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Reduce Anxiety by Focusing Your Thoughts

  A powerful way to reduce anxiety is by taking charge of your own thoughts. We can do this by focusing our thoughts. A frustrating thing about anxiety is that it seems to take over. It invades our thoughts and runs wild with them. All types of anxiety involve racing thoughts, and racing thoughts are … Continue reading "Reduce Anxiety by Focusing Your Thoughts"

My So-Called Life With Social Anxiety Disorder

My life with social anxiety disorder (SAD) isn’t much of a life. When faced with strangers, I avoid physical proximity, eye contact, and small talk. Though normally well-spoken, the attention of others causes me to stumble over my words. Show More Summary

Two Main Causes of Anxiety That You Can Do Something About

Sometimes, knowing the main causes of anxiety isn’t necessary. Sometimes, it’s not even desirable because working to uncover the causes of your anxiety could do more harm than good. There are times, however, that knowing the main cause of your anxiety can be very helpful because it gives you something tangible to address. Show More Summary

Stop the Anxious Running Commentary in Your Head

Anxiety jabbers incessantly, creating maddening and anxious running commentary in our heads. To make it worse, anxiety acts as a translator and interprets what we hear and see, twisting things into its own warped ideas. With anxiety translating messages we receive, we often misinterpret the world around us. Show More Summary

My Life Is Chaos but I Must Cope with Anxiety Anyway

My life is chaos and that makes coping with anxiety difficult. In this house, there is always something going on, whether it’s family drama, the dogs barking at everything, or something essential changing. At present, there is no clear path to my desk because my aunt recently moved in. Show More Summary

Play a Gratitude Game to Reduce Anxiety

Mental health experts agree: feeling and expressing gratitude reduces anxiety. However, when you live with anxiety, it hardly seems possible that gratitude can lower anxiety. For one thing, it can be challenging to find things for which to feel grateful when you’re living in the grips of anxiety. Show More Summary

DIY Anxiety Relief: Make 3 Mindfulness Tools

Put your anxiety relief into your own hands with DIY, do-it-yourself, projects. Make objects to add to your growing toolbox of strategies to lower your anxiety. An anxiety toolbox refers to techniques you use to reduce anxiety, both in the immediate moment and long term. Show More Summary

Recognizing Personal Rituals of OCD

  Recognizing personal rituals of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can be an important journey of self-discovery. OCD sufferers often have rituals that help lessen their worries and unwanted thoughts. When an OCD sufferer performs a ritual, it can temporarily help relieve anxiety. Show More Summary

Reducing the 7 Causes of Holiday Anxiety

Holiday anxiety is a very real experience. Contrary to what greeting cards and advertisements depict, the holidays aren’t always relaxed and happy-go-lucky. Lots of things conspire to make our anxiety spike, and linger, from before Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year. Show More Summary

Anxiety About Side Effects from Psychiatric Medications

I continually struggle with my anxiety concerning side effects from psychiatric medications. These side effects include insomnia, lack of appetite, increased appetite, chronic constipation, dizziness, tremor, lack of energy, and weight gain. Show More Summary

Seven Causes of Holiday Anxiety

The day the calendar turns to November, and often well before that, many people begin to experience holiday anxiety. There are legitimate, and numerous, reasons for this. The seven causes of holiday anxiety discussed below are common. Show More Summary

When To See Your Doctor About Your Anxiety Symptoms

As life-disrupting and misery-creating as anxiety can be, it’s often difficult to know when to see your doctor about anxiety symptoms. Learning when to see a doctor for anxiety can help you feel more confident and less anxious about your decision. Show More Summary

When Performance Anxiety Steals the Show

Performance anxiety may prevent me from living my dream of singing professionally. Since junior high school, choir teachers and audience members commented on my anxious stage presence. I loved to sing with other people in unison or harmony, but when it came to solos, I was a nervous wreck. I was the recipient of the … Continue reading "When Performance Anxiety Steals the Show"

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Anxiety Treatment

Mindfulness-based stress reduction, or MBSR, is much more than just a long, official-sounding, somewhat intimidating name. MBSR is an accessible process that helps people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds turn stress and struggles like anxiety into positive change for their lives. Show More Summary

Negative Comments and Unsolicited Advice About Anxiety

I receive a lot of negative comments and unsolicited advice as an anxiety sufferer. The average person who has experienced anxiety may think that he has some helpful comments and suggestions for you. Some anxiety management ideas may, in fact, be helpful. Show More Summary

How to Deal with Both Anxiety and Irritability

Anxiety and irritability are often connected. Ever have days when, in addition to feeling wired and anxious, you feel irritated and annoyed at almost everything—and everyone? Anxiety has a way of turning this into a growing problem.Show More Summary

Step-by-Step Plan to Get Through the Day with Anxiety

It can seem impossible to get through an entire day when you have anxiety. Anxiety can be severe, and it can make hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone function. Having a step-by-step plan will help you get through your day despite overwhelming anxiety. Show More Summary

Introduction to Cheryl Slavin, Author of ‘Anxiety-Shmanxiety’

I’m Cheryl Slavin, the new co-author of Anxiety-Schmanxiety. I have had symptoms of my primary disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), since I was five years old. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) was also an early companion....Show More Summary

What Is Defusion and How Can You Use It to Reduce Anxiety?

Defusion means becoming unstuck from something, in this case anxiety. Anxiety often looms large. It consumes our thoughts and emotions, and it impacts our actions, too. Anxiety sticks to us, and we to it, when all of our time and energy, thoughts and feelings, actions or lack of action are fused with anxiety. Show More Summary

Stay Grounded: No More Superwoman Syndrome, Superman Complex

How do you stay grounded when the superwoman syndrome or the superman complex make your anxiety soar? It’s hard to feel calm and live anxiety-free when you pressure yourself to be perfect in every way, in every situation. Living with the superwoman syndrome or a superman complex can make you feel high-strung yet utterly exhausted. Show More Summary

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