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Pope Francis faces a challenging visit to Chile and Peru

3 days agoReligion : Erasmus

IN human and logistical terms alone, the pope’s visit to Latin America this week involves a punishing itinerary. Over six days, a man in his 82nd year, with only one intact lung, will travel over 22,000 miles, spanning the length and breadth of a continent, including some of its remote extremes.

An unusual priest’s call for liberty

last weekReligion : Erasmus

AS ONE might expect, the definitions of freedom offered by the liberal secular West and by the current leadership of the Russian Orthodox church are sharply at odds.

The Mormon faith builds bridges while staying true to its self

last weekReligion : Erasmus

THE Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as the Mormon faith, has recently had attention from the secular press for two reasons. One is the death of the faith’s nonagenarian leader; the other is a flare-up over a Mormon practice that complicates relations with Judaism.

Clergy are colliding with Christian soldiers across Europe

2 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

ALICE WEIDEL, champion of the Eurosceptic German right, claims that her Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is the only really Christian political group in the country. The much larger Christian Democratic Union has betrayed its own name by failing to defend the nation’s religious and cultural heritage, in her impassioned view.

How important are animals to the Nativity?

3 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

THE Christmas story concerns the birth, in very unusual circumstances, of a member of the species homo sapiens, one who was destined to transform the history of the world. But what about other animals? Is their rightful place in this ancient narrative essential, secondary or even non-existent?

Culture wars over Christmas are not what they were

4 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

THE argument over whether multiculturalism and modernity are eroding the Christian character of Christmas is a cherished annual ritual.

The Italian church is dissolving its links to the mob

last monthReligion : Erasmus

TO ALL appearances, this was a final disentangling of the disreputable connections between the church in southern Italy and organised crime. When a Sicilian mobster known as the “boss of bosses” died in prison last month, a spokesman for the Italian conference of bishops said it would be “unthinkable” to give him a public funeral.

How best to help women caught between different kinds of family law

last monthReligion : Erasmus

AS IS reported by The Economist in this week’s print edition, almost everybody can agree that there are acute difficulties at the interface between Islamic family law and the liberal West. Especially for married Muslim women, living in a kind of limbo between the Islamic world and the secular world can be exceptionally tough.

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem move sparks Christian disputes

last monthReligion : Erasmus

CHRISTIAN leaders reacted with strong emotion to the news that President Donald Trump has recognised as capital of Israel the city where their faith’s foundational events unfolded.

A Russian cleric’s turn of phrase evokes some dark memories

last monthReligion : Erasmus

THIS has been a roller-coaster week in relations between Judaism and Russian Orthodoxy.

The smashers of Mary’s images are acting more against statues than against her

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

ONE OF America’s most outspoken campaigners for a better understanding of, and reform within, the world of Islam is Daisy Khan (pictured), a Kashmir-born New Yorker.

Greece prepares to do away with compulsory sharia in Western Thrace

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

AS PART of a passionate campaign to solve an apparently non-existent problem, American state legislatures have been presented, over the past decade, with at least 120 bills that sought to outlaw the practice of sharia, the Islamic legal system, and 15 of them have been enacted.

As Russian and British clerics concur and spar, Middle Eastern ghosts loom

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

RELATIONS between the secular authorities of Britain and Russia have rarely been so tense, to judge by the thundering rhetoric used this month by Theresa May.

The impact of religion on Robert Mugabe

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

ANY student of religion will soon be struck by this paradox: a single set of beliefs and practices can either inspire people to great acts of altruism and courage, or else be harnessed by the strong and scurrilous as a way of justifying themselves and manipulating people. Zimbabwe exemplifies that principle better than most countries.

In the Balkans, the forces of pious chauvinism speak louder again

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

DURING the Balkan wars of the 1990s, old fault-lines of religion and ethnicity seemed to be opening up across Europe, with tragic results.

Jihadism and far-right fanaticism viewed as responses to the same malaise

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

IS IT correct to find parallels between violent white supremacism and neo-Nazism on one hand, and the nihilist fury of ultra-militant Islam on the other? A Franco-American scholar, Scott Atran, is convinced that these deadly phenomena are two sides of the same coin.

Tingles of the transcendent don’t always prompt people to go to church

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

MOST of us have come across individuals who are somehow spiritual but not formally religious: people who would rarely if ever attend an act of worship but seem sensitive to their human and physical environment and exude a sort of connectedness with the world.

Tariq Ramadan, a star of Europe’s Muslim intelligentsia, confronts accusations of rape

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

ONE way or another, Europe’s Muslim landscape will be altered by the drama that is now swirling around one of the continent’s best-known Islamic thinkers. It was announced this week that “by mutual agreement” Tariq Ramadan was taking a leave of absence from his job as a professor of Islamic studies at Oxford University.

Green investors and right-wing sceptics clash on the meaning of scripture

3 months agoReligion : Erasmus

WHEN the Western Christian world divided down the middle exactly 500 years ago, both the Catholic and Protestant sides became adept at using scripture to bolster their arguments.

Arcane arguments about Russia’s sovereigns could go mainstream

3 months agoReligion : Erasmus

AS A colleague writes in this week’s print edition, Vladimir Putin is in certain ways more comparable to an absolute monarch than to a constitutionally elected political leader, who might be hemmed by checks and balance.

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