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Horror and Crime: A Writer's Education

9 hours agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

I've wanted to be a writer since I can remember, and there are six authors who shaped me early on and whose teachings still resonate with me today. Column by Gabino Iglesias The education of a writer begins with reading. I was never much of a gamer and never really got into comics because books took over pretty early on in my teens. Show More Summary

Writing the Crime Scene: 5 Fictional Female Detectives of Note

15 hours agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

March is Women's History Month in most of the world (except Canada), so here's five fictional female detectives that you probably don’t know, but should. Column by Repo Kempt Grab a pen and paper and write out a list of ten crime authors you enjoy reading. Show More Summary

Don't Call It a Comback: Peter David's Supergirl is Finally Getting Collected

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

A look back at the nearly-forgotten DC Comics series that is finally getting collected in trade paperback. Column by Bart Bishop The concept of Supergirl is pretty simple, right? Kara Zor-El, the teenage cousin of Superman, is rocketed away from the planet of Krypton as it’s about to explode. Show More Summary

8 Reasons to Avoid the Novel and Focus on Short Stories

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Are you an aspiring author just beginning their journey? You think you're ready to take on the novel? You very well might be, but we've got eight reasons why you should hold off on that. Column by Brandon Tietz I was twenty when I started writing seriously. Show More Summary

Why the Fµ¢% Not? Thoughts on Profanity for Writers

2 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Whether we’re drafting, networking, tweeting, or teaching, writers have to decide on a level of profanity – even if that decision is subconscious. What should writers consider, and how do we choose? Column by Annie Neugebauer Writers, by trade, deal in words. Show More Summary

9 Imaginary Gizmos For Writers Someone Needs To Hurry Up And Invent Already

2 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Technology has come a long way. But what about technology for writers? It's 2017. We want our piece of the action. Column by Peter Derk Most writers are of the opinion that the last thing we need is another gizmo. Another screen, another device, another drain on our time. But I think most writers are being a tad narrow-minded. Show More Summary

Storyville: Writing Contemporary Magical Realism

3 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Tips on how to write contemporary magical realism. Column by Richard Thomas Today I’m going to talk about magical realism as a genre (or sub-genre) and how I define it. There are a lot of different influences as far as this voice, but...Show More Summary

The Dos and Don'ts of Book Tour: An Author's Survival Guide

3 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Honest, real advice for making it through your first book tour. Column by Steph Post Authors don't seem to talk about this sort of thing very much. The survival thing. We like to talk about craft and meaning. Inspiration. Lofty goals. Show More Summary

How Resident Evil 7 Can Make You a Better Horror Writer

4 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Prepare to wet your pants. Column by Max Booth III Roger Ebert once said, “Video games can never be art,” which hopefully the majority of us can agree was an insanely idiotic statement to make. However, Ebert also said the following about Freddy Got Fingered: This movie doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel. Show More Summary

Hack Dad’s Revenge: Boredom

4 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

It's the dramatic return of hack dad! Column by Keith Rawson Originally, this month’s column was supposed to be about earning money as a stay-at-home parent/writer. But, the thing is I’m pretty much doing everything on spec these days...Show More Summary

10 Japanese Authors You Should Read

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Culturally speaking, The Land of the Rising Sun has much to offer, and their literary output is definitely something you should keep on your radar. Column by Gabino Iglesias Image via Culture Japan Years ago, while working at a tattoo shop, I stumbled across a book of tattoos by Horiyoshi III. Show More Summary

10 Things I Learned About Writing and Publishing From Managing a Porn Store

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Managing a porn store is very much like running a small press and being working a writer. Column by Christoph Paul Image via I used to manage a porn store in northeast D.C. I worked there for two years and it was the best writer job I ever had. Show More Summary

5 Comics Every Crime Writer Needs To Read

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Crime writers can learn a lot about their craft from well-written comic books. Here's five superb crime comics to whet your appetite. Column by Repo Kempt Crime writing and comic books have a long history together. Most crime fiction...Show More Summary

Dystropia: The Threat Of Rape As An Agent of Fear

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

It's a trope so pervasive, you probably don't always register it when you see it...and that's a serious problem. Column by Christopher Shultz This is a trope that is so pervasive, you probably don't always register it when you see it—especially in horror films and fiction, though it appears quite regularly in non-genre titles as well. Show More Summary

Genre-Blending and Plot Twists with Sarah Pinborough

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Sarah Pinborough answers 9 questions. Interview by Max Booth III I would be shocked to hear you haven't heard about Sarah Pinborough's new novel, Behind Her Eyes. Everybody is talking about it, and for good reason. It's excellent. If...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'The Wanderers' by Meg Howrey

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

An Elon Musk-like CEO forms a dream team of astronauts to send to Mars. Review by Stephanie Bonjack Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: The Wanderers Who wrote it? The author pulls the reader into the...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'White Tears' by Hari Kunzru

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

White Tears by Hari Kunzru is a mystical journey through time and place and reality. It's also damn fine writing. Review by Leah Rhyne Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: White Tears Who wrote it: This...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'The Vine That Ate The South' by J.D. Wilkes

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Review by Gabino Iglesias Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: The Vine That Ate The South Who wrote it? Wilkes has a unique voice that sounds...Show More Summary

Every Stephen King Short Story Summarized in 140 Characters or Less (Part 1)

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Yup. We're doing this again. Column by Max Booth III A few years ago, I wrote an article called “Every Stephen King Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less.” I don’t think it was a very good article, but I definitely had fun writing it, and for some weird-ass reason, a lot of you maniacs ate it up. Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'Loving the Ocean Won't Keep It From Killing You' by Rachel Bell

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Rachel Bell's novella will tear you to pieces. Review by Max Booth III Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: Loving the Ocean Won’t Keep It From Killing You Who wrote it? It is rare to read something so...Show More Summary

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