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People Are Hiding Their Valuables in Plain Sight Thanks to These Sneaky Designs

Post by Kathleen Wong. TBH, spy movies offer some pretty great home-decor inspo when it comes to what kind of clever furniture can help you stash away important documents or valuables -- or even entire rooms -- from burglars (or nosy in-laws). But you don't have to be James Bond to live stealthily. 

31 Large and Stylish Wall Art Ideas to Inspire Any Room Decor Project

Post by Kathleen Wong. A blank wall is essentially a blank canvas that's just waiting to become a masterpiece. While getting tattoos, picking out only the coolest clothes, and dyeing our hair are creative ways in which we express ourselves and our personal style, we can't forget our home's walls either. Show More Summary

20 Great Holiday Gifts for $10 or Less That Don't Look Cheap at All

Post by Julie Ryan Evans. We don't know about everyone else, but each holiday season, the list of gifts we need to buy seems to grow longer than Santa's beard. Sorry, but it's true. There are the teachers, neighbors, hosts, and hostesses of every holiday event we'll be attending, plus gifts for the under the tree and in the stocking. Show More Summary

Sorry, Guys, but Your Christmas Tree Might Be Making You Sick

Post by Kathleen Wong. When setting up your tree, the last thing you're expecting is for that festive piece of decor to make you sick. Unfortunately, it turns out that we need to be be watching out for what's known as Christmas treeShow More Summary

This Dad's Magical Narnia-Inspired Winter Wonderland Will Leave You in Awe

Post by Kathleen Wong. There's nothing like seeing holiday decorations in all of their glory. Basking in the glow of Christmas lights often evokes a warm fuzzy feeling that can only happen during December (or late November if we're impatient). Show More Summary

You're Hanging Christmas Tree Lights All Wrong, According to This Expert

Post by Kathleen Wong. Do you hear that? That's the sound of jingle bells, Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas," and Christmas tree lights unraveling. That's right, for those who celebrate Christmas in some capacity, it's time to set up, decorate, and light the tree. Show More Summary

Hilarious Amazon Shopping Fail Is a Cautionary Tale for Every Online Shopper

Post by Kathleen Wong. Amazon has become our one-stop online shop for just about any product under the sun. Seeing as it's such a vast marketplace, there's sure to be some eyebrow-furrowing scams out there, right? Yep, and one Imgur user reminded us of that after sharing one such shopping experience fail.

Is the Viral 'Dear David' Haunting a Hoax? We Asked a Real Life Ghost Hunter

Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote. If you've been following the paranormal saga of "Dear David," you're no doubt losing sleep wondering whether or not the viral phenomenon is legit (not to mention how unbelievably creepy the whole thing is). Show More Summary

The 'Dear David' Guy Just Learned Something Creepy About His Apartment Building

Post by Kathleen Wong. We last left off with Adam Ellis, the victim of the Dear David child ghost, freaking out over some photos that he caught of David. Now, it seems like Ellis just discovered something ultra creepy about his apartment building -- and it may have something to do with why he's being haunted.

14 Gifts for Moms Who Love to Swear

Post by Lauren Gordon. Just because you're officially a mom doesn't mean you've lost your edge. While we're sure you curb the cusses as much as possible in front of the kiddos, you can't deny how good it feels to let an f-word slip out...Show More Summary

The 'Dear David' Ghost Is Back and You Can Actually See Him in Photos This Time

Post by Kathleen Wong. Back in August, some poor dude in New York City named Adam Ellis claimed he was being haunted by the ghost of a little boy in what has been known around the Twittersphere as "Dear David." Last we heard, David (the ghost boy), had followed Ellis into his new apartment, as evident by his cats' strange behavior. Show More Summary

Selling Possessed Dolls on eBay Is a Real Thing and the Stories Are Incredibly Creepy

Post by Kathleen Wong. If you're looking for a fright, you can forgo paying $12 to see It in theaters and just hop onto eBay. That's right -- eBay is the purveyor of everything, and selling paranormally haunted dolls is no exception....Show More Summary

This Family Might've Captured Ghosts in a Photo Taken in the Haunted Hotel from 'The Shining'

Post by Kathleen Wong. When visiting a supposedly haunted and creepy place, the best souvenir you could possibly get is photo evidence of the alleged spirits. The Mausling family was lucky enough to be among the few to receive such a...Show More Summary

This School's Security Footage Just Caught the Creepiest Ghost Activity During the Middle of the Night

Post by Kathleen Wong. If going to school in the morning is tough, imagine having to go to a haunted school each morning. Not only do you have to worry about exams and homework, but now you also have to think about avoiding running into ghosts in the hallway. Show More Summary

This Dude May Have Actually Caught a Ghost on Snapchat and The Internet Is Not Having It

Post by Kathleen Wong. Nothing can ruin a selfie faster than realizing that you're not alone in a room -- and we don't mean someone walking in on you mid–embarrassing pose. We mean something paranormal. 

The Must-Do Trick for Keeping Bed Bugs From Latching on While You Travel

Post by Kathleen Wong. Need a quick way to instill fear in anyone? Just mention bed bugs. These little apple seed–sized critters fly under our radars, and then crawl all over the place and remind us that they can wreak total havoc on...Show More Summary

15 Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas Made Entirely From Toilet Paper Rolls

Post by Kayla Boyd. Halloween is a great time for arts, crafts, and fun DIY projects. There are tons and tons of ideas on blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram for ways to can make the house look frightfully delightful during the spooky holiday. Show More Summary

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's $8 Million Brooklyn Home Is Unbelievably Gorgeous Inside

Post by Kathleen Wong. Have you ever looked at power couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt and thought, "Wow, I wonder how amazing their home is"? After all, they are kind of #couplegoals when it comes to literally everything. Now we get a sneak peek into their Brooklyn brownstone, which they put on the market for $8 million, according to Trulia. 

15 Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Dioramas That Are Easy to Make

Post by Kelly Ladd. If you think "diorama" and have flashbacks to your fourth grade history project, you're not alone. But during Halloween season, dioramas take on new meaning -- they're scenes set inside a hollowed pumpkin. They're totally festive and fun to make. Show More Summary

15 Terrifying Paranormal Superstitions From Around the World

Post by Kayla Boyd. Halloween isn't the only time for scary stories. In fact, ghosts, supernatural creatures, and other terrifying things have been passed down since the beginning of time, in every area of the world. Every culture has its own superstitions, and whether people still believe in them or not, they're definitely worth repeating. Show More Summary

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