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Korean DMZ: A Rare Look Inside the 'Scariest Place on Earth'

Just 40 miles north of Pyeongchang lies one the world's most dangerous places—and it's also home to an astonishing breadth of wildlife.

Photos: Meet the World's Most Hardcore LARPers

This is what it looks like to take Live Action Role Playing to the next level.

Space Photos of the Week: The Curiosity Rover Snaps a Selfie on Mars

The Mars rover is driving along the Vera Rubin ridge, a slope rich in clay minerals that require water to form.

Intimate Glimpses of Ordinary Life in Iran

A photographer goes beyond the headlines to capture day-to-day life in the ever-opening country.

The Tortured Deep-Focus Faces of Tournament Chess Players

Spanish photographer David Lloda travels the world shooting tournaments.

Space Photos of the Week: You Just Try to Snap a Pic at 100,000 MPH

When NASA's Juno spacecraft whizzes by Jupiter's poles, it manages to snap clear photos at astounding speeds.

Space Photos of the Week: Home Is Where the Supermassive Black Hole Is

At the heart of our own Milky Way galaxy is a big, black hole—and NASA just snapped a photo of it.

Space Photos of the Week: Juno Snatches a Shot of Jupiter's Swirling Storms

Every time Juno swoops down, it comes within one Earth diameter of Jupiter—and the photos are worth the risk.

These Abandoned Theme Parks Are Guaranteed To Make You Nostalgic

Photographer Seph Lawless traveled the world to capture images of childhood paradises lost.

Best WIRED Photo Stories of 2017: Fake Mountains, Space Selfies, and More

WIRED Photo featured some amazing places and people this year. These were the best of the best.

Space Photos of the Week: When Billions of Worlds Collide

Galaxy NGC 5256 contains two merging galaxies. In between the two is a supermassive black hole that’s quickly sucking up material from the impact.

The Ominous Skyline of a James Bond Villain's Real-Life Lair

"Battleship Island," as it's known, has a tale almost dramatic as the plot of 'Skyfall.'

Space Photos of the Week: Where Stars Go to Live and Die

The universe is full of nurseries incubating new stars—and when they finally explode, their remnants tell scientists about their stellar lives.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Swoops In to Give Jupiter Its Close Up

These mesmerizing blue and white swirls are giant cyclones and storms that roar in the gas giant’s upper atmosphere.

Inside the Magically Mundane Lab of a Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist

Ben Feringa is a pioneer in nanotechnology, and this is his world.

The Fake Space Agency Searching for Life on Mars' Nonexistent Third Moon

Nicolas Polli's photographic archive tells the story of a remarkable space mission that never happened.

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