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Weight Loss Wednesday: A Candid Discussion of Excess Skin (post weight loss)

When I had my lower body lift in 2011, I was thrilled with the results of my surgery. The excess skin was very uncomfortable and I felt so discouraged that I would have to live that way for the rest of my life. I hated the fact thatShow More Summary

Getting in Shape for a Half

I feel like I have not had anything worth writing about lately! Running has been on my mind a lot, and I have several drafts of posts about it... but I don't want to bombard my blog with them all at once. Speaking of running, though, today was Day 1 to start the next 13 weeks of half-marathon training. Show More Summary

What It's Like to Have a Boudoir Photoshoot (a guest post)

A couple of years ago, I decided to have a boudoir photoshoot. My sister had had one done, and her photos were AMAZING. I saw a Groupon for it, and (probably after a couple glasses of wine) bought the Groupon and made the appointment. Show More Summary

My Running Plans for 2018

It has been SO COLD here in Michigan lately. All last week, the temp was in the single digits with the windchill being 20-something below 0. It's hard to believe I used to run in those temps. I just can't bring myself to do it now! A couple of days ago, the temp got up to 41, so the snow started melting. Show More Summary

My Best Advice for Those With Weight Loss Goals in the New Year

I hesitate to even write this post, because I am currently eight pounds over my goal weight. However, in the new year of 2009, I was over 250 pounds, and I haven't seen anywhere near that number since. Depending on how you define success,...Show More Summary

EIGHT Beginner Training Plans to Run Your First 5K

As I've mentioned several times, when I first started running in 2010, I literally could not run even 500 feet. A mile sounded completely impossible. And a 5K? How on earth did people do that?! I tried the Couch to 5K plan a few times, and I just couldn't get past week 3. Show More Summary

Goals for 2018

I am a goal setter. I always have been, and probably always will be. I am a list maker. I have books full of lists that I've written, most of them "to do" lists or "goals" lists. I love thinking about things I would like to change, improve, or accomplish and then making a plan on how to go about doing it. Show More Summary

Top 17 of 2017

This post has become somewhat of a tradition. I've done one each year since 2011. It's a nice way of looking back on the year, and focusing on the highlights--the things that I may have forgotten if not for writing this post. Some of the items on the list are obvious, but others are subtle things that had an impact on me in some way. Show More Summary

A Creative Christmas Gift for the Kids

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Ours was great :) This year, I got creative with my kids' gifts. I didn't want to spoil them with "stuff" that was just going to sit around in their closets. I wanted instead to give them fun memories--and...Show More Summary

A First Timer's Half-Marathon Training Plan (for new runners)

I've written a few different half-marathon training plans--one for walkers who want to walk a half-marathon; one for the very beginner, a non-runner who wants to run a half-marathon in six months; and one for experienced runners whoShow More Summary

How to Build a Base (A Training Plan for Beginner Runners)

I could have sworn I wrote a post about this before, but when I was looking for it a few days ago, I realized that I actually didn't write it. I just wrote the running plan, but not the post. When people first start running, their legs obviously aren't as conditioned as someone who has been running for years. Show More Summary

Weight Loss Wednesday: "When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny"

I wanted to share this on Wednesday, but I have been feeling sad recently and just wasn't feeling up to writing a blog post; so I'll just post this now. Better late than never. (Seems to be my motto lately!) See how happy Joey is that...Show More Summary

A Depressive Episode

Writing when I'm feeling good is easy. Writing when I'm depressed is really, really difficult. Unfortunately, I'm going through the latter right now. When I started my bipolar meds, I promised myself that I'd write about how I'm feeling, whether it's good or bad. Show More Summary

RECIPE: Creamy Italian Sausage Tortellini

I threw this together one day when I had a package of hot Italian turkey sausage that I needed to use before the "use by" date. I pulled some ingredients that I thought would go well with it, and made what turned out to be a really good one pot meal. Show More Summary

Mental Health Monday: Setting Goals to Feel Happy and Focused

In the late summer of 2015, I was complaining talking to my friend Thomas about how tired I was of being "fat and slow". After a really rough year with a stress fracture, I had gained weight (reaching nearly 160 pounds) and my running...Show More Summary

Thrifty Thursday: Budget Update and New (Thrift) Running Clothes

It's been a while since I've written a Thrifty Thursday post! Jerry and I are still following our budget plan, and it feels really easy now. We've gotten so used to it that it's not even on my mind much. It feels very automatic. Last month, we weren't able to pay ANY extra onto the credit card. Show More Summary

Weight Loss Wednesday: Alcohol and Weight Loss

I have been at a total loss for words lately. I've drafted three posts over the last few days, but they were really just babbling about nothing. I'm hoping that today's will actually be worth posting ;) I know I've written a little about...Show More Summary

Family Friday: Christmas Photos with Santa

Jerry loves Christmas. Like, he REALLY loves Christmas. He's basically Clark Griswold. The music, the movies, the decorations, the shopping, the baking, etc. His favorite time of year. And I am basically the opposite. I'm the Grinch....Show More Summary

Handmade with Love: Readers share their handmade crafts

As you may know from reading my blog, I happen to LOVE crafts--I love making them myself, but I especially love seeing what others have made. The creativity that people have is so inspiring! I asked my readers if anyone would like to...Show More Summary

Feeling "off"

I never intended to take such a long break from blogging! After writing that post about my favorite running things, I just couldn't even look at my computer for days. That post took me two full days to write! Definitely the most work I've ever put into a post. Show More Summary

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