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10 Brutally Honest Reasons Your Facebook Friends Hate You

Post by Stefanie Favicchio. Breaking news here, guys: Facebook is not as cool as it used to be. You hear it all the time, OMG I hate Facebook. I'm totally deleting it. Tons of people tend to blame Mark Zuckerberg or even Facebook itself. Show More Summary

Nerdy Guy Asks Girlfriend to Marry Him in 'Pixel Proposal' That Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. Is anyone else in love with the recent trend of awesome proposals posted to YouTube?  I’m going to say it’s because these guys want their ladies to feel supremely loved and adored, and has nothing to do with getting...Show More Summary

Mercedes-Obsessed Man Gets His Dream Car Just by Using Facebook (VIDEO)

Post by Jenny Erikson. What do you do if you really, really want a high-powered, high-priced, luxury vehicle but can’t afford one? If you’re Hannes Coudenys, you create a Facebook fan page, and make a deal with Mercedes-Benz to giveShow More Summary

Woman's Secret Santa Turns Out to Be Richest Man in the World

Post by Kiri Blakeley. Ah, that fine old tradition of the Secret Santa! Did you do it this year? One of the many places that people gather to anonymously exchange gifts is Internet community of Reddit. And one woman got the shock of her life when she realized who her Secret Santa was. Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Facebook: We're Over If You Make Me Watch Your Ads

Post by Jenny Erikson. Dear Facebook, I think it might be time for us to break up. You have pushed me too far this time. I was willing to deal with your ever-shifting privacy policies, not to mention all the annoying users that use you. Show More Summary

Woman Walking and Facebooking Falls Off Pier

Post by Michele Zipp. Many of us are guilty of burying our faces in our phones to stay clued in to what's happening on our social networks. I've done it. But never when going for a long walk on a short pier. I mean... come on. There are just some times that being entranced with Facebook or Instagram or Twitter has to stop for your own safety. Show More Summary

Guy's Insane Prank on Rude Cell Phone Users Is One You HAVE to See (VIDEO)

Post by Ericka Sóuter. Ever want to say something to that annoying person who is loudly and incessantly talking on their cell phone in public? Yea, me too. They don't care where they are or who is around. Nevermind the fact that we don't want to hear about their latest catfight, annoying mother-in-law, deadbeat brother, or jackass boss. Show More Summary

Business Chides Angry Customer Via Facebook and Shows True Holiday Spirit

Post by Linda Sharps. When I was younger, I had several customer service jobs where I was treated badly by angry patrons. I've been yelled at, cursed, threatened, and on one memorable occasion, I had a VHS tape thrown at me (I'm pretty...Show More Summary

Creepy Robot Telemarketer Insists She's a 'Real Person' (LISTEN)

Post by Jenny Erikson. I almost feel like I’m trapped in a Stanley Kubrick film when I hear things like this audio of a robot telemarketer insisting that she’s human. “Samantha West” as she came to be known, dialed TIME Washington Bureau...Show More Summary

8 Hilariously Inappropriate Holiday Autocorrect Fails (PHOTOS)

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. Holiday stress got you down? Fear not, dear friend, Autocorrect is here. Holiday addition. More From The Stir: 6 Hilarious & Inappropriate Holiday Autocorrect Fails (PHOTOS) Whether you're simply having a...Show More Summary

Gmail Is About to Expose You in a Way That Might Be Embarrassing

Post by Lisa Fogarty. If anyone is old enough to remember MySpace (anyone? anyone at all?) you might recall there was one day that will live in infamy when a glitch on the site made it possible for everyone whose profile you had been checking out in secret to see that you'd been visiting their page. Show More Summary

5 Last-Minute Holiday Tech Tips You Need to Get Through This Season

Post by John Biggs. As the proud owner of a house full of toys and electronics, I know a thing or two about how to keep the cruft to a minimum and the cool stuff in top shape. Here are a few tips before you finish your holiday shopping. 1. Show More Summary

Selfies May Be Ruining Our Memories

Post by Jenny Erikson. Show of hands: Do you know your best friend’s phone number? I don’t. In fact, I probably only know the numbers I have to fill out on forms for contact information purposes. Otherwise all the digits are stored in my contact folder on my iPhone. Show More Summary

Criminal Posts Pics on Instagram That Prove He Loves Fame More Than Freedom (VIDEO)

Post by Lisa Fogarty. Criminals these days just can't seem to get enough of themselves. Instead of stealing, looting, or doing whatever else it is they do and then just trying to get away with their actions -- you know, behavior you'd...Show More Summary

Twitter's New Blocking Rules Shot Down in Hours

Post by Rebecca Stokes. Twitter's an awesome resource and loads of fun. For us nerds, it's a great place to quickly get your news headlines and rapid-fire social commentary. There are also some pretty hilarious and fun people to follow on the site. Show More Summary

10 Awesome Gifts for the Gadget Geek in Your Life (PHOTOS)

Post by Mary Fischer. If you have a hard-core gadget geek in your life -- then you know all too well just how tough it can be to find good gifts for him at Christmas. (Or birthdays or any other occasion for that matter.) Not only are...Show More Summary

Man Tricks Cops With iPhone Cookies But the Joke's on Him

Post by Jenny Erikson. Cell phone laws on the road are annoying as all get out (it’s already illegal to be a bad driver, people), so when I heard that a comedian in Los Angeles tried to pull a fast one on the cops by baking iPhone cookies,...Show More Summary

Millionaire Playboy Posts Lewd Photos Online and Calls Himself 'Instagram King'

Post by Jenny Erikson. Do social media sites encourage lewd behavior? I’m inclined to think so after taking a look at Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram feed. The poker playboy has several NSFW images posted of scantily clad ladies, along with...Show More Summary

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Holiday Cards

Post by Emily Abbate. There's no two ways around it, sending out holiday cards can be expensive. The problem? Everyone does it. Your friends, your family, your boss, and your boss' boss. Even though you may hate to admit it, you love getting them, and even though selecting the right holiday photo isn't exactly easy, you kind of love making them. Show More Summary

'60-Year-Old Girl' and 7 More of the Year's Best Memes

Post by Rebecca Stokes. I love the Internet. I love chatting online, I love shopping, I love falling into the black-hole of a good Wikipedia session. But there is one thing I love more than anything else the web might have to offer.Show More Summary

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