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7 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids Right Now

Post by Caroline Olney. There's no way to guarantee that you're going to raise a perfect kid, but there are definitely some things you can do that will ruin your chances. High up on that list are the things you can say that will mess with your kid's mind and put them through psychological stress they won't even know they're going through. Show More Summary

12 Bucket Lists Written by Kids With Big Plans for the Future (PHOTOS)

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Ask your kid who he or she wants to be when they grow up, and the answers will make you smile. From astronauts to doctors, their ambitions are beautiful. But then ask them what else they'd like to do, and their bucket lists get even better. Show More Summary

10 Ways to Simplify Kids' Birthday Parties for Once and for All

Post by Judy Dutton. Kids' birthday parties have spiraled completely out of control! Between compiling the goodie bags and hiring the clowns, it's no wonder parents age 10 years for every party they agree to throw for their precious little ones. Show More Summary

19 Clever Comebacks for When Your Kid Says 'I'm Bored'

Post by Stephanie Booth. Few phrases make a mom see red as quickly as "I'm bored!" Maybe because it's usually delivered in a long, loud whine that resembles the whistle of an approaching freight train. Or maybe because we know just how many toys our darling children have, lying discarded or broken on the floor of their bedroom closet. Show More Summary

And ... Boom! 4-Year-Old's Comeback to Boy Who Called Her 'Ugly' Is Perfect (VIDEO)

Post by Kiri Blakeley. This little girl has just become our role model -- and she should be our daughters' role model too. When a boy told 4-year-old Miss Cici that she looked "ugly" in their pre-kindergarten class at school one day, she had the perfect response. Show More Summary

12 Easy Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids (PHOTOS)

Post by Suzee Skwiot. He brings the sweets and ushers in spring, and the Easter bunny is due to arrive in just a few short weeks. So it's time to welcome him into all of our homes with these adorable Easter bunny crafts that kids can make. Show More Summary

12 Easter Egg Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Easter egg crafts are all fun and games until the shells cracks and you're left with a yolk-y mess and free-flowing spilled paint. So why not ditch the dozen and go for the mess-free options instead? You'll save yourself (and your kitchen table) from the unruly crafting disasters. Show More Summary

11 Kids' School Projects Gone Very, Very Wrong (PHOTOS)

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Give them a set of crayons, some instructions, and an idea, and you'll never know what crazy answers kids will give to school project assignments. But sometimes, well, we're to blame for putting kids up to it. From...Show More Summary

7 Safety Mistakes Moms Are Making at Home

Post by Suzee Skwiot. How safe is your home? You may have babyproofed the kitchen area and the bathroom, but have you really prepared your house for the baby? As prepared as you may be, there are still about 10,000 children who visit the emergency room every year from common injuries in the home. Show More Summary

12 Surprising Scientific Facts About Kids and Sugar

Post by Suzee Skwiot. At birthday parties, Halloween, or as a lunch treat, candy tends to be a part of the kid diet. And a child's sugar intake doesn't come from candy alone. Between breakfast foods and drinks, sugar is hidden in many daily dishes, and the kids consume them all. Show More Summary

11 Clever Traps to Catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day

Post by Suzee Skwiot. With St. Patrick's day quickly approaching, it's time for kids to start plotting their mischievous plan. You know exactly what we're talking about: it's your kiddo's mission to trap the leprechaun, and out-smarting him is step one. Show More Summary

Hot Toys for 2015 That Moms Will Play With More Than Their Kids

Post by Caroline Olney. We know we're all thinking it, so we'll say it: playing with kids can be boorrring. Yeah, it's not what moms are supposed to say, but really. How many games of Hungry Hungry Hippos can one woman take? What weShow More Summary

Hottest New Toy Trend Should Make Free-Range Parents Very Happy

Post by Caroline Olney. There's zero doubt in anybody's mind that kids these days are coddled. (Wait, you don't believe us? Did you hear about this school that banned swings from the playground?! Ok, moving on.) Helicopter parentingShow More Summary

24 Popular Kids Movies With Naughty Adult Jokes

Post by Suzee Skwiot. Whether you're re-watching old kids' movies from your childhood, or marathoning new cartoons with the kids, it seems like there are always little moments we initially missed. You know exactly what those are. The hidden adult jokes and not-so-G-rated lines make viewing Cars for the thousandth time that much more entertaining. Show More Summary

10 Ways to Raise a Smart Kid

Post by Stephanie Booth. As a parent, you can't help but want the best for your kids, be it making sure they eat enough vegetables or getting them to bed by a decent hour. So yeah, it stands to reason that you're probably also just a wee bit curious about what you can do to make them as smart and successful in life as possible. Show More Summary

The Biggest Homeschooling Trend in America Has Nothing to Do With Religion

Post by Caroline Olney. It's pretty widely assumed that parents choose to homeschool their kids because of religious or moral differences with the school system (hello, Duggars). And for some parents, that's true. But that's not why an increasing number of parents are going to learn at home route. Show More Summary

50 Awesome Indoor Activities for Bored Kids (No Parents Required)

Post by Judy Dutton. It's winter. Your kids are climbing the walls at home, fighting over who's breathing whose air... aggggh! While it may be tempting to plant them in front of an iPad, there are actually plenty of far more fun ways to keep them occupied without too much participation on your part. Show More Summary

11 Craziest Things Teachers Have Ever Said to Kids

Post by Suzee Skwiot. You send them off on the school bus, or drop them off at the front door, but when you leave your children at school and in the hands of the teacher, you expect the instructor to impart them with lifelong wisdom and plenty of real-life knowledge. Show More Summary

11 'I'm Sorry'?? Letters From Kids Who Actually Aren't a Bit Sorry

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. As any parent can tell you, that whole "love means never having to say you're sorry" thing doesn't necessarily apply to kids. Chalk it up to still-developing impulse control or a not-yet-firm grasp on socially...Show More Summary

Quiz: Are You Raising a Brat?

Post by Stephanie Booth. There’s a fine line between doing absolutely everything you can for your child -- and, well, raising a brat. (Think Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who commands her father to do everything...Show More Summary

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