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Dear PCT, Here I Come.

The PCT, the elephant in the room for most hikers on the west coast, of not the world. Take a journey with me onto the PCT and live vicariously through the highs and lows of the trek. So what are you waiting for? Jump on in! The post Dear PCT, Here I Come. appeared first on The Trek.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but fear will never stop me.

I start hiking in 100 days. The days seem to be slipping away and soon enough I will wake up and it will be March 22nd. I’ve mostly feel excitement about my thru-hike but, without a full-time job and with my gear research complete I have so much free- time that the fear has started to creep in. Show More Summary

Gear Lessons From a Hiker Who Never Learned Her Lesson

“The next time we’re in town, you’re getting a shakedown.” My concerned/exasperated hiking companions said this to me countless times throughout the spring and summer of 2017. At its heaviest, my pack would top out at around 42 lbs with a full re-supply. Show More Summary

Preparing for a Thru-Hike: Plan or Plan to Adapt?

The biggest difference between our preparation for the Appalachian Trail vs. the Pacific Crest Trail is the amount of planning. Before the A.T. I had planned out our daily mileage & each of our town visits. Within the first 3 days, our plan went down the drain. Show More Summary

PCT 2018: Cold Weather Gear Test (Suburban Style)

Cold Weather Challenge We have been fortunate to have some cold and clear weather here in Seattle, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to test out some of our cold weather gear.  The plan was simple: camp in the backyard as closely simulating camping in the Sierra as possible. Show More Summary

To Approach or Not to Approach: starting NOBO at Amicalola Falls

”Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” -Yoda to Anakin Skywalker Amicalola Falls.   The spiritual northbound start of the Appalachian Trail to some, the bane of the Trail’s existence to others.  The appetizer to a five star meal or the scourge of the Earth. Show More Summary

10 powerful wild edible plants and why they’re good for you

You’re lost in the wilderness. You ate your last cereal bar a while ago. You’re starting to feel hungry, well let’s call it what it is: you’re starving! You start to consider eating the first thing you could get your hands on, even wild edible plants! Okay, it looks like a pretty dramatic scenario. Show More Summary

Saying Goodbye to the AT (For now!)

Hello Trekkies! (I feel like I could call you guys that now, haha). Anyway last Saturday I stepped off the Appalachian Trail at mile 309 and started walking towards a town called Erwin, via a state highway. The hostel I’d intended to stay at that night was closed for the season, so I was left without a place to stay or a ride. Show More Summary

The Mental Journey to Now

An update from Vulture. :) The post The Mental Journey to Now appeared first on The Trek.

Hiding in the Woods

In my first Trek post, I included among my list of reasons to hike: “I am terrified of the world right now and want to escape from it.” “I am terrified of the world right now and want to gain strength to face it.” I think it’s time for...Show More Summary

Going Minimal: Preparing for the End

I love having only the bare essentials. One of the aspects of hiking I most enjoy, and am greatly looking forward to, is the minimalism. I love having only the bare essentials. There is something incredibly freeing about being able to pick up and go anywhere knowing that you have everything you need to face life. Show More Summary

What is a Thru-Hike?

For all the years I fantasized about one day hiking the trail, there was only one way. In my mind, thru hiking has always been starting at Springer Mountain and heading north, one foot in front of the other, all the way to Maine. Things have gotten a bit more complicated as I explore the many thru hiking options. Show More Summary

AT 10: Rocksylvania Isn’t So Rocky After All

Don’t forget to check the end of this update for spectacular photos and another compilation video! Rocksylvania What can I say. The entire time I have been on the Appalachian Trail, a little over 8 months at this point in time, I have feared the moment I would enter Pennsylvania. Show More Summary

Chasing the Dream on the AT in 2018

Franconia Ridge, New Hampshire is one of my most favorite places in the United States.  The first time I saw this I actually cried.  I am so amazed that there are places like this that I am able to walk on.  Even more amazing is that...Show More Summary

Groot is on the loose! The reason for Groot on the AT

Seasons greetings to my fellow hikers,  hope the holidays are treating you and yours well!   The following is the reason I’m toting an 8 ounce Groot action figure on the AT in 2018 (other than him being so frigging adorable): So,  imagine if you will,  that you’ve decided to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. Show More Summary

Fill The Food Bag: Trail Recipes You Won’t Get Sick Of

So, you’ve decided to thru-hike a long-distance trail. Fantastic idea! Have you put any thought into what you’re going to eat for all those miles? The first decision you need to make is your resupply strategy: are you going to shop as...Show More Summary

If I don’t post about my thru hike on social media, did it even happen?

Social media and I have a love/hate relationship. I literally joined Facebook and Instagram THIS year. Let that sink in. I went over 30 years without having an online social media presence. I am a shy, dorky introvert who didn’t want her weirdness on display. Show More Summary

Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Lessons Learned Alone in the Grand Canyon

As a child, I had a picture book chronicling the adventures of Donald Duck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, on a camping trip in the woods.  The details have gotten fuzzy in the 25 years since I last read it, but I remember...Show More Summary

All In A Day’s (Trail) Work: A Day In the Life of a Trail Worker

Some days are easier than others as a trail worker. Like thru-hiking, there will be good days and bad days. But somewhere in the middle are days of sweaty, dusty, and sometimes frustrating work. I’d like to give you a joyous little run-down...Show More Summary

10 Things People Say to You as a Solo Woman Thru-Hiker

Gender stereotypes and expectations are still rampant in the world, including the outdoors that we dirtbags like to think of as so pure. As a woman, people will treat you differently simply because of your gender. Here are ten things you can expect to be asked as a woman solo thru-hiker. The post 10 Things People Say to You as a Solo Woman Thru-Hiker appeared first on The Trek.

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