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What A $5 Book Cover Looks Like

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Thinking about self publishing? Thinking about spending 5 bucks to get a cover made? Read this first. Column by Peter Derk Self-publishing isn't the scarlet letter it once was. Okay, there's still some stigma. But I'll admit, some of that stigma is earned by people like me who crank out some weird, stupid garbage and slap it onto the Kindle store. Show More Summary

10 Mistakes (Almost) Every Rookie Writer Makes — Part Two

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Or, Stuff That Makes You Look Wet Behind the Ears, Part Two: The Craft Edition. Column by Susan DeFreitas You've taken classes and workshops. You've worked and reworked your fiction, revising from feedback, honing your craft. And now,...Show More Summary

Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Survivor’ Receives TV Treatment

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

Fingers crossed that this will be good, guys. News by Raine Winters Author Chuck Palahniuk is a powerhouse built of bestsellers, many of which have the potential to become box office hits. Maybe that’s why Jim Uhls (screenwriter of Fight...Show More Summary

How Harlan Ellison's 'Watching' Predicted Film Twitter, or Why Film Criticism Will Save the World

yesterdayArts / Writing : LitReactor

In which the author channels Harlan Ellison's film criticism, collected in 1989's 'Watching', to explain why critics are actually modern shamans teaching secret messages of empathy. Column by Bart Bishop Known for novels, short stories and screenplays, Harlan Ellison also worked as a film critic. Show More Summary

Storyville: What Literary Fiction Can Teach You About Genre Fiction

3 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Here are a few ways that literary fiction can inform your genre fiction. Column by Richard Thomas I just got back from teaching at the University of Iowa at their Summer Writing Festival, which is always a great time. My classes—Dark Fiction: Writing Horror and How to Write a Popular, Successful Genre Novel—both went over well. Show More Summary

Atwood Wins PEN Pinter Prize, Adds Netflix Series, Generally Killing It

4 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Between the PEN Pinter Prize and the announcement of a new Netflix series based on her work, Atwood is where it's at. News by Peter Derk Ever gotten into the habit of looking up people who are more accomplished than you just to see how...Show More Summary

The Medicated Writer

4 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Does medication really stifle creativity? Column by Raine Winters The first suicide was the hardest, but by the third, I began to realize that if I was to be a writer, I had to learn to let people go. This is what belonging to the literary community is about. Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'Disappearance at Devil's Rock' by Paul Tremblay

4 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

A look at Paul Tremblay's new creepy contribution to the horror genre. Review by Max Booth III Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: Disappearance at Devil’s Rock Who wrote it? The cosmic horror in this novel sneaks up and quietly caresses you. Show More Summary

All of the Articles I Didn't Want to Write

5 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

I basically wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for all of my defective infants. Column by Leah Dearborn One of my favorite quotes about writing is by Don DeLillo, and it refers to the draft as a “hideously defective, hydrocephalic and noseless” infant. Show More Summary

What Works & What Doesn't: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

5 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

It's an enjoyable, fairly straightforward adventure plot with a solid Act III...or is it so much more than that? Column by Christopher Shultz Welcome back to What Works & What Doesn't. If you've been following this series of columns,...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'Nitro Mountain' by Lee Clay Johnson

5 days agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

A concise review of "Nitro Mountain" by Lee Clay Johnson. Review by BH Shepherd Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: Nitro Mountain Who wrote it? 'Nitro Mountain' feels like sixty polished pages stapled...Show More Summary

The Desert Island Bands of 13 of Your Favorite Writers

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

We asked 13 writers how their desert island bands have affected their own writing. Answers from Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen Graham Jones, Josh Malerman, and many others! Column by Max Booth III One of the best movies of 2016 is withoutShow More Summary

Facebook Says The Written Word Is Coming To An End

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Is Facebook right? Is the written word on its death bed? News by Peter Derk Death to the hastily-written post about a political belief, long live the hastily-shot video about a sandwich. Facebook has long been the proving ground of social media. Show More Summary

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Rebooted

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

The historical stories will be retold through the eyes of refugees. News by Raine Winters I’m sure many people remember the first time they laid eyes on Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. And now, over 600 years later, the series...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'Stories of Your Life and Others' by Ted Chiang

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

A look at Ted Chiang's infamous science fiction collection. Review by Max Booth III Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: Stories of Your Life and Others Who wrote it? Ted, he’s at the top of his class. Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'Shot In Detroit' By Patricia Abbott

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

A short review of 'Shot In Detroit' By Patricia Abbott. Review by Keith Rawson Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: Shot In Detroit Who Wrote It? A demon of a read, and in my opinion, one of the sharpest...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'The Suburbs of Hell' by Randolph Stow

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

No one is safe in this 1984 novel, re-issued for the digital age. Review by Christopher Shultz Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: The Suburbs of Hell Who Wrote It? Stow is especially adept at revealing...Show More Summary

‘Harriet the Spy’ Home for Sale

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Have 5 million dollars and don’t know what to do with it? Now you have your answer! News by Raine Winters In a twist of fate that can only be described as my childhood #goals come true, the home that inspired Harriet the Spy is now for...Show More Summary

Bookshots: 'The Girls' by Emma Cline

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

In Emma Cline's "The Girls," readers are taken on the dark journey of a 1960s hippie girl into a brutal, Manson-esque commune. Review by Leah Rhyne Bookshots: Pumping new life into the corpse of the book review Title: The Girls Who Wrote It? Emma Cline. Show More Summary

Ron Howard Set To Direct Neal Stephenson's 'Seveneves'

last weekArts / Writing : LitReactor

Director Ron Howard is taking on Neal Stephenson's 'Seveneves.' News by Peter Derk Last week it was announced that Ron Howard will be directing a film adaptation of Neal Stephenson's Seveneves. Howard has been through some directorial ups and downs as of late. Show More Summary

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