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50 Instant Pot Dinner Recipes That Are Easy and Delicious

Post by Kathleen Wong. If it were a perfect world, we would have enough time, money, and energy to whip up a gourmet five-course meal to be enjoyed by candlelight. Unfortunately, the reality is that we often barely have time to even sneak in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Show More Summary

Celebrate #NationalStickyBunDay With These Ooey-Gooey Recipes

Post by Lauren Gordon. When it comes to dessert, we hardly consider ourselves elitists -- but there is something about the sticky bun that just screams comfort sweet. Its ooey-gooey glaze, its warm familiar taste -- sticky buns are a classic winter dessert. Show More Summary

Edible Tide Pods Are Now a Thing and We've Officially Lost Our Faith In Humanity

Post by Kathleen Wong. Kids these days, right? Running around, bringing dirt into the house, staying up past curfew, eating Tide Pods that totally corrode their esophagus and lungs. In true Internet fashion, there's now a recipe out there for making actually edible Tide Pods, so that your teen doesn't have to digest harmful chemicals. Show More Summary

These Fat Unicorn Cakes Are All of Us After Eating Dessert

Post by Kathleen Wong. I think we can all agree that cakes any which style are pretty great. But there's one type of trending cake that might just take the, er, CAKE for all-time best cake. Enter: fat unicorn cakes. Yes, you read that right.

People Can't Get Over How Much This Geode Cake Looks Like a Vagina

Post by Kathleen Wong. While some people order their wedding or party cakes in the shape of something, sometimes serendipity takes course and a cake unintentionally ends up looking like something totally unexpected. In the case of a pink geode cake by Minnesota-based bakery Nadia Cakes, the optical illusion was very unexpected indeed; it was a vagina. 

20 Romantic and Delicious Valentine's Day Breakfast Recipes

Post by Kathleen Wong. Everyone can agree that the best way to start off Valentine's Day is with a delicious, homemade, and probably indulgent breakfast. Maybe it's eaten in bed like in the movies, or maybe it's out on the patio or just in the good ol' kitchen. Show More Summary

16 Galentine’s Day Gifts for Mom Friends Who Are Tired AF

Post by Kelly Bryant. Valentine's Day is sweet and all, but there's nothing quite like celebrating our besties, our sisters from other misters, our comrades in his journey we call motherhood. For the women who just totally get us weShow More Summary

50 Crock-Pot Dinners to Combat Cold Winter Days

Post by Kathleen Wong. For those who live in places where there are changing seasons, winter can be pretty rough. The days get darker faster, and they get pretty dang cold too. While the first snowfall might be full of whimsy, magic, and fun, the fifth snowfall gets kind of old. Show More Summary

People Are Dragging These Unrealistic Cookbook Covers for Not Showing How Couples Cook Together IRL

Post by Kathleen Wong. As we all know by now, the media doesn't always present the most accurate portrayal of things. One example that we've probably never thought of until now: cooking magazine and cookbook covers.  

Waiter Gets an Unexpected Surprise From Group of 13-Year-Olds Who Left Him a Bad Tip

Post by Kathleen Wong. Being a waiter or waitress can be tough. If you've ever held a customer-service position in your life then you've probably had at least one negative experience when it came to receiving a -- for lack of a better way to put it -- shitty tip. Show More Summary

Party City Is Being Dragged for 'Disgusting' Commercial That Offends Gluten-Free People

Post by Kathleen Wong. Party City, your one-stop shop for all things festivities, has just been added to the hit-list of brands considered to be erring on the side of being tone-deaf with a recent Super Bowl commercial.

There Are Now Millennial Pink Kit Kat Bars Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Post by Kathleen Wong. Getting a break of that Kit Kat bar is about to become a whole lot prettier thanks to a millennial pink makeover. 

15 Secrets for the Making Perfect Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Post by Kathleen Wong. Chocolate-covered strawberries are the epitome of Valentine's Day dessert, thanks to their reputation for being a delicious and seductive treat. They're even believed to be an aphrodisiac, meaning they put people in the mood for sexy time. Show More Summary

30 Wedding Cakes So Elegant, We Can't Look Away

Post by Kathleen Wong. Besides the blushing bride, the wedding cake is like the centerpiece of a wedding. And rightly so, since it's basically like a piece of art -- well, one that can also be eaten (which arguably makes it the best kind of art). Show More Summary

People Are Cooking With Their Mouths and It's as Gross as One Would Imagine

Post by Kathleen Wong. From the more practical to the totally insane, there are gadgets and gizmos a plenty for your kitchen. But there's one tool that most of us probably don't consider using to prep the food: your mouth. One filmmaker,...Show More Summary

Moms Share the Weirdest Christmas Gift They've Ever Received

Post by Kathleen Wong. Moms may do most of the holiday grunt work, but they don't usually get enough credit for it. This especially holds true when it comes down to Christmas gifts. If moms are typically the ones coming up with and then...Show More Summary

Mom Accidentally Gives Daughter Very NSFW Christmas Gift

Post by Kathleen Wong. Personalized Christmas gifts are supposed to take Christmas to another level. I mean, hey, this thing was made uniquely just for you (and anyone else who coincidentally has the same initials)! But you should always...Show More Summary

Amazon Is Now Offering Free Same-Day Delivery for Prime Members

Post by Kathleen Wong. We blinked, and now suddenly it's halfway through December. It's already Hanukkah, and Christmas is a mere 10 days away. I would put good money on the bet that you don't have your holiday shopping list completed yet. Show More Summary

People Who Drink Red Wine at Room Temperature Are Doing It All Wrong

Post by Kathleen Wong. What's more relaxing than unstrapping your bra, putting your feet up, and lounging back with a nice red wine? Pretty much nothing. But research indicates that we've been drinking red wine at the wrong temperature...Show More Summary

Someone Just Proved All of Santa’s Reindeer Are Females and the Internet Is Losing It

Post by Kathleen Wong. It's Christmas-time, which means it's time to hear the eight names that only come around this time of year: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Yep, these are Santa's reindeers. But there's a new revelation surrounding them: contrary to popular (patriarchal) belief, they're actually all female reindeer. 

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