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Negative Comments and Unsolicited Advice About Anxiety

I receive a lot of negative comments and unsolicited advice as an anxiety sufferer. The average person who has experienced anxiety may think that he has some helpful comments and suggestions for you. Some anxiety management ideas may, in fact, be helpful. Show More Summary

How to Deal with Both Anxiety and Irritability

Anxiety and irritability are often connected. Ever have days when, in addition to feeling wired and anxious, you feel irritated and annoyed at almost everything—and everyone? Anxiety has a way of turning this into a growing problem.Show More Summary

Step-by-Step Plan to Get Through the Day with Anxiety

It can seem impossible to get through an entire day when you have anxiety. Anxiety can be severe, and it can make hard to get out of bed in the morning, let alone function. Having a step-by-step plan will help you get through your day despite overwhelming anxiety. Show More Summary

Introduction to Cheryl Slavin, Author of ‘Anxiety-Shmanxiety’

I’m Cheryl Slavin, the new co-author of Anxiety-Schmanxiety. I have had symptoms of my primary disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), since I was five years old. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) was also an early companion....Show More Summary

What Is Defusion and How Can You Use It to Reduce Anxiety?

Defusion means becoming unstuck from something, in this case anxiety. Anxiety often looms large. It consumes our thoughts and emotions, and it impacts our actions, too. Anxiety sticks to us, and we to it, when all of our time and energy, thoughts and feelings, actions or lack of action are fused with anxiety. Show More Summary

Stay Grounded: No More Superwoman Syndrome, Superman Complex

How do you stay grounded when the superwoman syndrome or the superman complex make your anxiety soar? It’s hard to feel calm and live anxiety-free when you pressure yourself to be perfect in every way, in every situation. Living with the superwoman syndrome or a superman complex can make you feel high-strung yet utterly exhausted. Show More Summary

Anxiety and the Superwoman Syndrome, Superman Complex

Do you expect yourself to be Superman or Superwoman, a person with powers so great that you can do it all with no side effects like anxiety? If you are, you’re not alone. This pressure to do it all, be everyone to everything, is common enough to have terms attached to them: Superman complex or … Continue reading "Anxiety and the Superwoman Syndrome, Superman Complex"

How To Sit Through a Panic Attack When You Can’t Leave

Sitting through a panic attack without being able to escape is a thought that can inspire a new anxiety attack. Panic attacks can strike seemingly out of the blue, and anxiety attacks hit in response to escalating stress and worry. They...Show More Summary

Social Anxiety and Performance Anxiety Aren’t Your Directors

Social anxiety involves a great deal of fear, worry, and dread. When it comes to anxiety in general, that’s not unique. All types of anxiety disorders involve some type of fear, a whole lot of worry, and an overarching sense of dread. Show More Summary

A Walking Meditation Will Reduce Anxiety–Now

Step outside to take a walking meditation and reduce anxiety immediately. When we feel anxious, stressed, and tense, walking is good for us, both physically and mentally. When we add mindfulness meditation to the act of moving our bodies,...Show More Summary

The Meaning of Courage, Anxiety, and You

The word “anxiety” typically isn’t associated with courage. Quite the opposite, anxiety involves fear. Anxiety and fear can work their way through our entire being and lock us in their vice grip. Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships are negatively impacted by fear and anxiety. Show More Summary

What Causes Anxiety? 10 Reasons Why You Are So Anxious

What causes my anxiety? Why am I so anxious? As if anxiety itself weren’t bad enough, not knowing what causes anxiety can make matters even worse. It’s natural to want to know just what is making you feel the worry and fear of generalized...Show More Summary

What To Do When Anxiety Behaves Like a Mood Disorder

Anxiety disorders and mood disorders are two separate experiences. While both involve thoughts, feelings, and actions that are disruptive to life and disproportionate to circumstances, they have different symptoms (they do often occur together, though). Show More Summary

Why Hearing Just Get Over It Doesn’t Help Anxiety

If you live with anxiety, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard a well-meaning family member or friend tell you, “Just get over it.” If it were that easy, no one would have anxiety because we’d all get over it and move on. Unfortunately, the idea of just getting over it doesn’t help anxiety, and … Continue reading "Why Hearing Just Get Over It Doesn’t Help Anxiety"

Four Common Ways Anxiety Manipulates You and Causes Symptoms

Anxiety manipulates you. It’s not just you, of course, but anxiety would like you to believe that it’s only you. Anxiety is insidious, creeping and crawling through your brain, your mind, and your body. Anxiety causes its own symptoms but blames them on you. Show More Summary

Hate the Phone? Facts about Phone Anxiety

Do you hate the phone (or, more specifically, talking on the phone)? If so, you’re not alone. I loathe talking on the phone, and I’m always surprised by the people I encounter who confess the same thing. Aversion to the phone exists on a spectrum, ranging from a simple dislike to a much more complex … Continue reading "Hate the Phone? Facts about Phone Anxiety"

I Used Mindfulness to Quiet My Anxiety, and This Happened

  I used to be certain that nothing–not even mindfulness–would quiet my anxiety. I found it difficult to be still because of anxiety’s constant stream of racing thoughts, tumultuous emotions, and halting actions. Not only could I not be present in each moment, I didn’t want to be present in each moment. Show More Summary

How to Stay Calm, Anxiety-Free, in a Crisis

When dealing with a crisis, it can be difficult to stay calm and anxiety-free. After all, “crisis” implies catastrophe, disaster, and sometimes even near-Armageddon. In reality, a crisis can be of any size or nature and is something that causes distress to those involved. Show More Summary

When Anxiety is a Broken Record, Change Your Tune

Anxiety can be a broken record. An anxious thought will start to play in the mind, and once it does, it will continue to play over and over and over again. Listening to our anxious thoughts nonstop can make them grow ever bigger and stronger, and we come to believe them. Our worries feel real when anxiety … Continue reading "When Anxiety is a Broken Record, Change Your Tune"

We Have a Negativity Bias That Causes Anxiety

The human brain has a negativity bias, and it is partially because of this negatively skewed view of our world that we experience anxiety. Studies have shown that the brain notices the negative more quickly and more frequently than it notices the positive. Show More Summary

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