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Faces of Silicon Valley

Exactly eight years ago - 19th October 2009 - I quit drinking, for good. My reasons for getting sober will be obvious to anyone who knew me in my 20s, and familiar to anyone who has ever known a self-destructive alcoholic. I was theShow More Summary

Erin Levine’s five empowering little words: “I’ll see you in court”

Recently, I came across a startup that’s focused on a yet-undisrupted opportunity: Divorce. Hello Divorce-- started by family law attorney Erin Levine-- doesn’t go as far as just throwing forms up online, nor does it pair you with a high priced attorney and mediation team. Show More Summary

Goodbye rich powerful old gatekeepers, hello richer powerful new ones

Earlier this week, Stratechery’s Ben Thompson argued that the era of powerful men like Harvey Weinstein being able to harass and assault in silence may soon be over. Why? Because Weinstein is a so-called “Gatekeeper” - someone who wields...Show More Summary

The Four-Day Twitter Week

In my introduction to today's Mama Bear newsletter (subscribe!), I wrote about my new strategy of managing Twitter. Given the number of Pando readers who I know share our concerns over what Jack Dorsey et al have allowed Twitter to become, I wanted to share it with Pando readers too...

Jack and Biz don't want to fix Twitter

Today, at the urging on software engineer Kelly Ellis, thousands of women are boycotting Twitter to protest the company’s lack of action on bullying, threats and harassment. At the same time, a huge number of women of color are rallying...Show More Summary

Another VC quarter that makes no economic sense thanks to robots, Softbank, and the pursuit of masculinity through valuation

“2017 is on pace to see the highest number of $100 million+ VC rounds in the past decade…” AYFKM? Still? For pretty much the existence of Pando, very smart people have been predicting, even trying to talk the Valley into, a downturn....Show More Summary

Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Washington DC: With great power comes great toxicity

I’ve been thinking most of the morning about the relationship between the three centers of power in American life: Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Washington DC. The three used to be distinct. Silicon Valley was in a cold war with Hollywood, who hated Silicon Valley right back for disrupting highly paid middlemen and enabling piracy. Show More Summary

You don’t get to be "shocked"

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

It pales compared to all the other atrocities, but 2017 has been the year of the “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” conversation in tech. The conversation I’ve had with Uber investors: “It just wasn’t clear until Susan Fowler that the company was this bad…” Yes it was. Show More Summary

The tech IPO market just may have found the spark it was looking for: Roku

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Tech startups have been avoiding the public markets for a few years. Only 19 have gone public in 2017, higher than the number last year but well below average. Roku went public a week ago with an offering price of $14 a share, the top end of its proposed $12 a share to $14 a share range. Show More Summary

Beyond The Series B: How the Giants of Silicon Valley Made It

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

You want to build a billion dollar company? Don’t even roll up in here saying you don’t have any real competition. If you don’t have someone who scares the shit out of you, your market isn’t big enough, your idea isn’t good enough or you are living in a dream world. There are the Davids versus the Goliaths. Show More Summary

Facebook's silver lining: Unlike Uber the founder has some level of board accountability

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

2017 isn’t a good look for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s “tour America” routine has drawn mocking, eye-rolling, and speculation he’s making a run for President. That wouldn’t be so bad if the FBI weren’t actively investigating Facebook’s role in the last Presidential election. Show More Summary

As 2017 gets ever more horrific, Silicon Valley is now at war with itself

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Tech hasn’t just lost soft power the world over, having put itself at new risk of global regulation, it’s increasingly becoming embattled within its own ranks. This past weekend, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone Tweeted this: Y'all pile on us. Show More Summary

Lyft suddenly snaps to life at exactly the right moment

2 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

For at least a year, I’ve had an ongoing debate with folks in the Valley about why Lyft doesn’t just go public already. People bring up LinkedIn, who went public before Facebook; Box who went public before Dropbox… there’s a decent case...Show More Summary

Jack Dorsey's character limit

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

The cult of disruption has given us ridesharing apps that target rape victims and social networks that enable treason. It’s ironic, then, that Twitter - a texting toy founded by three milquetoasts who couldn’t disrupt a dinner partyShow More Summary

When tech CEOs are calling for more regulation, you know disruption has gone too far

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

“Nobody likes being regulated, but everything (cars, planes, food, drugs, etc) that's a danger to the public is regulated. AI should be too.” -- Elon Musk So wrote Elon Musk in a Tweet this past weekend. Musk’s Tweet was about AI, but it was also a nod to the fact that anything that could be a “danger” is rightfully regulated. Show More Summary

London regulators find Uber "not fit and proper": A most damningly British indictment

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

On three occasions in the past twelve months, I’ve been woken up by a flurry of early morning text messages from friends in London. The first, obviously, was after the Brexit vote. The second, after Trump was elected. The third cameShow More Summary

It’s called “Fuck You Money” for a reason

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Back in 2015, I wrote a story about a trio of tech moguls who had turned their sights (and sites) on fixing journalism. It was seemingly an altruistic move, and I believe a well intentioned one at its core. There was Pierre Omidyar,Show More Summary

It's a golden age of streaming. But what happens when the gold starts to run out?

Sunday night's Emmys underscored something that's grown increasingly apparent in the past few years: to be successful in video is to be over the top. Hulu, aka the little Netflix-wannabe that could, took home four primetime Emmys, including the top award for best drama. Show More Summary

Meet Mama Bear

Editor's note from Sarah Lacy... Those who follow me on social media know I’m starting a new company to connect and empower women-- particularly working moms-- in a troll-free, mommy-war free community. While we're still working on building...Show More Summary

Breaking news from (maybe) 2020: It was so, so much worse than we thought

About a year ago I wrote a proposal for a non-fiction book about what I termed the Silicon Valley swamp. I wrote it not so much out of enthusiasm as obligation. Like many journalists in Silicon Valley, I had watched this swamp fill and...Show More Summary

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