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It Was a Universe-Shaking Announcement. But What Is a Neutron Star Anyway?

Here are answers to some questions you might have about the discovery that was announced on Monday.

Detecting a Kilonova Explosion

For the first time, astronomers have seen and heard a pair of neutron stars collide in a crucible of cosmic alchemy.

When Soviets Launched Sputnik, C.I.A. Was Not Surprised

Declassified documents show that intelligence officers, and President Eisenhower, knew that the Soviet Union was close to launching a man-made satellite.

Space Council Chooses the Moon as Trump Administration Priority

Vice President Mike Pence accused the Obama administration of neglecting the space program, while others saw an ongoing renaissance.

3-D Printing for Space Exploration

Branch Technology is developing a 3-D printing process that can build structures on Mars. Step into their Tennessee workspace in 360 degrees.

Trilobites: Rosetta’s Lost Picture From Moments Before It Struck a Comet

One year after the spacecraft dived into Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, it gave scientists a gift from beyond the grave.

New Gravitational Wave Detection From Colliding Black Holes

Virgo, a new detector for gravitational waves, joined the L-shaped antennas seeking space-time reverberations from colliding black holes.

Elon Musk Set to Update His Plans for Colonizing Mars

Mr. Musk is likely to describe a scaled down rocket and a more plausible business plan for getting people to Mars.

215 Million Americans Watched the Solar Eclipse, Study Finds

It was bigger than the Super Bowl. Many more watched it in person or electronically than voted last year.

Trilobites: A Deep Blue Vision of Earth From an Asteroid Hunter

As it slingshotted past Earth at 19,000 miles per hour on Friday, NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft made a composite portrait of the planet.

NASA’s Osiris-Rex Spacecraft Is Headed for a Flyby With Earth

The spacecraft will make a flyby of Earth on Friday, using the planet’s gravity to steer it toward Bennu, an asteroid it will visit next year.

Trilobites: Sputnik for Sale, if You’ll Settle for a Beeping Replica

Just ahead of the 60th anniversary of the first Earth launch of a satellite, an auction house will take bids on a replica of the shiny Soviet spacecraft.

Trilobites: Three Planets Will Slide Behind the Moon in an Occultation

The moon will momentarily block Venus, then Mars and then Mercury, offering a vivid reminder of the cosmic clockwork in our solar system.

Back to Saturn? Five Missions Proposed to Follow Cassini

Although NASA does not have yet a follow-up mission to Saturn on its schedule, scientists are dreaming up ideas for one.

Cassini Is Gone. Here Are the Next Space Missions to Watch Out For.

Now that Cassini has gone out in a blaze of glory, here's our guide to cosmic missions over the next decade that you should get excited about now.

Cassini’s Grand Finale at Saturn: What to Expect

Flying at 76,000 miles per hour into Saturn’s atmosphere, Cassini will be vaporized in minutes. This is exactly as NASA planned it.

Feature: What Could We Lose if a NASA Mission Goes Dark?

Researchers are racing to replace the pioneering Grace satellites, which are threatened by both dying batteries and Trump-era budget cuts.

Shades of Noir: My Hunt for an Eclipse Glasses Villain

As the first reports of eclipse eye damage emerge, a reporter attempts to get to the bottom of the shady shades fiasco.

Out There: Cassini Flies Toward a Fiery Death on Saturn

Launched in 1997, the Cassini-Huygens mission has reshaped scientific understanding of the solar system’s most exotic planet and its mysterious moons.

Cassini Burns Into Saturn

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will plunge into Saturn on September 15, incinerating itself after 20 years in space.

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