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Breaking Into True Crime: Ann Rule’s 9 Tips for Studying Courtroom Trials

In honor of the passing of crime writing legend Ann Rule (you can read all about her life here), we're re-sharing this piece—written by former WD managing editor Zachary Petit—that's full of tips and advice delivered by Rule. The post Breaking Into True Crime: Ann Rule’s 9 Tips for Studying Courtroom Trials appeared first on

The Tortoise and the Hare

Start your story with “They told me seeing a turtle on your wedding day would bring good luck” and end your story with “Now I’m doing 10-20 in federal prison. Stupid rabbit.” The post The Tortoise and the Hare appeared first on

What Gets You Ready to Write?

Some mornings I start my writing day off with a walk outside. Other days I start it off with caffeine. Today, I started it off with donuts. (Don't judge me!) I asked the Writer's Digest staff what they do to get ready to write. Here's our list (in no particular order)... The post What Gets You Ready to Write? appeared first on

Relief for Your Revision Struggles

The September 2015 Writer’s Digest, The Smart Writer’s Guide to Revision, is new on newsstands, and I’ve gotten so many nice notes about my Editor’s Letter that I thought I’d share it here—both as a preview for our latest issue and as a way to commiserate, connect and relate with fellow writers in the revision stage. Show More Summary

2016 Writer’s Market and Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition

The time has come to update your copies of Writer’s Market and Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition. This will be my 16th edition with the series, and I’m confident this version is both the latest and the greatest yet. Writer’s Market 2016...Show More Summary

How to Make Contemporary Romance Fresh While Keeping True to Stories of the Past

It’s advice almost every contemporary romance writer has heard at some point. Maybe it was at a conference, or in a response to a query, but we’ve all heard something along the lines of, “Oh, I love this trope, but I’m really looking...Show More Summary

Your Story 68

Prompt: Write a short story, of 750 words or fewer, based on the picture prompt on the left. You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story. Use the submission form below OR email your submission directly to Show More Summary

The Heart of Memoir Writing: Takeaway

Every single manuscript evaluated for acquisition has to pass a single litmus test: Does the story have a takeaway? Here's what you need to know and apply to your memoir. The post The Heart of Memoir Writing: Takeaway appeared first on

8 Blogging Tips for Writers to Find Success

Blogging is an incredibly effective and efficient way for writers to reach their target audience and build writer platforms. In other words, it’s a great method for writers to find engaged readers and more success with their writing....Show More Summary

Thrilling Agents & Editors with Your First Pages of Your MG/YA Novel – Webinar with Jodell Sadler and Leslie Shumate

Make a great first impression. You only have a few pages to thrill an editor or agent, which is why you need all the instruction you can get on firsts: pitch, line, hook, paragraph, pages and chapter. What does an editor and agent prefer when it comes to these firsts? Your attention on firsts is a gift to your storytelling. Show More Summary

Bizarre Family Traditions

Your family has always been a little off when it comes to holiday traditions. You eat tacos on the Fourth of July and hamburgers on Cinco de Mayo. How did this whacky tradition get started? The post Bizarre Family Traditions appeared first on

How to Use Setting to Challenge Your Characters (& Make a Better Story)

Here are some ways to infuse your manuscript with meaningful and unexpected details that keep the reader turning pages. The post How to Use Setting to Challenge Your Characters (& Make a Better Story) appeared first on

Join me (& others) for an exclusive Twitter chat Tuesday July 21!

Hey fellow writers, We’re packing the house at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in New York this July 31-August 2, and we want you to take up one of the final spots. To get a sneak peek at some of the valuable advice that’ll be delivered at the conference, we’re hosting a live Twitter chat this Tuesday, July 21, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Show More Summary

The Power of Observation: How to Observe and Improve Your Writing

Athletes practice. Musicians practice. As a writer, you need to do the same. Whether you havedreams of writing a novel, a memoir, or a collection of poems, or you simply want to improve your everyday writing, you’ll need to build your skills by way of practice. Show More Summary

Censorship: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I tend to be a timid writer. I constantly second-guess myself as I worry about what people will think. I’m afraid that people will completely reject and even hate what I have to say. This rejection happens on a regular basis as many writers find their works challenged or banned, thus feeding my fear. Show More Summary

The Secret To A Stronger Nonfiction Book Proposal

Knowing what’s already on bookshelves may just be the single most effective (and most overlooked) way to convince an agent where your idea fits in. Here’s how your Competitive Analysis can be your secret weapon. The post The Secret To A Stronger Nonfiction Book Proposal appeared first on

What Did You Do?

Every morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp, you get a call on your cell phone. The speaker says “I know what you did” and then hangs up. This has been going on for two weeks straight. What did you do and how do you react to these calls? The post What Did You Do? appeared first on

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 314

For today’s prompt, write a pie poem. Yes, a poem that somehow incorporates pie…or pi, since the number 3.14 inspired today’s prompt. Impossible? Not really, for some it’ll be as easy as pie, but even for those who struggle at first, I’m sure they’ll eventually get a piece of the pie as well. Show More Summary

5 Writing Challenges All Writers Face (& How to Deal With Them)

In response to the most common challenges we writers face,here are a couple of techniques to help you can use to stay the course and keep writing. The post 5 Writing Challenges All Writers Face (& How to Deal With Them) appeared first on

What is the Best Type of Poetry?

I’m picking up on the Friday poet’s inbox series, only today’s question is not inspired by e-mail question. Rather, it’s inspired by claims and attitudes I’ve seen online and in person about what type of poetry is the best. I’ve seen this attitude expressed in many different ways. Show More Summary

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