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Searchable budget proposal and the 10-year change

The administration released a budget proposal yesterday, which as you’d expect contains some big shifts. The New York Times calculated “the changes over 10 years, compared with projected spending under… Tags: budget, government

Medieval fantasy city generator

Game developer Oleg Dolya made a medieval fantasy city generator. Select the size you want, and get something like the above. “The generation method is rather arbitrary, the goal is… Tags: procedural

All of Mister Rogers’ cardigan colors

While watching a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood marathon, Owen Phillips for The Awl wondered about the colors of Mister Rogers’ cardigans over the years. So Phillips tallied the colors and plotted… Tags: color, Mister Rogers

Satellites from the ground

There is a 16-by-16 mile grid of big X’s in the Sonoran Desert that were used to calibrate spy satellites in the 1960s. They’re no longer in use, but Julie… Tags: satellites

Chernoff emoji

Lazaro Gamio for Axios used Chernoff Faces that look like emojis. This visualization is a modified version of Chernoff Faces, a technique that maps multiple statistical values to the features… Tags: Chernoff Faces, emoji

This is an American Workday, By Occupation

I simulated a day for employed Americans to see when and where they work. Tags: time use

Breathing Earth of vegetation

Using data from NOAA STAR, Nadieh Bremer creates a breathing Earth that shows the seasonal cycles of vegetation over the course of a year. The animation happening in the map… Tags: animation, environment, vegetation

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js

Ian Johnson provides some good direction for those looking to get their feet wet with d3.js. This guide is meant to prepare you mentally as well as give you some… Tags: d3js

Gerrymandering game shows you hot it works

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating boundaries in such a way that favors a political party. If you slice and group in various ways, you can end up with different… Tags: game, gerrymandering, government

Census Bureau budget cuts

The unexpected resignation of Census director John H. Thompson was likely related to the administration providing only half the requested budget for 2017. Mona Chalabi for The Guardian on why… Tags: Census Bureau

Census director resigns

The U.S. Census director John H. Thompson resigned and will leave June 30. Seems not good. And a horrible time for government data in general. The news, which surprised census… Tags: Census Bureau

Days Spent During All of Adulthood

This is what you get when you add up all the days the average American adult spends sleeping, eating, commuting, and doing other activities. Tags: time use

Life expectancy by state, against the US average

FiveThirtyEight continues their look at mortality by geography. This graphic by Anna Maria Barry-Jester compares life expectancy over time for each state. Purple means below average and orange means above.… Tags: FiveThirtyEight, mortality, small multiples

X-Ray of the oceans

Using satellite data and spatial models, researchers estimate human influence in the ocean. Darker means more impact. Two-thirds of the ocean shows increased strain from human-related factors, such as fishing… Tags: environment, ocean, pollution

Criticism vs. Creation

Filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about making things versus critiquing them. He’s talking about movies, but you can so easily plug in visualization. I just kept nodding yes. [via swissmiss]… Tags: criticism

Most popular colors used by most popular sites

Paul Hebert was curious about the colors used on the web’s larger sites, so he scraped the top ten ranked by Alexa. Then he plotted the colors in the stylesheets.… Tags: color

Shifting Incomes for Young People

Compare incomes for young people from the Millennial generation and the baby boomer generation. Tags: baby boomer, income, millennial

Same summary statistics, completely different plots

Summary statistics such as mean, median, and mode can only tell you so much about a dataset. Their scope is limited because for them to be useful, you have to… Tags: mean, median, summary

Sandwich alignment chart

By @matttomic, this chart speaks to me.… Tags: humor, sandwich

xkcd: Algorithms are hard

Yeah, but what if you combine and overlay all these datasets?… Tags: algorithm, xkcd

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