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These 9 startegies can help you retain or find job in 2018

2017 was the year of jobless growth for Indian firms. A majority of employers decided to wait and watch when it came to hiring for growth or replacement. It appears that they were busy realigning their businesses to the twin realities of demonetisation and GST. A survey by Manpower Group measuring hiring outlook for India...

Working from home? Four excellent ways to make it count

The holidays are around the corner. Are you one of the few people going to be fortunate enough to be off work with no demands on your time? When I was back in the corporate space, I recall wishing that it was possible to work remote...

This Is How Becoming A Freelancer Made Me Better At Managing My Money

For the first few months of my freelance career, I said yes to everything. I was desperate to impress clients, establish a name for myself, and earn something resembling a living wage. I didn’t know that saying “no” is important to a freelancer’s bottom line, so I packed my schedule with low-paying assignments, working like...

Telecommuting: things to consider before implementing

When computers started to appear in the workplace, people were enthralled with how such equipment would change how we work. Many expected an overnight revolution. There is no doubt technology has changed our lives, but it didn’t happen quite as fast as some people thought. It seems people and organizations address change in multiple ways....

Exactly How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Sanity

So, you want to work from home? As it’s #NationalWorkFromHomeDay I thought I’d compile a quick checklist of things you’ll need before you see if you’re cut out for it. Great Internet – good internet is just not going to cut it. And you simply cannot be sharing it with your little brother who’s playing his...

These Strategies Will Help Allow You To Work From Home Permanently

The dream of many people regardless if they are a mother is to work from home for life. This would allow them to live anywhere and still be able to make a living. Being able to work from home as a working mother is even more rewarding as you will have professional fulfillment without sacrificing...

5 Ways to Boldly Reboot Your Life in the New Year

This week I spoke to a friend who lost all her possessions in the California fires. A colleague, Brent Osborne, decided to pack up and move to Atlanta. (His employer in California is a supporter of remote work). A lifelong New Yorker, I moved into a new apartment and workspace in Arizona–a state where I know...

How to Cure Homesickness on Your First Holiday Away From Family, According to a Psychologist

As frequent travelers, we aren’t always homebound for the “most wonderful time of the year.” Blame a hectic work schedule that keeps you darting between cities or an insatiable wanderlust that has you jetting off to see — or live — somewhere new, but joining loved ones in December isn’t always in the cards. You probably miss home at moments throughout...

How to Discourage Workaholism in Your Remote Workforce

One of the most frequently touted business benefits of offering remote work opportunities is that those virtual employees tend to be more productive than their cubicle-dwelling counterparts. When people get to decide how, when, and where they work, they discover the times and places that allow them to get more done. And without the distractions...

11 ways to make the most of your downtime

Hustle is important, but entrepreneurs are humans, not robots. Breaks, downtime and recuperation are key to staying hyper-focused over the long haul. Time-management titans and members of The Oracles share their top tips for using downtime to up your business game.

6 Ways to Achieve Maximum Productivity Working From Home

Research shows that more American employees are working remotely, and they are doing so for longer periods. Employees and some employers view the practice as broadly beneficial, saying that remote workers are more productive and that the additional flexibility can help to close the gender gap. The Global Business Survey found out that, on average, 54% of workforce...

A Stanford Professor Says Working From Home Makes You Happier and More Efficient. There’s Just 1 Catch

Work from home or go to an office: Which kind of workers are happier and more efficient? For the first time–surprisingly–there’s some solid academic research on the subject, led by a Stanford economics professor. We won’t hide the ball. Yes,...Show More Summary


Tackling your latest work project from the comfort of your own home (and, potentially, the comfort of your sweatpants) can be a professional game-changer. Research shows telecommuters and their managers report higher productivity, less turnover, and better work-life balance than those with a more traditional arrangement. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Work Remotely Without Being Overlooked

We’ve all heard about the benefits for employers and employees about working remotely: greater productivity, lower overhead, flexibility in work hours — and that is all true. However, for remote workers, not being physically present on a day-to-day basis has its challenges. Consider hallway conversations, impromptu meetings where information is shared, for example. As a...

How to Keep Sensitive Data Protected When Utilizing Freelancers

If you’re like most companies, you’re accustomed to engaging freelancers and other outside talent for project help. In fact, the latest Future Workforce Report predicts you’ll likely utilize even more flexible workers next year. While...Show More Summary

Millennials: Here’s How To Focus And Meet Your Goals

When we hear words describing Millennials, “productive” is not usually on the list. But, a new survey by Levo, career platform and network for Millennials, reveals that this generation could be the most productive generation. Could be…there’s potential. Show More Summary

6 Tips to Manage Your Time Productively This Tax Season

Practitioners often make the mistake of working so hard IN their practice during tax season that they forget to allocate time to working ON their practice. They forget about making time for their family, spending time with friends, or setting aside “me” time.

The Employee Burnout Apocalypse and How to Overcome

There’s an epidemic sweeping through the office buildings of the corporate world and across virtually every work place and industry in this country – insidious, pervasive, and coldly destroying – like the tentacles of a cancer that has metastasized. The Burnout Epidemic Approximately 100 million full time employees constitute the work force in the United...

5 Ideas to Keep Your Employees Motivated

A motivated workforce will make a crucial difference when it comes to meeting any business objective. Every company needs to find ways to ensure that their employees stay motivated and put in their best efforts. Anaya Shastri talks about five ideas that can help achieve that. One of the valuable skills that you can hone as a...

The Secret to Remote Work? It’s Not All About You

You’re at a holiday party, and invariably, someone asks what you do. You respond, explaining that you work remotely. Cue the raised eyebrows and polite nods. That’s because when remote work gets mentioned, it can conjure up all kinds of notions. People working in their pajamas. Workers slacking off. A disconnected, maybe even dysfunctional team...

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