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About Our Thru-Hike – Answering The Common Questions

To our friends and families that can’t wrap their heads around the thru-hiker lifestyle, we get it. We understand why you don’t understand. Unless you are a backpacker yourself, you might not know what kind of equipment is out there that makes it possible to live in the woods for months on end. Show More Summary

Reader’s Voice: When Did You Stop Listening to Your Excuses?

The following is a Sponsored Post brought to you by REI, proud supporters of those who opt to pursue their outdoor dreams. Head over to to learn more.  This Calls for a Dog I’m currently in the process of planning an adventure-filled solo vacation to Europe. Show More Summary

Simplified Resupply Strategy Spreadsheet

Less than 50 days before lift off  ?? Preparation plays an essential part in a thru-hike starting smoothly. Some preparation has proven to be fun and exciting; researching, purchasing and testing new gear, getting into top physical condition and making new connections with hikers  and sharing stories and experiences. Show More Summary

We’re Getting There..

What Is Left To Do?? I am being very patient… at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. There is still plenty to do. I have a bunch of things that are half way done/figured out, which are obviously all sorted and organized in their respective piles. Show More Summary

Week 25- Atkins to Troutdale, VA

I have been rescued from the trail by Chunky, one of the best trail angels I have met, at  the Quarter Way Inn Hostel.  I will finally kick the poison sumac, Gap and I will be reunited once more, my parents will come to visit, and Gap...Show More Summary

What it Takes to Hike Every Mile of Trail In New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Red-Lining: The Greatest Hiking Challenge You’ve Never Heard Of White Mountain National Forest is a legendary bastion of ruggedness. Appalachian Trail thru-hikers almost unanimously regard the 100-mile section through the Whites as the hardest part of their 2,200-mile trek. Show More Summary

Liz Is Going Stoveless. Here’s Why

The main topic that’s been on my mind while preparing for my big hike (other than gear) is food. I have decided to go stoveless, meaning I will be relying solely on cold food options while out in the woods. Not to worry, I should be able to grab a hot meal in town every few days. Show More Summary

Lessons from the Soft Rock Bottom

Somehow, I made the ridiculous assumption that I was a superwoman, without remembering that all heroes have some sort of incipient, trivial weakness. Mine is evidently tiny needles. The post Lessons from the Soft Rock Bottom appeared first on The Trek.

How to convince your body it can walk 2,000 miles

The summer before I started college my brother and I planned to hike Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. It was the first time we’d carried our own gear on a multiday trip (we’d done a couple of overnights before, but our mom had always slackpacked us) – my pack weighed in at 36 pounds at the start of the trip. Show More Summary

Pack Shakedown and Final Considerations

The Pack After packing, unpacking, repacking, walking through the woods, unpacking, and repacking once more; I think I finally have my pack ready to see the Appalachian Trail! I am currently sitting at a base weight of about 20lbs. My personal possessions for the next six months fit nicely in this 60L Granite Gear pack. Show More Summary

The Nuts and Bolts

I would be lying if I were to say that I was feeling no apprehension about by upcoming thru-hike. I am just over two weeks away from my start date. I have been battling a chest cold for four weeks now and finally have medication. This cold has knocked me off my planned course of preparation since I have not been able to exercise. Show More Summary

Post the People: Tips for Photographing People on Trail

Photography is my language. I’m a very visual person. It’s how I communicate; how I teach, how I learn, how I share. You know, I tried to keep a journal at the beginning of the trail. I can read what I wrote in my journal that first month or so and not feel a thing. Show More Summary

If we don’t start, we’re never going to win.

In my garage sits a 1970 Chevelle, my parents bought it for me at the age of 14. Everyone said it would go by in a flash, time that is, not the car. They saw my future in themselves but how could I have known to take it to heart. I’m turning 46 this year, been married for 23 years and raised 2 kids. Show More Summary

Fight Your Demons, Chase Your Dreams: An Introduction

Introduction Hi, I’m Fernando. How does one introduce themselves to a world of strangers without it being 90 percent crap? You know, the version of themselves they want the rest of the world to see. I will try my best to try to avoid...Show More Summary

Feeling Overwhelmed: My Search for Gear

That overwhelming feeling Saying you’re going to do something is easy, actually doing it is as difficult as you are willing to make it. The easiest thing to do, however, is to give up. There is a word I have found myself using over and over again when I had to describe how I was feeling: overwhelmed. Show More Summary

How my PCT preparation is going with 68 days to go

Hi world! This is my first blog on the Trek. And also my first blog ever!  I am jumping into the blogging world because I think it will be a cool and useful platform to keep track of and share my thru-hiking experience. So let the blogging begin… On April 28th this year I will be starting my PCT north bound thru-hike. Show More Summary

Experiencing Every Inch: Canada to Mexico on the PCT

The Home Stretch I wasn’t at my finest leaving Julian. There was a stitch in my side and saliva was turning to glue in my mouth. My feet were throbbing in shoes that had lost their cushioning long, long ago. Just goes to show that no matter how “good” you think you’ve gotten over the course of a trail, thru hiking is still a daily challenge. Show More Summary

Making Tracks to Mexico: A PCT SOBO’s Final Chapter

We’re going to Mexico! For some reason, arriving in Wrightwood flipped a switch for me. Mexico is right there, I started telling myself. Just don’t get hurt, and you’re there! I went about my errands in town in a nearly celebratory manner. Show More Summary

Our bags are packed. It’s Go Time!!

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…. Wait! I still have to unpack, double check gear, do I need this, did I forget that, repack, try on, adjust, and weigh…at least six more times. I’m standing here outside your door… Wait! I’m not quite ready yet I have to unpack and repack one more time. Show More Summary

Maine or No Maine: The List

One month. That’s 4 weeks. That’s 28 Days. Years of thinking and planning and preparing and talking (and, yes, obsessing) has now come down to a matter of days until OneFoot puts his two feet on the trail in Georgia. Seems a bit surreal to us. Show More Summary

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