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Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee says Facebook’s moves today aren’t nearly enough

Roger McNamee isn’t the first-- or even second-- crucial early Facebook insider to argue how damaging the company’s core business MO has become to society. But he certainly did the most thorough take down. In a long essay in Washington...Show More Summary

America isn’t the feminist envy of the world and Silicon Valley isn’t the feminist envy of US industries

Things are so unequal in so much of the world, that we can slip into, “Yeah, but things aren’t perfect everywhere...” thinking. Despite some 40-weeks of on the ground international reporting for my second book, I thought that about America and gender for a long time. Show More Summary

Oh, Snap: Evan Spiegel lost focus on Stories and rolled out the red carpet for copycats

It’s a pretty sick burn that the Daily Beast prefaces its story that walks through six months of detailed Snapchat DAU data with a 13-graph lead about just how “ballistic” CEO and co-founder goes when there’s a leak and the extreme lengths...Show More Summary

It's time to replace the unicorn as a symbol of billion dollar startups. I have a suggestion...

It's time to replace the unicorn as a symbol of startups valued above a billion dollars, and so I'd like to suggest the oil derrick. It's analog and very last century, but at least it exists outside of fantasy. And what image betterShow More Summary

Damn Girl, You’ve Got a High AQ

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Natalie Fratto, VP of Early Stage Practice at Silicon Valley bank. I often think the near future?—?say 2045?—?might look something like this: On the walk back from her high school, Max drops by the corner bodega to pick up a NeuroStim pill?—?a prescription neuro-plasticity stimulator. Show More Summary

Facebook's stunning twelve month fall from grace

Regular Pando readers know we have a saying here: When a tech company tells you something is “too hard” what they are really saying is they don’t prioritize it. These are companies that are tunneling through the earth to hurtle us between...Show More Summary

As Softbank backs Uber and Didi buys 99, it’s sinking in how much Asia has dominated global ridesharing

As we were taking some time off for the holidays, the news finally broke that that Softbank deal with Uber is done. It was quite an end to one of the most disastrous years in the history of would-be Silicon Valley “darlings.” Schools...Show More Summary

The difference between being a gifted middle school boy and a gifted middle school girl

Anne Halsall is the kind of badass mom who made her own nursing app when she couldn’t find one she liked. Like, coded it. In her “spare” new mom time. Like a lot of new moms, having a baby was more of a career accelerator than a career killer for Halsall. Show More Summary

When a company says it hires “maniacs” and “ruthless” “allstars” who do “whatever it takes”, believe them

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Textio-- an augmented writing platform for job listings -- released a fascinating study last week. Sadly, it didn’t get a ton of attention in the flood of political news and on going sexual harassment allegations, or as it’s come toShow More Summary

2017 ends much the same as it began for Uber: With more bad news

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Why should 2017 end any differently for Uber than it began? Yesterday, news came out that the EU has ruled Uber must be regulated as a transportation company, not an information services company. It’s a move that opens Uber up to the...Show More Summary

“Beyond the Series B”: What Silicon Valley’s biggest stars “believe” (That nobody else does)

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

We’ve come to the last installment of our podcast series, “Beyond the Series B: How the Giants of Silicon Valley Made It.” In the spirit of the holidays-- and as a hopeful antidote to the behavior of many of the Valley’s largest companies in 2017-- we wanted to focus this last episode on the Valley’s beliefs. Show More Summary

Are we starting to see cracks in the bro-economy?

3 weeks agoTechnology : Pando Daily

Whenever outsiders can’t fathom horrific behavior being enabled or valuations paid for companies that barely exist I tell them two things. You might call them the laws of Silicon Valley physics. The first law is that 95% of the money comes from just 5% of the returns. Show More Summary

Sam Altman: I should have the freedom to say stupid shit, you should have the freedom to applaud

"I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." – Galileo “Hold my soylent” – Sam Altman You know the old saying: Writing about Y Combinator is like wrestling with a pig, you both get dirty and the pigShow More Summary

Masterclass: My new favourite fucked company

They were glory days. A micro era – spanning a year, maybe two – when capital outpaced rationality, but did so in a way that benefit users just as much as entrepreneurs. Often more than entrepreneurs. I’m talking about the days of the first dot com bubble. Show More Summary

The “hater” is calling from inside the cap table

Back in March, I wrote an in-depth piece about Silicon Valley’s astounding waning Soft Power. That waning was a shocking development in many ways. Venture-funded entrepreneurship had become an aspirational brand around the world, with...Show More Summary

Beyond the Series B: When to quit, when to sell, and when to double down

So far on our podcast series, “Beyond the Series B: How the Giants of Silicon Valley Made It,” we’ve dealt with the topic of luck, we’ve dealt with rivalries, we’ve dealt with the money you shouldn’t take, and we’ve dealt with the chaos...Show More Summary

White men to women and minorities in tech: We (still) DGAF

Almost a year ago, I wrote a piece called “White men to women and minorities in tech: We DGAF.” I aggregated a couple surveys that showed that most men in tech still blamed “the pipeline”-- something that’s been thoroughly debunked as the cause for a lack of inclusion-- and that only 5% of tech companies felt diversity was a top priority. Show More Summary

Wow. Yes.

I remember back in 2006. There was the usual speculation about who Time’s Person of the Year would be, and there were rumors that it might be someone from the budding Web 2.0 crowd, perhaps the founders of the early stand out of the time, YouTube. Those guesses were partially right. Show More Summary

Lyft is growing faster, improving its margins, gaining share and just added another $500 million to its round

Days after we wrote about Uber’s increasingly worse financials, The Information “got ahold of” Lyft’s financials. They show the exact opposite phenomenon. Uber’s margins are actually getting worse, as it upped its spending in order to...Show More Summary

Scaling your startup with Soul

[Editor's note: This piece, based on my PandoMonthly interview with Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, originally ran on as part of an editorial collaboration with Pando aimed at sharing founders' struggles, challenges, and...Show More Summary

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