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UNESCO’s tricky balancing act between religious and secular forces

2 days agoReligion : Erasmus

AS THE would-be guardian of the world’s most precious places and patrimony, UNESCO can hardly avoid entering into the field of religion. But given the vast and quarrelsome diversity of its member states, the UN’s educational and cultural agency finds it hard to address this sensitive subject, as some recent news stories have shown.

Humanist nuptials are popular in Scotland but only beginning in Ulster

4 days agoReligion : Erasmus

AMONG the world’s more spectacular venues for non-religious weddings are some historic stone buildings dotted along the high points of Ireland’s north coast: places where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of a short, choppy stretch of water.

Why Europe’s Muslims do not chant in unison, as its politicians would like

last weekReligion : Erasmus

IN THE realm of European Islam, nothing is going quite to plan. In the perfect scenario of the continent’s mainstream politicians, the law-abiding majority of Muslim citizens would be coming together now in a massive, thundering condemnation of terrorism.

Tim Farron’s resignation raises questions about the line between public policy and private belief

last weekReligion : Erasmus

FOR anyone interested in the boundary between faith and public policy, Tim Farron’s resignation merits careful study.

Stop being soft on our despot, Venezuela’s bishops tell Francis

2 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

AN UNEXPECTED item popped up on the agenda of Pope Francis in recent days. Although the meeting did not feature in his pre-announced weekly schedule, on June 8th it became known that he had squeezed in some time to confer with six bishops from Venezuela, one of the most troubled places in the historically Catholic world.

The clerical roots of the Democratic Unionist Party

2 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

ON THE face of things, the two parts of Ireland have never looked more different. As noted in a previous Erasmus posting, the Irish republic will soon have a young, half-Indian prime minister (taoiseach) who is openly gay.

The ebb and flow of religious power in the Irish republic

3 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

NEWS that Ireland is about to have a young, openly gay, half-Indian taoiseach (prime minister) came as more of a surprise to the rest of the world than it did to people who live on the island and experience its fast-changing social reality.

In Greece and Russia, the veneration of saintly remains is a huge phenomenon

3 weeks agoReligion : Erasmus

IF YOU consult “The Orthodox Church”, a standard introduction for English-speakers penned by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, you will learn the following: Because Orthodox are convinced that the body is sanctified and transfigured together with the soul, they have an immense reverence for the relics of the saints.

A pastor and a secularist publisher stand together for freedom

last monthReligion : Erasmus

IN AN ever more impressive annual gathering of people who have taken a stand for liberty and those who are determined to help them, the historic centre of Oslo became a focal point this week for dissidents, pro-democracy campaigners and former prisoners of conscience, as well as admirers of their causes.

Why Trump’s pro-Sunni tilt worries human-rights campaigners

last monthReligion : Erasmus

Whenever something happens to alter the global equilibrium between Sunni and Shia Muslims, the ripples can be felt across a huge swathe of the earth, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Muslims, Jews and women in America

last monthReligion : Erasmus

As President Donald Trump engages in his own, idiosyncratic kind of religious and cultural diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and Israel, back in the United States efforts by faith groups to understand each other better seem to be gathering pace.

The debate surrounding religious rules for slaughtering animals

last monthReligion : Erasmus

THERE are some religious-freedom arguments where even the time-honoured principle of “live and let live” fails to provide democracies with any easy answers. One such dispute concerns animal slaughter.

Eastern Europe’s patriotic faith

last monthReligion : Erasmus

Especially observed from afar, Europe is often viewed as a continent where traditional forms of Christianity are dwindling fast, and the only kinds of faith which flourish are those brought by recent arrivals, ranging from Pakistani or Turkish Islam to Nigerian Pentecostalism.

Emmanuel Macron has a history buff’s view of Islam and religious strife

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

America’s founding fathers, influenced by the French enlightenment, were determined not to let European-style religious wars tear their young republic apart.

A minister’s faith complicates Canada’s relations with India

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, made much of appointing four Sikhs to his 30-person cabinet in 2015, boasting he had more than his Indian counterpart Narenda Modi.

A polygamy trial in Canada tests the limits of conjugal freedom

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

Many of today’s hottest arguments about religious freedom involve idiosyncratic micro-communities which impose on themselves (and on their children) norms of life which the rest of society finds bizarre or worse.

Liberty of conscience and worship is in decline around the world

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

RUSSIA has been added to the list of egregious violators of religious freedom by an American agency that is mandated by law to monitor liberty of belief around the world, and denounce persecutors.

A shooting near an ancient monastery in Egypt highlights its amazing endurance

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

TODAY the monks of Mount Sinai devoted even longer than usual to their morning prayers, which always start in the middle of the Egyptian night and continue well beyond daybreak.

Pope Francis the communicator mixes the personal and the professional

2 months agoReligion : Erasmus

FOR anybody in the information business, Pope Francis would be a dream, and a nightmare, to work for. He is a natural communicator, whose openness and vulnerability somehow come across the airwaves.

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