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March Releases

March is actually full of games that should be on a lot of people’s lists. I was never on the Far Cry train (I played the first way back on the original Xbox and that was it) but Far Cry 5 is on this month’s list, along with Injustice 2 and Final Fantasy XV enhanced/expanded/whatever […]

In My Digital Hands

I recently applied to and was accepted into the GeForce Now Beta. GeForce Now is a streaming service that lets you tap into virtual high powered gaming “rigs” and play games over an internet connection. The bandwidth requirements are steep (25 Mbps capability) but this would let someone use a cheap-o PC and play current […]

February Releases

This is a weird month for game releases. There isn’t a must-have (although Dragon Quest Builders looks fun), there is a Metal Gear Solid title that I wasn’t even aware of, and big title remakes (Secret of Mana, Shadow of the Colossus). I’m sure there something for some people, but I think I’ll take a […]

Breath of the Wild’s Puzzles Are Better Than Portal 2’s

I might regret that title, but let me talk it through. Are Breath of the Wild’s puzzles better than Portal 2’s puzzles? I love the puzzles in Portal 2! It’s almost a perfect game and now I’m questioning how good it really is? How did I get here? Core to the enjoyment of solving a […]

My Favorite Sequence in Breath of the Wild

No, this isn’t buttonmashing’s pivot to video, but I’m posting this for posterity’s sake. I have unlocked all but one Sheikah Tower in Breath of the Wild, so I won’t be seeing this little cinematic interlude anymore and I can’t bear to lose it. It’s easily my favorite 10+ seconds in Breath of the Wild: […]

Weekend Gaming Looks Back at 2017

Before we get to the weekend gaming report, I thought it’d be fun to do a little year-end review of the gaming I did in 2017. 2017 was the year I actually played video games. For the past couple of years I seemed to really only dabble with games here or there while I spent […]

January Releases

Not a whole lot to comment on the first list of new releases for 2018. I assume everyone’s got a pile of games to play from the holidays, anyway. On to this month’s releases: Microsoft Xbox One Week of January 22nd Week of January 29th Nintendo Switch Week of January 22nd Nintendo 3DS Week of […]

December Releases

I almost didn’t post this month’s releases, because honestly, there isn’t anything that sets my pants on fire. Ok, PUBG on the Xbox One is a maybe, but the fact that it’s “Game Preview Edition” edition makes me very wary. I’ve successfully avoided Battle Royale hype wave so far (but I did read the book!) […]

Weekend Gaming Takes a Breath

It’s the first weekend of December. Here at Buttonmashing HQ, the weather hasn’t quite turned cold yet, but we’ll probably still be found nice and cozy indoors while we do a little gaming this weekend. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is still taking up the majority of my gaming and I imagine a large chunk […]

November Releases

Normally, November brings a barrage of triple-A games to get on shelves before the holidays start, but this month is not like other months. Besides Sims 4 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about. Skyrim on the Switch might be tempting to some, but I think I’m going […]

Weekend Gaming

2017 has been a pretty decent year for gaming with a lot of good games already out and even more on the way, including a couple very big releases that have a surprising thread running through the two of them: It's like they're the exact same game — Stephen Totilo (@stephentotilo) October 26, 2017 […]

October Releases

October is usually when the ball starts rolling on the big-time releases and this year is no different. A bunch of premier titles coming out this month, with a little something for everyone — Forza 7 and GT Sport for racing fans, WWE 2k18 for wrestling heads, Shadow of War for all your orc-head-chopping needs, […]

September Releases

We’re getting to that time of year, where the releases start piling up as companies start releasing marque games, hoping to get in on the upcoming holiday shopping sprees. There are a few games of note for this month, including Destiny 2 (not necessarily for me) and Cuphead (necessarily for me). On to this month’s […]

Games on my Radar

Each month, as I assemble the list of new titles releasing, I earmark a couple of them (usually adding them to my Steam Wishlist) to keep an eye on. Sometimes they are no-brainers that I am going to pick up as soon as I can (Resident Evil 7 and Breath of the Wild, for example). […]

August Releases

Getting a new console always gives me a new perspective when I put this monthly release post together, but unfortunately Nintendo has nothing coming out this month on the Switch. There are still some solid titles this month, including Agents of Mayhem, aiming for that Crackdown Throne. On to this month’s releases: Microsoft Xbox One […]

In My Digital Hands

I’m pretty much an expert now and making onion soup and hamburgers, while my wife was killing it on the cutting board and my son was slinging dishes as fast as we could. Seriously, this is a GREAT party game.

Weekend Gaming

It’s probably not going to come as any big surprise, but this weekend will be All About The Switch. Setup is happening after this goes live, and then it will be Breath of the Wild until my eyes bleed. Then I’ll catch a couple Zees and be right back at it. Most of the fam […]

In My Hands

In my actual freaking hands! This has actually been in my hand since yesterday, but life has been getting in the way and it’s still not set up. Tomorrow, for sure, and then we’ll be Weekend Gaming, Switch Style! There were some cosmic forces at work getting to this point. Last Saturday, I went to […]

Weekend Gaming, Doomguy Style

Did you know that the protaganist of the DOOM series is just called “Doomguy“? Sure, he’s nameless, but he’s supposed to be referred to as Doomguy. I was equally as disappointed as I assume you are when I found out. Doomguy? What’s next, Haloman? Diablodude? But who cares, because DOOM is free this weekend on […]

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