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Parts of America that most resemble the future

The Census Bureau released estimates for demographic breakdowns for each county — in 2060. With these estimates as the baseline, Niraj Chokshi and Quoctrung Bui for The Upshot compared it… Tags: census, demographics, Upshot

When babies are born, the cycle

Movies would have you believe that birth is random and unpredictable. (And if you haven’t been part of the birth process, you’d be surprised by how slow it actually is.)… Tags: birth

Email Deletion Flowchart

We all get a lot of emails, and there’s a large subset of them that almost instantly end up in the archive or the trash bin. In the past year,… Tags: email

A thousand ways to draw a thing

Google released the Quick, Draw! dataset, so the closer looks at the collection of 100,000 sketches are coming in. This fun piece by Yannick Assogba uses principal components to arrange… Tags: Doodle, Google

A guide for using open data to combat corruption

Open Up: A Guide to Using Open Data to Combat Corruption is free for download. A broad understanding of corruption recognises that it is not just about isolated acts between… Tags: corruption, truth

Data Everywhere, Statisticians Anywhere

I had the honor to deliver the commencement speech at the UCLA Statistics graduation this past weekend. I’m going to put this here for posterity before my memory tucks it… Tags: commencement

Circle drawing as an indicator for culture

Thu-Huong Ha and Nikhil Sonnad for Quartz looked at the doodling dataset from Google, in search of cultural differences hidden in how we draw circles around the world. We used… Tags: circles, culture, Google, Quartz

Normal coffee

Nerd humor: Asked for a normal coffee ? — Matt Moores (@MooresMt) June 14, 2017 That barista deserves a tip.… Tags: humor

Looking for culture expression in 50 million doodles

Using Google’s Quick Draw dataset, a collection of 50 million drawings across 345 categories, Mauro Martino looked for visual differences and similarities across countries in how people doodle. The result… Tags: culture, drawing

Members Only: How to Make a Multi-line Step Chart in R

For the times your data represents immediate changes in value. Tags: R, step chart

Mappings for Choose Your Own Adventure books

Every now and then there’s a visual exploration of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It seems that each gets a bit more complex, so I appreciate the simplicity of… Tags: Choose Your Own Adventure

Moving ice

Ice in Antartica is in constant (very slow) motion, and as ocean waters warm, the flow of ice accelerates. The New York Times mapped the flows, showing where the ice… Tags: environment, glaciers, New York Times

The Warriors’ Championship Path

As expected, this time, the Golden State Warriors won the championship last night. Go Dubs.… Tags: basketball, sports, Warriors

Gun emoji usage analysis

Jane Solomon collected tweets that used the gun emoji, and looked at what emojis were used before and after as a way to see how people used the gun. It… Tags: emoji, guns

Politics of religious leaders

Kevin Quealy for The Upshot looks at political party registration of religious leaders, along with their demographics. Some groups like Reform Judaism and Fundamental Baptist are predictable, whereas others (most)… Tags: politics, religion

Members Only: Symbols-based Charts to Show Counts in R

Add visual weight by using individual items to show counts. Tags: R, symbols

Geocities map, a snapshot of an old web

Geocities was a place on the web you could create your own space of blinking lights and MIDI tunes. There were millions of spaces modeled after a city. Richard Vijgen… Tags: Geocities

Pollution popsicles

Students at the National Taiwan University of Arts made popsicles using sewage runoff to highlight pollution problems in their area. Then they replicated the popsicles and made stylish wrappers for… Tags: pollution, popsicles

R programming with Minecraft

The new R package miner is an interface to Minecraft via some simple R commands. The miner package provides just a few simple functions to manipulate the game world: find… Tags: Minecraft, R

How Histograms Work

The histogram is one of my favorite basic chart types, because it lets you quickly see the shape and distribution of a dataset. However, a lot of people don’t know… Tags: distributions, histogram

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