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Visual narrative of six asylum seekers

We often visualize migration and people movement as lines that go from point A to point B. While this can be interesting for overall trends, we lose something about the… Tags: asylum, migration

LEGO color scheme classifications

Nathanael Aff poked at LEGO brickset data with some text mining methods in search for recurring color schemes in LEGO sets. This is what he got.… Tags: color, Lego

Art piece uses wind energy to mine cryptocurrency and then fund climate research

HARVEST is an art piece by Julian Oliver that consists of a 4G-connected waterproof computer connected to a wind turbine. While it is powered by the wind, the computer mines… Tags: climate, crytocurrency

Semiotic, a visualization framework

Elijah Meeks released Semiotic into the wild. It’s a framework that allows quick charts but provides flexibility for custom stuff. Semiotic is a React-based data visualization framework. You can see… Tags: framework, React

Aviation tracker with depth

I’ve grown bored of maps that show commuter traffic, but for whatever reason, air traffic maps continue to seem interesting. Add this fun experiment by Jacob Wasilkowski to the list.… Tags: flights

[For Members] How I Made That: Searchable Time Series Chart

When there are too many options or categories, it can be helpful to make the data searchable.

Most Female and Male Occupations Since 1950

The shifting majorities of the sexes in the workplace. Tags: gender, work

Tour of Saturn through Cassini, the satellite that crashes on Friday

About two decades ago, the Cassini satellite headed towards Saturn and has been orbiting the planet for 13 years. The satellite is scheduled to crash into Saturn’s atmosphere on Friday… Tags: National Geographic, Saturn, space

Infographic design sins in meme form

Visual editor Xaquín G.V. recently used the distracted boyfriend meme to represent our attraction to novel visualization methods when a simple and visually sound method is right there at our… Tags: meme, sins

Most Female and Male Occupations, Since 1950

The shifting majorities of the sexes in the workplace. Tags: gender, work

Landsat satellite imagery browser

Downloading and viewing satellite imagery is a bit of a process. There are lot of images, and pictures aren’t taken in the exact same spot (because they’re taken from a… Tags: Esri, satellite

Comparing the strength of Hurricane Irma against previous hurricanes

For perspective, The New York Times compares the strength of Hurricane Irma to hurricanes from the past 50 years that reached Category 3. They transition through three views in the… Tags: hurricane, New York Times

Mortgages in terms of years of working life

Buying a house is often confusing and complex, compounded by a dollar sign followed by too many commas and zeros. So John Nelson broke it down to something more simple.… Tags: income, John Nelson, mortgage

Thirty years of hurricanes

After their graphic for thirty years of floods, Axios follows up with thirty years of Atlantic hurricanes. Each area represents the wind speed and time of a hurricane, and color… Tags: Axios, hurricane

Cost of Hurricane Harvey

Kevin Quealy for The Upshot charted the estimated cost of Hurricane Harvey, along with the cost of storms past, going back to 1980. I like the animated bands for the… Tags: hurricane, Upshot, weather

Everyday thresholds visualized in dramatic fashion

This is a fun one that’s weirdly suspenseful. Everyday thresholds, like the slow flip of a light switch towards the on position and stacking blocks until they fall over, are… Tags: humor, threshold

xkcd: Ensemble model

That xkcd is such a joker. Munroe should start a comic.… Tags: forecasting, humor, weather

Most frequent how-tos we search for

Xaquín G.V., in collaboration with the Google News Lab, investigated what people around the world searched for how to do. Starting with items in the household that need fixing, the… Tags: Google, search

Thirty years of floods

Based on data from the Dartmouth Flood Observatory, Lazaro Gamio for Axios mapped thirty years of a major flooding. The deeper the orange, the more extreme the flooding was.… Tags: Axios, flood

Using an audience’s own data to highlight both play and security

This is great. Daniel Goddemeyer and Dominikus Baur made Data Futures, which collects multiple choice answers from audience members and then allows the speaker to interact and visualize the results… Tags: audience, mobile, talk

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