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Elderly Casualty

At least she wasn't shot : A 37-year- man and an 84-year-old woman were injured in shootings Saturday on the West Side, Chicago police said. Police released updated information after initially saying an 84-year-old woman was shot inShow More Summary

Can't Hire? Why Not?

It's almost like no one wants to be the police : This year’s city budget is going to be even more interesting than usual, Ald. Tom Tunney [44th] predicted last week.And it isn’t just a matter of dollars and cents this time around, he said.Speaking at an Oct. Show More Summary

Still a Secret

The lengths clout will go to in order to protect corruption : Will Chicagoans ever find out what then-Mayor Richard M. Daley knew about the Chicago Police investigation that enabled his nephew to escape criminal charges in a homicide...Show More Summary

Are You Ready?

Mad Max coming to town: Any word if Tact Teams have been assigned?Days off cancelled?Overtime approved by Ferguson?Does this fall under Treason or Sedition?

$44 Million

Another blockbuster verdict that was the direct result of a clouted individual hiding in the system that protected him over and over again: A federal jury awarded a Morgan Park man a record-breaking $44.7 million Thursday after finding...Show More Summary

Did You Feel Something?

Whoops : Two Chicago police officers are in critical condition after crashing into a construction barrier on the city's South Side.The crash happened just after 4 a.m. Thursday at a construction site at 83rd and Woodlawn.The police SUV...Show More Summary

Aldercreatures Jump In

Ferguson taking heat from "Ed" was amusing.Ferguson taking heat from the aldercreatures is obviously a set up - and he stumbled right in : In a racially charged attack, Inspector General Joe Ferguson on Wednesday came under intense fire...Show More Summary

Ride That Camel

The 002 District CAPS office deleted the camel-riding video.This survived the purge however: Yes, that's the Commander of 002.We're thinking we have a contender for the Burger Queen crown.

No Furlough Adjustments?

It seems the Order and Calendar came out yesterday and no percentage adjustments were noted.Can anyone verify or disprove the comments that say Furlough percentages are included in the Contract? We're pretty sure they aren't, but we're in no position to check for a couple of days due to circumstances beyond our control. Show More Summary

Furlough Adjustment

So the Department is cutting back on summer furloughs? OT- Annual watch furlough order is usually issued by now but delay is because: Furlough picks will be 8.75% (1,2,3,4,5,11,12 and 13th periods) and 6% (6,7,8,9,10). Under these percentages, a lot of people who had summer furloughs aren't getting them any more. This will be sure to raise morale!

The Future?

Suggested many times before if the Department actually wanted experienced help: The retirees who contributed to the Dallas Police Department's staffing shortage may soon help plug the hole they left behind.The department is looking to...Show More Summary

Bring Me Numbers!

The same names keep cropping up: The commander of 025 dumped the cops off of 2535 because they didn't have ISRs. Nevermind that they lead the watch in arrests on afternoons! Not so much because they were go getters, but because thatShow More Summary

Hey Dumb-Dumb

The tone-deafness of someone who "works" at HQ: You're "feeling bummed"? Are you soft? Posting that on Facebook? Why would you possibly be "bummed" working inside? Oh, the early ducks, half days, long lunches, duty availability, uniform...Show More Summary

Cat Fight!

Someone wrote a "Special EDitorial" reply to Joe Ferguson's screed in the Slum Times the other day and stuck Special Ed's name on it. The person who wrote it calls out Ferguson for his reticence in calling out gang violence until itShow More Summary

Another Great Idea

Hammer the tourists in town for a weekend : Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to go after more cars parked illegally on weekends in busy areas of the city as part of his 2018 budget.Emanuel’s financial team told aldermen Monday they would expand...Show More Summary


How many will show up? Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Sunday that 14,020 people have applied to become Chicago Police officers.The Chicago Police Department will give an exam in December, the second one this year and the fourth in six years. Show More Summary

What's Up in 002?

The Quarterly Supervisor Bids came out this past weekend and 002 posted seven sergeant openings.There are only twelve Sergeant bids per District, so for there to be seven openings at one go in a quarter is kind of odd. From past experience,...Show More Summary

Four Years for Murder?

The Greektown shooting the other day continues to pop up in our comments and e-mail: OT: Hey SCC, if you get a chance look at the background of two of the offenders involved in the Greek Town shooting. Both are on parole for Murder, both charged in 2008 and eventually convicted. Show More Summary

Airport News

This one has been percolating for a while. It's popping up again and this time, some of hte details are being fleshed out: Looks like McCarthys run for Mayor has paid off for him, the chatter from City Hall is McCarthy/Simon will finally...Show More Summary

Cell Phone Tax

We had been misinformed as to the tax - it isn't $4 per call, but the correct info isn't any prettier either : For every cellphone registered to a Chicago address and every Chicago landline, the city will tack on a $5 per month charge — up from the current charge of $3.90 per month.[...]Show More Summary

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