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1868: Charles Martin and Charles Morgan lynched in Cheyenne, Dakota Territory

20 hours agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this date in 1868, Charles Martin and Charles Morgan were both lynched for unrelated crimes in the nine-month-old city of Cheyenne. Cheyenne was still part of the Dakota Territory at the time; later that year, it became part of the new […]

1549: Thomas Seymour, Baron of Sudeley

Having been elevated to the shadow of the throne by one sibling, Thomas Seymour on this date in 1549 was seen to the block by another sibling. The brother of Henry VIII’s favorite queen, Jane Seymour, our Thomas was when that burly king kicked the bucket beautifully positioned for a share of power, being named […]

1663: Alexander Kennedy, forger of false bonds and writts

2 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1663, Alexander Kennedy was hanged at the Cross of Edinburgh for forging false bonds and writs, whose particulars we discover in The Records of the Proceedings of the Justiciary Court, Edinburgh, 1661-1678. Edinbr. 24 feb. 1663. Deput Cuningham pt. Alexander Kennedy, sometimetime Porter in the Castle of Edr., now prisoner, dilated […]

1766: Nicholas Sheehy, Whiteboys priest

2 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1766, Irish priest Nicholas Sheehy was hanged, drawn, and quartered in Clonmel — a victim to the years-long campaign of enclosures by Ireland’s landlords, whom English agriculturist Arthur Young reported as “harpies who squeezed out the very vitals of the people and by process, extortion, and sequestration dragged from them the […]

1901: George Parker, drunk marine

3 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

From John Sadden’s Portsmouth Book of Days (via): Elizabeth Rowland, of Prince Albert Street, Eastney, Portsmouth, received this letter [on January 19, 1901] from 22-year-old George Hill [George Parker], whom she had been seeing while her soldier husband was serving in India. Hill was a marine at Eastney Barracks until he was convicted of stealing […]

1915: Wenseslao Moguel, “El Fusilado”, survives the firing squad

3 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1915, Wenseslao Moguel, a soldier of Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution, was captured and immediately stood in front of a firing squad. Miraculously, Moguel survived their volley, and even survived the coup de grace shot to the head afterwards delivered by the squad’s commander. Although badly disfigured, he managed to […]

1830: Robert Emond

3 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

(Thanks to Meaghan Good of the Charley Project for the guest post. -ed.) On this day in 1830, at Libberton’s Wynd in Edinburgh, Scotland, Robert Emond or Edmond was hanged for the brutal murders of his sister-in-law, Catherine Franks, a fifty-year-old widow, and her teenage daughter, Magdalene. They had lived in a village called Abbey, […]

1841: The Jewboy’s Gang

3 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1841, Australian bushranger Edward “Teddy the Jewboy” Davis was hanged in Sydney along with five others of his gang. The reader may guess the chief’s distinguishing demographic characteristic, and some lists mark him the only Jewish bushranger. He’d been transported from England in 1833 at the age of about 16, for […]

1964: Jack Ruby condemned

3 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1964, Dallas nightclub owner Jacob Rubenstein — notorious to history as Jack Ruby — was condemned to the electric chair for the dramatic live-televised murder of accused John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, captured by snapping shutters in one of the 20th century’s indelible images. Ruby would never sit on […]

1943: Leen Kullman, Soviet hero

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

Soviet spy Helene (“Leen”) Kullman was shot by the Germans on this date in 1943 … or was she? Kullman (English Wikipedia entry | the much more detailed Estonian) was just out of teaching school when the Germans occupied Estonia. She joined the Red Army and was eventually trained as an intelligence agent, infiltrated by […]

1291: Sa’ad al-Dawla, grand vizier

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1291, Sa’ad al-Dawla, a Jewish physician become grand vizier, was put to summary death as his patron and protector Arghun Khan lay expiring on his deathbed. The story has it that Sa’ad won the khan’s confidence by a successful medical consult, and then told the big guy all about the corruption […]

1957: Larbi Ben M’Hidi, in the Battle of Algiers

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1957, Algerian revolutionari Larbi Ben M’Hidi — more familiarly referred to as Si Larbi or Ben M’Hidi — was extrajudicially executed in French custody. He was one of the founders of the militant nationalist National Liberation Front (FLN) and was a critical commander in the guerrilla war against French occupation, the […]

1882: Dead Shot, Dandy Jim and Skippy, mutinous Apache scouts

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1882, the U.S. Army hanged three White Mountain Apache scouts as mutineers. This small tragedy in the long-running Apache Wars of the American Southwest had its seeds in the 1870s, when the Army forced onto the San Carlos reservation several bands of Apache peoples, including the Chiricahua, Yavapai, and the Western […]

1423: William Taylor, Lollard

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1423 the Lollard theologian William Taylor was burned at Smithfield. We have only fleeting glimpses of this excommunicate priest but the Oxford master made a scintillating entrance to the historical record by preaching a Wycliffite sermon for Advent of 1406 — which stirred a hornet’s nest and saw him excommunicated by […]

1888: Oscar Beckwith, the Austerlitz Murderer

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1888, the “Austerlitz Murderer” — not a Napoleonic figure but an irascible septuagenarian woodsman — hanged in New York. Oscar Beckwith’s crime, explains the New York Herald of Jan. 18, anticipating the sixth issuance of his sentence for this crime, was the killing of Simon A. Vandercook at Austerlitz, Columbia county, […]

1525: Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

Although the primary accounts — those by conquistadors Hernán Cortés and Bernal Díaz del Castillo, and historian Francisco Lopez de Gomara — did not explicitly record the date, February 28 is the traditionally recognized anniversary of the execution of the last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtémoc. A monument to Cuauhtemoc in Mexico City. (Author’s photo; public domain) […]

Feast Day of Saint Honorina

2 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

February 27 is honored to be the feast date of Saint Honorina, patron of boatmen (a field of metaphorical import to this site) as well as liberated prisoners (which is more literal import). She’s a standard issue we-don’t-know-much-about-her Diocletian martyr, locally revered in Normandy where she was executed by the pagans and pitched into the […]

1838: William Moore, thirsty for blood

3 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1838, William Moore hanged at High Street, Maitland, New South Wales, a mere 25 days after slaughtering his master. Australian convicts were commonly assigned to work for the free population — as Moore was to a butcher named John Hoskins/Hosking. Pissed that Hosking had reported him absent to the police when […]

1930: Luigi Versiglia and Callistus Caravario, missionary martyrs

3 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

From Butler’s Lives of the Saints: February: Bishop Versaglia (left) and Father Caravario. BB Aloysius Versaglia, Bishop and Martyr (1873-1930), and Callistus Caravario, Martyr (1903-1930) These two martyrs in China are the first two martyrs of the Salesians of Don Bosco (St. John Bosco; 31 Jan.). They belong to a later period than the Martyrs […]

1799: Andrea Serrao, Bishop of Potenza

3 weeks agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

On this date in 1799, the Bishop of Potenza was lynched by the faithful. Andrea Serrao English Wikipedia entry | Italian) was a late disciple of the reformist Jansenist movement which tended among many other things to such Enlightenment-friendly notions as liberty of conscience, the reduction of the papal authority, and “regalism” — the doctrine […]

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