Summary

Hilarious PSA Shows What Kids Really Think About 'Funny' Jokes Dads Tell (VIDEO)

Post by Tanvier Peart. Everyone, please bow your heads and close your eyes as we take a moment of silence for these dead jokes. Kids "Down Under" had a blast poking fun at their dads in this hilarious "Dad Joke Survivors" PSA, with all the dramatic pauses and sad violin music your heart can take. Show More Summary

Generous Crossing Guard Makes Sure All Kids Have What They Need For Back To School (PHOTO)

Post by Valerie Williams. All parents with school-age kids know about the extensive supply list most teachers send home for the start of each school year. For most families, finding and paying for these supplies is not a big deal but for some, it can prove to be a real hardship. Show More Summary

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