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Exercise Motivation, The Weird Way

image: flikr Do you look forward to a strenuous workout?If so, congratulations! But the rest of what follows may seem like incomprehensible gibberish to you. If you don't need to twist your brain into pretzel-like configurations in order to motivate yourself to exercise: you are free to resume websurfing. Show More Summary

High Heels: WTF, Ladies?

image: maxpixel By Crabby McSlacker There are some ways in which I definitely have a girl brain, not a boy brain. But in other ways, I am a dude. I sometimes find my own gender to be an alien species, incomprehensible in its motivations and reasoning and habits. Show More Summary

Your First Colonoscopy! What to Expect

Whee! Time for a Tube Up Your Tuchus! image: wikimedia commons By Crabby McSlackerSo, some perspective here: for people with serious illnesses who've been through hardcore, painful, debilitating, invasive medical procedures? A colonoscopy is probably child's play. Show More Summary

Should You Get a Tattoo? The Great Tattoo Experiment

By Crabby McSlackerYou don't generally "experiment" with getting a tattoo. That's what makes getting one such a badass thing to do. Whether you're rational and level-headed when that needle hits your arm, or whether you're insensibly...Show More Summary

Is Winter Actually the BEST Time to Train Outdoors?

Guest Post by Lisa Green with Intro by Crabby McSlackerYou see the happy face of the winter exerciser pictured above? That's your first clue Crabby McSlacker didn't write this post. She is a cowardly snowbird who flees to warmer climates when it gets cold. Show More Summary

The Snowbird Lifestyle: Healthy Anti-Aging Solution or Horrifying Misadventure?

photo: wikimedia By Crabby McSlackerSo what's a snowbird? (Besides, apparently, a ski resort in Utah?)I'll offer one definition of a snowbird: a species of silver-crested North American, usually of advancing years, that migrates annually for the winter from colder northern climates to warmer southern ones. Show More Summary

Pono Board Review (and Discount)

By Crabby McSlacker What exactly is a Pono Board? Do you surf on it? Fling it? Predict the future by letting ancient Hawaiian spirits telepathically move aqua-colored balls around on its sleek wooden surface until your destiny is revealed?Nope, it's none of these things. Show More Summary

Can Recreational Marijuana Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

image: vintagestock By Crabby McSlackerMore states may be legalizing cannabis, but recreational use is still considered pretty controversial.Getting "high" on purpose, not as a side effect of medicinal use? Many people see that as wicked or sinful. Show More Summary

Flotation Tanks: Should You Give One a Try?

photo: wikipedia By Crabby McSlacker So recently I spent an hour in a flotation tank. Or, as they're also known, an isolation tank, or sensory deprivation tank. Given the current state of the world, we could all use some sort of complete...Show More Summary

Extremely Brief Q & A

image: flickr By Crabby McSlacker Q: There has been no blog post at Cranky Fitness this week, does this mean Crabby has wandered away again? A: No! There will be a new post on Monday. Crabby is just slow that way. Q: Why is this even...Show More Summary

Resistance Training: Some Helpful Resources

image: pixabay By Crabby McSlackerSo yeah, wary Cranky Fitness readers may be wondering, which kind of "resistance" are we talking about here?The kind that has you flexing your quads and glutes and lats and pecs? Or the kind that has...Show More Summary

What's the Catch? Barramundi: Go Buy Some Damnit

image source here By Crabby McSlackerTired of long-ass blog posts that take forever to get to the point? Well hey, it's a new year, and mixing things up is good, so I thought I'd try something different for a change: succinctness!SoShow More Summary

Keeping Healthy New Year's Resolutions: Five Tips!

image found here, where you can actually purchase them. By Crabby McSlackerOkay, first some reassurance: that's a visual pun up there, not a how-to photo. I'm not suggesting you sever any fingertips in order to make your New Year's resolutions easier to keep. Show More Summary

Appreciating the Holidays during the Shittiest Year Ever

By Crabby McSlacker So the holiday season has arrived, and traditionally this is a time for joy and togetherness. Yet for many of us, this year hardly seems time for celebration.And I know, this is a health blog, not a political blog. Show More Summary

Healthy Holiday Gifts: Some Thoughts. Because What the Hell.

Portable music players: always a classic! photo: xray delta one By Crabby McSlacker Holy guacamole, it's been a long time since I've posted on this blog. I kinda thought I might be done forever.But here I am again! I'm not entirely sure why, it just felt like time to reconnect. Show More Summary

And We're Back! Maybe?

photo: An-e In response to the thousands... er, hundreds... or, ok three emails I received wondering where the hell Cranky Fitness had gone, I thought I'd attempt a brief update. This is also a test post to see if hitting "publish" will...Show More Summary

When Exercise Plans Go Awry: The Ball's in Your Court

By Crabby McSlackerHi y'all!Yep, as you can tell by my accent, I'm still in Texas. Our place in Provincetown Massachusetts is still undergoing renovation.And how's that going?Since our move-in date is fast approaching, we were curious ourselves. Show More Summary

What's Your Inspiration?

Guest Post by Dee Hi all, it's Crabby McSlacker, and yes, I'm still alive. Doing great actually! Just a bit too dithery and preoccupied to do much on the blog lately. So I'm thrilled to bring you another great guest post from Dee over at Break out the Skinny Girl. Show More Summary

Crabby Goes to a Conference and Learns Four Things

By Crabby McSlacker Crabby and the Lobster have at last arrived in Austin where they are spending the winter. Lots to love about Austin, it's a fitnessy town! And a few things to grouse about as well, but more on all that in a future...Show More Summary

One For the Road

photo via James Vaughan Guest Post by Jan Bono Crabby McSlacker and her intrepid spouse, known here as"The Lobster," are currently on the road. Regular readers may recall that they are heading from Provincetown Massachusetts to Austin Texas to spend the winter. Show More Summary

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