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Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews: My Top 8 in December 2017

Last updated: 13th December, 2017Finding your best electronic drum set can open up a whole new dimension to your drumming. An electronic drum kit isn’t just an acoustic kit turned quiet so you don’t freak out your neighbors. Instead, they can unleash your creativity. Show More Summary

Ludwig Pocket Kit Review: a Kit for All Ages & Stages

Last updated: 16th November, 2017At some point during my early guitar days, I had to play something else for a change. So I put aside my beginner guitar and got my self (you guessed it) – a shiny new drum kit. It had to be affordable, but it also had to satisfy my taste for... Show More Summary

Pearl e Pro Review 2017 – The Best of Both Drum Kit Worlds

Last updated: 4th November, 2017The Pearl e Pro Live is Pearl’s entry into the world of electronic drums. It looks just like an acoustic kit, including full size drums and bright brass cymbals. But is the Pearl e-Pro Live still worth buying? How does it compare to Roland’s similarly priced offerings? How does it do... Show More Summary

Tama Imperialstar Review: Will it Cover Your Drumming Needs?

Last updated: 24th October, 2017Tama is known for making some of the best sounding drum kits in the business and any modern-day great drummers such as Anika Nilles and Robert Searight (look them up!) swear by Tama. Now, the Imperialstar is Tama’s entry-level acoustic drum kit and is also one of their cheapest drum kits.... Show More Summary

Used Drums for Sale – How to Find the Best Deal for Your Right Now

Last updated: 23rd October, 2017Drumming is one for the most satisfying pursuits in my life. Yet, it can also be a very expensive one. This is probably why the demand for used drums for sale is skyrocketing – and it’s also why I’ve become quite good at finding used drums sets, used electronic kits or... Show More Summary

Best HiHats 2017 to Improve Your Drum Set Sound (Even On a Budget)

Last updated: 15th October, 2017HiHats are arguably the most important aspect of your cymbal setup as you play them more often than any other part of your drum set – except perhaps the snare drum or your kick. And because you hit them so often, your HiHat sound will determine the overall sound of your... Show More Summary

How to Become a Better Drummer – 5 Practical Tips and Tricks

Last updated: 25th September, 2017Whether it’s at the very outset of falling in love with the drums – whether it’s during the first few years of drumming – or whether one is well into one’s drumming career: Most of us are constantly trying to figure out how to become a better drummer. Show More Summary

Best Snare Drum 2017 – How to Choose It & 5 Models Reviewed

Last updated: 7th September, 2017Do you know what gives a song that distinctive pop? The snare! It’s what ties everything together and makes a song whole. If you buy a drum set, it  usually comes with a factory snare that is okay – but nothing a real drummer wants to be involved with. Show More Summary

Drums Or Guitar: Which Instrument Is Right For You?

Last updated: 3rd September, 2017Choosing between drums or guitar will either be an easy or extremely difficult choice. For those who already have an affinity for music and a certain level of skill, they can easily pick the path that they should take. Show More Summary

Drum Sheet Music: How To Read & Write It Like A Pro

Last updated: 25th August, 2017Being able to read drum sheet music has been one of the greatest assets in my drumming career so far! Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether I walked into the rehearsal room of a new band or joined an orchestra. Show More Summary

Best Drum Mic Kits 2017 – Your Cost-Efficient Guide

Last updated: 14th August, 2017If you’re looking for the best drum mic kits online, then you might feel like you’re lost at sea. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Drum mic kits range in size and price voluminously, and you might not be sure of what you need, how much you need to spend, or what... Show More Summary

Gifts For Drummers in 2017: Kickstart Your Creativity

Last updated: 1st August, 2017What do you think drummers love even more than their drums? People who give them drum-related gifts! If you’re looking for a drum-related Christmas gift, a birthday gift for a drummer who has everything, gifts for your drummer boyfriend / girlfriend, or just a random gift for that special drummer in... Show More Summary

7 Easy Songs To Play On Drums Today

Last updated: 19th July, 2017(This is a guest post by the folks over at DealsLands. Thanks for contributing!) It is a proven fact that regularly playing the drums has lots of heath benefits. Its also one of the best ways to enter a state of flow almost instantaneously. Show More Summary

Soundbrenner Pulse Review: Metronome Of The Future?

Last updated: 10th July, 2017When I started playing drums, metronomes used to be really clunky. My first metronome looked like the most boring thing my childish eyes had ever gazed at. But the times, oh, they are a-changin’ – and Soundbrenner is on a mission to revolutionize the metronome game. Show More Summary

Alesis Forge Review – Everything You Need Straight Out Of The Box?

Last updated: 27th June, 2017When you’re looking for electronic drums, there are a lot of kits to choose from. Their prices and  quality are highly variable. No kit is perfect, and no kit will satisfy every drummer, but some kits have such great overall values that they can be hard to pass up. Show More Summary

Alesis Strike Pro Review 2017: Is It Worth the Cost?

Last updated: 15th June, 2017Electronic drum kits have waxed and waned in popularity over the years. Some drummers wonder whether they are worth the money or not. Especially so when it comes to brands beyond the firmly established electronic music giant Roland.  I guess it’s because of this sentiment that Alesis has put a lot... Show More Summary

Best Drum Practice Pad 2017 – 5 Top Reviews, 1 Winner

Last updated: 7th June, 2017Electronic drums have become an essential arsenal for a drummer performing live, in a studio, or even for practice. But won’t an electronic drum set be a bit expensive just for practice purposes? Why not use something more affordable and look for the best drum practice pad first? Playing on a drum practice... Show More Summary

Roland TD 30KV Review – The Electronic Drum Kit of Your Dreams?

Last updated: 19th May, 2017I think you’ll agree with me that the comes with a hefty price tag. That begs the question if there’s actual value to justify the costs. So I thought it were high time to put this electronic drum kit to the test. Show More Summary

Pearl Roadshow Review: THE Drum Kit For The Beginning Drummer

Last updated: 11th May, 2017In this review, I will outline where the value lies in this particular set, and also how to make the most of your drum kit over time. This 5-piece drum kit series comes with basically everything you need to start drumming as soon as the package hits your doorstep. Show More Summary

Behringer XD80USB Review: Is this the Electronic Drum Kit for You?

Last updated: 4th May, 2017If you are just starting out with playing the drums, it’s always best to keep things simple. It’s easy to become distracted and frustrated if you start with too many variables. If I were a beginner, I would look for a drum kit that is effortless to set up and navigate. Show More Summary

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