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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Lost $2,000 to a Shady Landlord

9 minutes agoLifestyle : xoJane

It was a perfect storm of unfortunate events — from feeling the need to leave the apartment I was living in to receiving my bonus at work to the sense that it was the "right time" to move in with my significant other. Suddenly, it was four months later and I was laid off from my job and... Continue reading

Why "Stranger Things" Is Important to Me as a Sexual Assault Survivor

51 minutes agoLifestyle : xoJane

Pop culture has a long tradition of portraying sexual assault victims as just that: victims. When I watched the incredibly popular Stranger Things, I was reminded of the times when I was sexually assaulted as a teenager. Although sexual assault isn’t addressed in Stranger Things, the treatment and... Continue reading

I Have a Broken Bones Fetish

3 hours agoLifestyle : xoJane

While the rest of America focused on swimmer Michael Phelps' finger-wagging after he won his 20th gold medal this summer, I was interested in a different Olympics story. French gymnast Samir Ait Said first caught my eye when he shattered his tibia and fibula upon landing his vault during men's... Continue reading

Feminism Has Enabled My Husband to Be Lazy and Selfish

4 hours agoLifestyle : xoJane

I always thought feminism was about choice — educating young women and supporting them in various ways as they grow into adults so they can be accepted and successful in any pursuit they desire. I thought that historically society's default role for women was that of home manager and... Continue reading

How Black Women Athletes At the Olympics Restored My Patriotism

5 hours agoLifestyle : xoJane

The contentious relationship between Black communities and American patriotism has long been fraught with the tension that comes with this nation’s history; a history deeply rooted in ground toiled by Black bodies, who, for decades under slavery, Jim Crow and discrimination have survived multiple... Continue reading

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Magical Mushrooms

23 hours agoLifestyle : xoJane

Hey, cats and kittens, and welcome back to another juicy installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week, we spoke many words about many birds, and a cozy classic emerged victorious.We'll get to the recipe in a moment, but the most popular comment was not a recipe, but a very clever comment that made... Continue reading

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Band Was Hired to Play at a Strip Club

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

Ed and I drove our Subaru to the back patio of a plain white stand-alone building off the freeway. We wandered onto the large wooden outdoor stage with guitars on our backs — I'm sure we looked a little lost. We were curiously staring at a large black cage set up on the end of our performance... Continue reading

I’m Obsessed with InstaNaturals’ New Skin Care Products, Especially the Glycolic Peel Because At-Home Chemical Peels ROCK

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

I was recently invited to check out new additions to an existing line of natural beauty products, InstaNatural. I wasn't previously aware of the line, though they’ve been around since 2013, and when I got the invitation to try out samples and chat with Heather Wilson, InstaNatural’s director... Continue reading

I Had an Accidental Threesome, And It Turned into an Educational Experience

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

All I did was say aloud what the three of us had already been thinking: ‘We’re going to have a threesome.’ It wasn’t a question or a demand; it was just a statement. My friend’s ex-boyfriend responded by asking where we were going. ‘Elissa’s apartment is just around the corner,’ my friend... Continue reading

I Tried Ice Baths to Help Me Sleep and at the Very Least Scared the Cat Every Night for a Week

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

For as long as I can remember, I've been garbage at sleeping. Actual garbage. I've basically learned to survive with five or fewer hours of sleep a night. So I was pretty excited when life-hacking guru Tim Ferriss recently re-shared an older blog post with tips for sleeping better. His off-the-wall... Continue reading

Why Diverse Body Representation at the 2016 Olympics Mattered — Especially to Me

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

The Rio Olympics ended with a fantastic carnival-inspired closing ceremony on Sunday evening. Throughout the games, I would dutifully catch up on all the incredible athletes, their record-breaking achievements, and all the medals being won by countries worldwide. But for me, that seemed like... Continue reading

CREEPY CORNER: On Being a Woman and Talking About the Paranormal

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

I always try to "read the room" before diving into talk about ghosts.While I've long since abandoned hiding my interest in such things, I admit that I am wary of people who might try to get me to offer a "satisfactory" explanation for my interests. I don't require you to give me a valid... Continue reading

I Was Raised by an Abusive Mother, And I Don’t Want to Become Like Her

2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

Every girl should be able to say they love their mother... and that's just not something I can do.It's taken me 33 years to come to terms with the way my life turned out, and I'm finally in a place of acceptance. Though the relationship with my mother can never be healed, my heart is in a place of... Continue reading


2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

I met Ariel in 2006, a time when the whole world felt like a simmering pot that was bound to boil over. We meet through friends at a squat in Chattanooga's North Shore neighborhood. The North Shore is where lost children from local rural ghettos go to find freaks like themselves. I was an impostor... Continue reading

My Son Taught Me More About Dating Than Any of My Boyfriends Ever Did

2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

Decades. That's how long I've spent agonizing over boys (and, later, men). Mostly in my high school and college days, that is. When they didn't call me, call me back, or answer the phone (this was in the pre-texting, pre-email, pre-caller ID era), I took offense and figured I wasn't good enough.... Continue reading

I'm Really Tired of Married Men Flirting with Me Online

2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

As a woman utilizing the internet, I generally find myself on alert for some level of sexism-fueled shenanigans at all times. This daily reality for us operates along a wide spectrum, from being dismissed as “sweetie” in the course of a mansplaining thread, to unsolicited dick pics from strangers,... Continue reading

I Had My First Colonic, And I Can't Think of a Good Reason Not to Tell You About It

2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

One of the best things about being a beauty writer is the opportunity to try some pretty crazy stuff, all in the name of research. I'm basically open to almost anything, from lip injections to Botox to...well...colonics. Yep, I got a colonic, and now I'm going to tell you allllll about it.... Continue reading

I’m Using My White Privilege to Help Tell Diverse Stories in Hollywood

2 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

As one of the Executive Producers who developed ‘East Los High,’ and the founder of Wise Entertainment, a company dedicated to telling stories for and by women and people who are underrepresented in the mainstream, diversity has always been a natural part of what I do, because it is simply the only... Continue reading

I Was Raped by My Stepfather — Just One More Example of Brazil's Epidemic of Sexual Violence

3 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

As the Olympic flame went out and the last fireworks of Rio’s carnival-like closing ceremony fizzled away, the reality sets back in for the thousands of women and girls who regularly experience brutal violence in Brazil, often in their own homes. In a country where over 500,000 people are raped... Continue reading

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Friendship Ended Over Makeup Brushes

3 days agoLifestyle : xoJane

I met Kari in college about a decade ago. She was friendly with my roommates, who were also my best friends, so it wasn't unusual that I would also develop a friendship with her. We became a little clique, hanging out together all the time and attending classes together, too. We took... Continue reading

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