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How a Close Reading of 'Catch-22' Recreates the College Classroom

23 hours agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

A look how at the Twayne's Masterwork Studies Book Series, specifically an entry on "Catch-22", simulates the college classroom experience. Column by Bart Bishop When one of us professional English majors finally escape from university life, we do tend to get nostalgic for how books are read when they’re assigned. Show More Summary

Avoiding Stereotypes When Writing Place (Even If That Place Is Home)

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Knowing your setting doesn't mean you'll avoid stereotyping it. Column by Justin Hunter ... [Continue Reading]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Shitty First Draft

2 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Sometimes it will be good, sometimes it will be bad, and sometimes it will be down right ugly, but writing a shitty first draft will give you a finished book. Column by Christoph Paul Right now, I’m revising a shitty first draft of a short novel. Show More Summary

Should Stephen King's 'Rage' Return to Print?

3 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Stephen King pulled his school shooting novel, 'Rage,' from print decades ago. Is it time for the book to come back? Column by Peter Derk In Stephen King’s Rage, a high school student with a gun shoots his algebra teacher and takes a class of high schoolers hostage. King wrote the book when he himself was in high school. Show More Summary

Writing the Crime Scene: Murder or Suicide?

6 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Writing a crime scene where a murder is made to look like a suicide? Here's a guide to doing your research and getting the forensic details right. Column by Repo Kempt "I just want to make sure that nobody did the suicide to him." —Show More Summary

Beneath the Terminus Stone: Borderlines as a Theme

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

The final installment of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon Towards the end of the writing process, during the third or fourth draft, say, we’re really dealing with a world,...Show More Summary

Book vs. Television: What TV's Sheriff Longmire Is Doing Wrong

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

In an age of emphasis on law enforcement tactics, we take a look at the page to screen evolution of Walt Longmire, with expressed concern for the marshal's cavalier approach to policing. Column by David Cranmer The Walt Longmire Mysteries...Show More Summary

When Reality Gets Tough, the Tough Get Reading

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

A personal essay/reflection on how books can help you escape a harmful reality and survive depression. Column by Karis Rogerson In a college literature class, a professor spoke negatively about using books as a form of escapism from reality. Show More Summary

The World in the Skull: A Story’s Environment

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 9 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon One of my best friends is a film maker. We’ve skirted around the idea of me writing a script for him for a number of years now, but it never seems to happen. Show More Summary

Through the Labyrinth: Plotting the Story

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 8 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon Plotting. Plotting, plotting, plotting. Plotting. Plotting. Plotting, plotting! It’s the one aspect of novel writing that scares me the most. Show More Summary

Assholes Live on Every Block: An Interview with Scott McClanahan

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

An interview with Scott McClanahan regarding "The Sarah Book." Interview by Brian Allen Carr I first learned of Scott McClanahan when HTMLgiant posted a video of him reading his short story “Kidney Stones,” and many people who have been drawn to Scott’s work have been introduced to him first as a performer, a great live reader. Show More Summary

Moods in White, Black and Grey: Finding a Style

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 7 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon Just as every book has its own ideal structure, the same is true for style. Some authors have a style uniquely their own; you can recognise their work from just a few sentences, as with J.G. Show More Summary

A Bestiary of Authors' Brains

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

These are the creatures residing in the brains of authors. Enter at your own risk. Column by Gabino Iglesias The mind of an author is a dangerous place. Bad things happen in there. Awful things. However, it is the place where most authors spend the majority of their time. Show More Summary

Populating the Nightmare: Creating Characters

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 6 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon There are many ways of creating characters. For a science fiction novel I tend to create the world first, along with the technology or magic that infects the location and makes it interesting and unique. Show More Summary

The Surprising Feminism of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla'

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

A look at the importance of women in the fifth Dark Tower book. Column by Bart Bishop Stephen King hasn’t written too many prominent female characters since he burst onto the scene with his debut novel Carrie in 1974. Since then he’s had maybe a handful of novels with female protagonists as the lead. Show More Summary

Adventures in the Noir Trade: Mixing Genres

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 5 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon I am very much a genre man. Rather than the niceties of the well brought-up “literary” novel, I prefer sensational tales told in...Show More Summary

How to Start A Writer Feud

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Start the feud on a Podcast and finish it on Facebook. Column by Christoph Paul A couple months ago I got into a writer feud. It wasn’t as bad as when Richard Ford spit in Colson Whitehead’s face, but it was much worse than when Salman Rushdie and Francine Prose were beefing on Facebook about Charlie Hebdo. Show More Summary

Win an ARC of "Sip", The New Novel by Brian Allen Carr

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Be a cool kid and read the latest from the "Motherfucking Sharks" author before it streets on August 31st! News by Joshua Chaplinsky Attention free book lovers! We've got two ARCs of Brian Allen Carr's latest mindbender to give away....Show More Summary

A Madman Scattering Dust: Time as a Theme

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Part 4 of Jeff's 6 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows." Column by Jeff Noon Dayzone is a city that never sleeps, where the lights never go out, where the sky – the natural sky – cannot be seen because of the...Show More Summary

William Powell And 'The Anarchist Cookbook': A Defense

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

The book, the boogeyman, and why all of it is bogus. Column by Peter Derk You might not know the name William Powell, but you've almost certainly heard of his book, The Anarchist Cookbook, and you might have seen a new documentary, American Anarchist, about William Powell and The Cookbook’s legacy of violence. I watched the doc. Show More Summary

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