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When Life Gets Weird

via maxpixel By Crabby McSlacker So it looks like it's going to be another summer of Not Blogging Much, which I guess is better than Not Blogging at All. Because, yeah, life's getting awfully weird and distracting of late. But how about...Show More Summary

High Tech Tuesday!

Photo download via xray delta one By Crabby McSlackerShould we be worried about the impact of so much easily accessible technology on our fragile human brains?There is much hand-wringing on the subject, and even a little research out there. Show More Summary


photo: x-ray delta one By Crabby McSlacker So life has taken a few possibly ominous turns lately.And while I've been googling the heck out of various health-related issues for my own edification, I'm not really feeling up for taking that research and trying to write anything useful about it.Oh, and the whole upcoming Fourth of July holiday... Show More Summary

Simplest, Dumbest Cardio Workout Trick Ever

image credit here By Crabby McSlackerSo this post features one of those weirdo counter-intuitive motivational hacks that you either: (a) already know or, (b) are going to think sounds totally insane.It's for those days when you're having a Really Shitty Workout.I already knew the trick, and have probably already written about it. Show More Summary

Worth 1000 Words?

By Crabby McSlacker So if a picture is worth a thousand words, and a short video is made up of hundreds of pictures, is a short video worth hundreds of thousands of words? And what if you don't make the video yourself but steal it straight...Show More Summary

The Bilingual Brain: Benefits and Befuddlement

Photo: wikimedia By Crabby McSlackerMy latest folly: I'm trying to learn a new language. Spanish! Which among other uses, might come in handy for a pair of snowbirds always on the lookout for warmer climates to flee to during winters.But I did not study Spanish in school, or in any other setting ever. Show More Summary

Let's Hear it for Rationalization!

By Crabby McSlacker So yeah, I didn't get around to writing a blog post this week, unless you want to try to count this one. Does it make sense that my turning 57 today somehow prevented me from posting something earlier in the week?...Show More Summary

Lifetrak Zoom HRV Review

By Crabby McSlacker As a greedy, gadget-obsessed health blogger, I was pretty psyched to get the opportunity to review the Lifetrak Zoom HRV Zoom HRV activity tracker. (And, full disclosure: I got to keep it).The Zoom measures a wide variety of activity metrics from your wrist (or ankle, or forearm). Show More Summary

Time to HIIT it?

photo: the Department of Defense By Crabby McSlackerIn the last few years, you've probably heard the same unwelcome advice quite a few times: for optimal health, you should be adding some High Intensity Interval Training to your weekly routine.But all too often, nutrition and exercise research gets overhyped and exaggerated. Show More Summary

Giveaway Winners and a Happy Belated Mother's Day!

By Crabby McSlackerSo first off, thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on our book giveaway here at the blog, or on Facebook, or even via direct email, an option a few of you chose. I've assigned y'all numbers and am going to fire up the ol' random number generator in a minute. Show More Summary

Why We Overeat and How to Stop: Book Giveaway!

image: clipartfest By Crabby McSlacker Does anyone else out there struggle with eating too much, or eating the wrong things, or not feeling sufficiently motivated to exercise?Even those of us with fancy degrees and initials after our names, who've studied this stuff extensively for decades and know exactly what we should be doing... Show More Summary

Mystery Trip!

By Crabby McSlackerSo one might wonder: where the hell did the Crab go? She barely got back to blogging before skipping town yet again, not managing even one meager blog post in the last two weeks. And sorry, this is one of those disjointed rambles accompanied by random photos. Show More Summary

Forest Bathing and Awkward Anniversarys

photo : pixabay By Crabby McSlackerYep, Today Cranky Fitness is 10 years old.Holy crap, right? It's hard to believe. How could such a half-assed enterprise have endured an entire decade?The quick answer is of course: it hasn't. Not really. Show More Summary

On the Road Again...

By Crabby McSlackerAre you ready for a blog post chock full of healthy travel tips, amusing anecdotes, surprising discoveries, inspiring advice, and breathtaking photos of scenery and wildlife?Oops, sorry! You probably want to type a different URL up there in your search bar. Show More Summary

Exercise Motivation, The Weird Way

image: flikr Do you look forward to a strenuous workout?If so, congratulations! But the rest of what follows may seem like incomprehensible gibberish to you. If you don't need to twist your brain into pretzel-like configurations in order to motivate yourself to exercise: you are free to resume websurfing. Show More Summary

High Heels: WTF, Ladies?

image: maxpixel By Crabby McSlacker There are some ways in which I definitely have a girl brain, not a boy brain. But in other ways, I am a dude. I sometimes find my own gender to be an alien species, incomprehensible in its motivations and reasoning and habits. Show More Summary

Your First Colonoscopy! What to Expect

Whee! Time for a Tube Up Your Tuchus! image: wikimedia commons By Crabby McSlackerSo, some perspective here: for people with serious illnesses who've been through hardcore, painful, debilitating, invasive medical procedures? A colonoscopy is probably child's play. Show More Summary

Should You Get a Tattoo? The Great Tattoo Experiment

By Crabby McSlackerYou don't generally "experiment" with getting a tattoo. That's what makes getting one such a badass thing to do. Whether you're rational and level-headed when that needle hits your arm, or whether you're insensibly...Show More Summary

Is Winter Actually the BEST Time to Train Outdoors?

Guest Post by Lisa Green with Intro by Crabby McSlackerYou see the happy face of the winter exerciser pictured above? That's your first clue Crabby McSlacker didn't write this post. She is a cowardly snowbird who flees to warmer climates when it gets cold. Show More Summary

The Snowbird Lifestyle: Healthy Anti-Aging Solution or Horrifying Misadventure?

photo: wikimedia By Crabby McSlackerSo what's a snowbird? (Besides, apparently, a ski resort in Utah?)I'll offer one definition of a snowbird: a species of silver-crested North American, usually of advancing years, that migrates annually for the winter from colder northern climates to warmer southern ones. Show More Summary

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