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This Guy's Sunburn Was So Bad, It Left a Scary Dent in His Head

Post by Kathleen Wong. Everyone knows by now that sunburns should be avoided, and that we should protect our skin from UV damage as best as we can. In fact, as Refinery29 reports, one really bad sunburn can alter your skin and cause mutations in your genes, which could eventually lead to skin cancer. Show More Summary

This Dude Tried to Embarrass a Woman at the Gym, but the Internet Isn't Having It

Post by Kathleen Wong. Unless you're a total fitness junkie, hitting the gym can be a vulnerable moment. For starters, you're probably not wearing your nicest outfit if you're preparing to sweat out a lake's worth -- and why would you, since no one really looks glamorous breaking a sweat. Show More Summary

'Arm Vaginas' Are the Latest Thing Women Are Supposed to Feel Insecure About

Post by Kathleen Wong. Thigh gaps, stomach rolls, having cellulite -- the list of things women have to worry about in order to achieve society's standard of beauty is long, disheartening, and basically impossible. Oh, and it's also apparently ever-growing. Show More Summary

Why This Woman Won't Let Changing Room Lighting Bother Her Anymore

Post by Kathleen Wong. Shopping can be a pretty dreadful activity when it's time to step into the dressing room, with its notoriously bad lighting and mirror situation, to try something on. The whole process of trying on clothes can leave you feeling down and out about your appearance, especially when that clothing item doesn't fit you well.

16 Women Confess Why They Don't Use Birth Control

Post by Kathleen Wong. There are many types of birth control options out there for modern women, granted that they have access to proper healthcare. For its typically tiny size, we have to say that birth control is a pretty powerful invention. Show More Summary

Mom Begs Others to 'Be Nice' After Being Publicly Body-Shamed in a Grocery Store

Post by Kathleen Wong. When we're taking a trip to the grocery store, the last thing we want is a stranger approaching us to negatively comment on our bodies. In fact, that's kind of the last thing we want ever. Unfortunately, that's...Show More Summary

Blogger Tells Fit Women and Diet Pushers That "Body Positivity" Is Not for Them and the Internet Is Cheering

Post by Kathleen Wong. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you've probably heard of -- or have seen on Instagram -- the powerful, much-embraced body positivity movement, or the idea that every body is worthy and equal. In aShow More Summary

Brownies That Relieve PMS Are Here -- What a Time to Be Alive!

Post by Kathleen Wong. For over 90 percent of women, premenstrual syndrome is unforgiving. From the mood swings and the bloating to the painful cramps, PMS is the best reason to treat yourself with some TLC -- oh, and enough brownies to feed a small village. That always helps.

Side-by-Side Bikini Photos of Sisters With Totally Different Body Types Prove Beauty Has No Size

Post by Kathleen Wong. Women, as we know by now, are pretty much always subject to being compared to society's limited standard of beauty. Sisters are, unfortunately, compared to both those standards of beauty, but also often to each other, which can take a toll on their mental health. Show More Summary

A Skin Cancer Diagnosis Left This Mom With a Hole In the Side of Her Face

Post by Kathleen Wong. While most of us know that we should get any strangely shaped blemish checked out by a doctor, with our busy schedules, actually getting around to this can easily fall by the wayside. Keely Daniel Jones, a North Carolina-based woman, shared her story with skin cancer to prompt others to follow through and see a doctor for any odd marks on their skin.

Here's What the Ideal 'Fit' Body Type Looks Like in 15 Different Countries

Post by Kathleen Wong. One quick scroll through the over 50 million Instagram posts that are hashtagged with #fitspo and often showcase smoothie bowls and lithe folks in workout gear proves that there seems to be one type of image associated with being fit and healthy. Show More Summary

This Activewear Brand Stood by the Plus-Size Model Who Repped Its Gear After She Was Taunted by Trolls

Post by Kathleen Wong. Far too often, we associate "fitness" and being "fit" with one body type: someone who is lean and muscular and looks like she just ran off a Gatorade ad. Anna O'Brien, aka @glitterandlazers on Instagram, proves that notion to be a complete farce, and is actually a badass plus-size model for fitness brand Academy Sports and Outdoors. 

This Pregnant Burlesque Dancer Is Shattering the Idea That Moms Can't Be Sexy

Post by Kathleen Wong. Burlesque, the artistic form that's usually accompanied by feathers and drama, is thought to be a sensual act featuring only thin, svelte women. But the truth is, the art of burlesque is for every kind of bodyShow More Summary

This Woman Just Received Her Final Birthday Gift From Her Dad 5 Years After His Death

Post by Kathleen Wong. Many of us probably take celebrating holidays and birthdays with our parents for granted. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy spending special time with them, but we're just used to it. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. Show More Summary

Apply to Join CafeMom's Groundbreaking Maternity Photoshoot!

Post by Courtenay Smith. Search for "maternity photoshoot" on Google and social media, and you'll find options galore for showing off your bump, ranging from dressing like a mermaid to lounging in a milk bath.  But there's one type of woman you won't see in the vast majority of commercial pregnancy photography:  Those who wear size 14 and up. Show More Summary

Woman Who Suffered Chemical Burns Warns Against Using Essential Oil Diffusers

Post by Kathleen Wong. When you diffuse essential oils, you're probably getting ready for a relaxing, zen moment with yourself. The last thing on your mind is the thought that essential oil diffusers can be a safety hazard that could cause chemical burns. In a recent Facebook post, UK-based Emily Smith shared her story to warn everyone of this potential.

This Clothing Brand Is Being Accused of Photoshopping Stretch Marks Onto Models

Post by Kathleen Wong. A lack of diversity when it comes to clothing brands and their models isn't breaking news, so it was exciting to hear that UK-based brand Missguided was going to stop Photoshopping away their models' stretch marks. Show More Summary

Woman Gets Real About the Struggles of Loving Her Changing Pregnant Body

Post by Kathleen Wong. When you're pregnant, you go through more than just physical changes, but emotional and mental ones too. The amalgamation of all this change can definitely take a toll on your spirit, no matter how exciting it is to be growing new life inside of you. Show More Summary

People Can't Handle These Illustrations of Wonder Woman With Body Hair

Post by Kathleen Wong. If we had to imagine Wonder Woman's schedule, it'd probably be pretty jam-packed. We hope that she'd prioritize saving the world over shaving her legs, right? One illustrator certainly thinks so.

Plus-Size Model Proves Victoria's Secret Actually NEEDS Curvy Models With Sexy Side-by-Side Photos

Post by Kathleen Wong. It's no secret that Victoria's Secret is lacking when it comes to representing plus-size people -- and cellulite and body rolls, if we're keeping track -- despite the average American woman being somewhere between a size 16 and 18. Show More Summary

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