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HQ Infestation

The Public Safety Building is the subject of an anonymous OSHA complaint because otherwise, the City won't do a thing about it: State authorities are investigating a bed bug infestation at Chicago Police Headquarters.[...]This year officers kept personal belongings in Ziplock bags, desk crevices were taped to trap bedbugs. Show More Summary

Special Ed Surrenders

We've seen all sorts of bosses come and go. Some were less competent than others. Some tried to do good. Some were complete train wrecks. Special Ed is in a class all by himself - and not in a good way: Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson...Show More Summary

COPA Update

This is what Fairley is recruiting over at COPA : Q: Who, or what, most impacts how you do your job?A: Like many agencies, IPRA was constrained by many things: laws, fiscal appropriations, etc. But perhaps the least recognized yet most impactful factor is the police union’s collective bargaining agreement. Show More Summary

What Could Possibly Happen?

Great security you got there : Clean drinking water is essential for our health, so when a man with a foreign passport is discovered trespassing in a protected Chicago water plant, the FBI and Homeland security are alerted. Authorities...Show More Summary

So What About the DOJ?

The playing field has changed. Abruptly. Severely.Trump is decidedly pro-police. He's probably more than able to look beyond the heated rhetoric of the soon-to-be-history Administration and see that the agenda driven narrative is full of falsehoods. Show More Summary

Classy Move by President-Elect

This is a nice change - and he hasn't even taken office: Kind of feels like....hope and change....of a better sort.

More Shots Fired

Did this one make the news anywhere? No mention of the off duty officer who exchanged gunshots with three gangbangers in 17th district that were tagging a garage. No one was hit and all three offenders were caught and the gun was recovered by the 19th district burglary team, tact LT,SGT and a PO from second watch in 19. Show More Summary

You Voted Trump?

Trump supporters are the dangerous ones, right? The Chicago media is actually covering this, too. Sun Times Tribune Assorted television stations have it. We suppose they're going to blame the Trump supporter the same way they blamed Trump supporters for getting in the way of protestors' fists at UIC during the aborted Trump rally.

Protests Where?

Well, according to Breitbart : Several anti-Donald Trump protests emerged in New York, DC, Chicago, California, Boston, Seattle, and other major cities Wednesday night, with demonstrators blocking and cutting off traffic among calls of “Not my president!” Okay. Show More Summary

Ed Wears Out His Welcome

Letting the personal intrude on the professional side of things: OT-Kulbida was allegedly "really pissed off" yesterday and ordered the 2nd watch WOL to call everybody in off the street with Parker, ANOV and mover books in hand. He wants...Show More Summary

Cook County Elections

The corruption runs deep : A law clerk who faces charges of impersonating a judge has been elected as a judge in the Chicago area even though she’s been barred from taking the office. Rhonda Crawford had been expected to win Tuesday’s election over a write-in opponent, as she was the only name listed on the ballot. Show More Summary


....guns don't prevent crime : An 18-year-old man attempting to rob a store Wednesday evening in the South Side Gresham neighborhood was shot by the clerk, according to Chicago Police.The would-be robber was shot multiple times by the clerk at 7:56 p.m. Show More Summary


Two immediate thoughts come to mind after the elections: Obama's "Pardon List" just got a lot looooooooonger Rahm ain't going anywhere until we vote him out Let's start working on that second one.

Three a Day?

08 November.28 homicides (per's 3.5 killings per day.When we said it looked like the pace of homicides was increasing, we were being our normal sarcastic self seeing as how the weather was warn and the number of shootings seemed high for a November.Turns out, the numbers are looking high for a July.

Safety Alert

Issued earlier: We'll see if the media picks up on this - we're betting "No."

Another Retirement Seminar

The first one filled up very quickly. So quickly, the people running it have scheduled an additional one. Here's the flyer: You can register at this link here.

More Shots Fired at Police

Sunday night : Two suspects are in custody after gunmen shot at people on an Uptown street and then fired on police officers who pursued them Sunday evening. No one was injured.Officers on foot patrol near Truman College reported hearing three shots at 7:42 p.m., police said. Show More Summary

Rahm the Pandering Fuck

What a tool this jagoff is : Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday condemned demonstrators for "ethnically tinged language" surrounding the controversial fatal shooting by Chicago police officers of a black man in the predominantly white Mount Greenwood neighborhood.[...]Show More Summary

SeeBS Media Trolling

Forwarded to us via a social media user: Please read !!!. As I came home from work about 9:30 am this morning and went in the back to open the gate to the back yard to park my car, two men jumped out of the car, one holding a camera, the other with a microphone and a piece of paper in his hand. Show More Summary

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