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September Sponsor Showcase

Thank you to our September advertisers… Your real estate referral business is bigger than you think. ReferralExchange matches your referrals with 3 agents, manages the entire process, and pays you a 25% referral fee. Get started We find, showcase, and sell Modern homes. Show More Summary

Inman Connect Launches Single Day “On The Road” Events

Los Angeles First Market For New Format Inman.Com is taking it’s popular Connect conference format on the road in an abbreviated single day format. The events are geared toward trending technology, marketing and business development topics. Show More Summary

Why playing the Long Game Means Winning the Consumer

From a guest post I published on Inman: The hardest part of running any business is finding customers. Real estate is no different. One way or another, as a broker, you’re going to spend money to attract clients and leads. You pay in either time or money. Show More Summary

Partial Home Ownership, Equity, Down Payments — Thoughts on Point

Real breakthrough innovations don’t come along very often, in any industry. Real estate is no exception. What gets me excited is when products / businesses enabling consumers to do something they can’t do today (rather than just recreate the same wheel that’s been created 10 or 20 times before). Show More Summary

What If Your Business Is Actually a Community?

I often tell people community building is the most defensible strategy in existence. It’s also the hardest. For those who want to better understand community, you should read the latest post by David Spinks at CMX Hub (hint: he knows...Show More Summary

A Broker Example Using StreetAdvisor

Everyone wants to see an example of someone using your product/service in a way they should be using it. StreetAdvisor is no different. The value proposition for sellers is clear, and the agent/broker value proposition is the ability...Show More Summary

How to get Real Testing/Feedback for your Real Estate Website?

Want real, honest feedback on the user experience of your real estate website? Go inside Starbucks (or any other busy coffee shop), and offer to buy someone in line a coffee in exchange for spending 10 minutes browsing your website and providing honest feedback. Show More Summary

A Look at The Questions I Hear Repeated

Readers of Geek Estate range from tech savvy agents to technology vendors to aspiring entrepreneurs. I thought I’d share the questions that seem to resurface again and again in my conversations… With entrepreneurs/founders: Can you cover...Show More Summary

Geeking Out On Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate

As a real estate guy, sometimes I look over to my data scientist’s screen and believe what he is doing is some sort of magic — it’s like pure computer science sorcery. I mean, they’re building a chatbot that can communicate using human language and learn from the conversations it’s having. Show More Summary

The Sad Decline of Diverse Solutions IDX

If you’ve followed my posts here on Geek Estate, you know I’ve had a long history as a customer of Diverse Solutions. I’m not sure exactly when I started with them, probably sometime in 2008, but I was using their dsSearchAgent (Mapping IDX) well before they launched dsIDXpress (WordPress IDX). Show More Summary

RE Broker & RE Tech Veterans Aim at Commission Disruption Target

About a week ago while on LinkedIn, a job posting popped up in my feed for a real estate broker by a company that was new to me called Homebay. It was a complete coincidence that Drew had them in his radar at the same time. My curiosity...Show More Summary

A New Real Estate Unicorn

There’s a new entrant to the unicorn club: Compass (just closed on a $70 million round). I’m curious to hear the industry’s thoughts on how what they’re building is defensible? What’s their moat? They are poaching top talent from other...Show More Summary

SRE Matrix, and Recreating the Portal Wheel

SRE Matrix has $200 million in funding from Takeshi Sekiguchi, operating a discount model in Hawaii and San Diego, and looking to expand (see Inman). What are they doing with all that money? Building another national portal… The brokerage planned to have set up shop in 14 states by July, but it’s currently only operating in Hawaii and San Diego. Show More Summary

Zillow Digs is Monetizing

I’ve long been a fan of Zillow Digs. It’s been months since I’ve opened the app — but tonight I opened it up, and was surprised to see advertisements integrated into the photos. You can click any of the dots on the image, and be one click away from a place where you can learn more — and buy — that specific item. Show More Summary

HomeBay – Another Entrant Aiming to Lower Commissions

The value proposition of HomeBay: THE SMARTER WAY TO SELL. Sell Your Home, Keep The Commission. Commissions, that dreaded topic most love to avoid. (read some of my prior analysis on the topic here and here). The field of those trying...Show More Summary

Swanepoel T3 Group Hires Paul Hagey as New Managing Editor

The Swanepoel T3 Group, residential real estate’s definitive strategic information firm, has hired award-winning former Inman News writer Paul Hagey as managing editor of its Swanepoel Trends Report and industry power-ranking list Swanepoel Power 200. Show More Summary

Comment Marketing with Local Advice

Great agents have deep, deep local expertise — and an incentive to share it. Hence why I’ve long thought there is a play to be made around showcasing local experts. Zillow Advice and Trulia Voices and Localism (check this press release from 2008) used to be the rage when it came to comment marketing with local advice. Show More Summary

Marketers: Please, Please Stop Using the Word “First”

Localism says they are “the first national neighborhood-level news site!” I’m sorry, I’m calling bullshit. Ever hear of Patch? (see here)? Blockfeed? Seriously marketers — you ruin all credibility (aka trust) by making outrageous claims you are the first to do something. Show More Summary

OpenStreetView – A New Alternative to StreetView

OpenStreetView recently launched (SearchEngineLand coverage). Real estate is a big vertical for Google Maps and StreetView. For the mapping geeks out there, you should take a look. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a presentation with...Show More Summary – Connecting Departing Tenants with Renters

Yesterday I came across, another player tackling medium term rentals in NYC by connecting renters directly with departing tenants. Given how crazy broker fees are there, it’s no surprise New York City is a hotbed for startups...Show More Summary

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