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A "Decrease" in the Increase

Here we go again with the word games: There was one more murder in Chicago in April than the same month last year.Sunday, the Chicago Police Department released the overall crime statistics for April 2016. Overall for the month, there were 36 murders, 253 shootings and 311 shooting victims.That’s a 3 percent increase in murders from April 2015. Show More Summary

Assphincter Says What Now?

An article in the Tribune tells of a new technology initiative that will make Chicago the most wired-in city in North America: Come late June, city electricians are expected to start strapping beehive-shaped sensor boxes to municipal...Show More Summary

Those Files are Still Around

All those disciplinary files that aren't supposed to exist? They got a stay of execution: The federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department has slowed a push by police unions to destroy decades of disciplinary files on officers,...Show More Summary

Call Someone.....Please

Another day, and we hear of another suicide.We post this every so often and we'll post it again. Boys and girls, if you are so far down that dark and disturbing path that you can't see any direction, exit, sunlight, call EAP (Employee Assistance Program).They do good work - we've seen it first hand for a few coppers in trouble. Show More Summary

Nice Timing

When confronted by a scandal, watch the rats flee: There's a fax message released today announcing the cake and coffee retirement reception for Gene Williams. Good riddance, Gene, and may your legacy be that of a stupid and incompetent cheater. Show More Summary

Rumor II Gets Addressed

We should post rumors more often : The former president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police has obtained a $100,000 legal settlement from the state FOP in a lawsuit he filed accusing the union of removing him from office in retaliation...Show More Summary

Sneed Plays Catch-Up....Again

Someone posted about this on 22 April......oh yeah, our readers. We spread the word on 23 April. Sneed catches up a week later: Sneed hears a recent recall of cop ammunition is causing concern amongst the Chicago Police Department rank...Show More Summary

Investigation Update

Anyone else find this ""interesting"?The media, which has been howling for weeks/months now about how the Department is "out of control," "racist," or "fetal," and will spend hours of coverage about this, yet not a peep about how a completely...Show More Summary


Trigger warning! The below article contains words that might trigger "boo hoo" feelings in those with thin skin: A DePaul University student was brutally attacked for her iPhone on a CTA Blue Line train on Thursday, and she said witnesses...Show More Summary

Rumor I is Addressed

From the comments: It's all true. P.O.'s to be replaced by civilians on the desk and other administrative duties in the station. Commanders will be allowed to retain a P.O. secretary and one other P.O. in the office. Audits will be forthcoming and Inspectors will be monitoring administrative personnel in districts to ensure no one is hiding. Show More Summary

Bad Luck....Or Good Luck

Don't play the lottery Officer - you've used up a lot of luck : A suspect fleeing police tried to throw his gun onto a roof, but it hit a wall instead and went off, hitting an officer in the shoulder, prosecutors said Thursday.The officer's...Show More Summary

Rumors III

Seriously? Actually, this could work...for a little while at least.

Rumors II

This one has been popping up for months. Now a resolution to part of it? Speaking of ninnies.... while we are getting our collective asses handed to us by the media and Rahmbo has his bus parked on our heads. Nothing to see here... FOP State Lodge has agreed to pay Shields $100,000 to get out from under his lawsuit. Show More Summary

Rumors I

From the comment section: So, I'm not sure if anyone else's district has had this yet, but we were surprised yesterday by the sudden arrival of a civilian employee working behind the district desk without fore warning, handing out radios, being trained on AIRA, having I-clear access, not to mention the equipment, old shotguns, rifles. Show More Summary

Redefining "Use of Force"

We had a bunch of fun with the term "deescalating" earlier this year. It gave rise to the "De-Escalante" nickname foisted upon the interim Supernintendo.Then we heard Eddie "Never saw nuthin" Johnson praising the officer who used a Taser to take a police shooter into custody. Show More Summary

More Political Correctness

Never to be actually called by their proper name : In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75Show More Summary

Ramsey's Parting Thought

Back to retirement: Three months ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended the $350-an-hour fee he had agreed to pay Charles Ramsey to help guide the Chicago Police Department through a federal civil rights investigation triggered by the police shooting of Laquan McDonald.The Justice Department investigation is expected to drag on deep into 2017. Show More Summary


Just before the summer rush. Eighty-eight sergeants.Thirteen Lieutenants.And how many from IAD this time?

Please Identify

If you know any of the parties involved, please contact Eddie Johnson immediately so he can strip and suspend them ASAP: 311 will direct your call to his office or voicemail.

Police Like a Samurai

Since they don't want us actually using guns, why not this? A newly translated 19th-century book, written by samurai, describes martial arts techniques designed to help police officers of the time. The highly guarded practices included...Show More Summary

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