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Seattle drivers get rewarded for not being jerks

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest: Where You Can Be A Baby For Life.

This bodega can’t afford rising rent so it’s throwing an Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale

Fancy a bag of wind-powered kettle crisps, a pound of grass-fed Himalayan tuna salad, or a pack of Dickson’s farm condoms? Come on down to …

Air pollution is making your brain age faster

Exposure to airborne toxins may up your odds of getting dementia, sooner.

Rick Perry is on the payroll of a controversial oil pipeline company in Texas

Most presidential candidates step down from corporate boards to avoid conflicts of interest. Not the ex-Texas governor.

Bernie Sanders tells Bill Maher: Climate change is young people’s issue, and mine, too

Progressive presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he's going to reach out to young voters by emphasizing his calls for climate action.

Are solar compactors actually good for the earth?

They're popping up in greener cities everywhere -- those solar-powered public trash cans. But do they actually make a difference? Umbra has the answer.

Congressional Republicans: Damn the environment, full cuts ahead!

The GOP majority is gunning for the environment with its new appropriations bills, which would gut federal climate efforts.

It sure looks like the Pacific trade pact sucks. Why is Obama so hot for it?

A brief bipartisan rebellion was only a bump in the road for the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, which could undercut environmental rules.

Jeb Bush dismisses his church’s stance on climate change — why not gay marriage?

The candidate seems to follow Catholic teachings when they align with the Republican Party — and dismiss them when they don’t.

This giant algae bloom is ruining all the clams, making you cry

It's the biggest toxic bloom of its kind in a decade, stretching from Santa Barbara to Alaska. Welcome back to Spoiler Alerts.

There are just 97 of these adorable porpoises left

The Gulf of California's vaquita is critically engandgered, thanks to rampant gill-net fishing.

The “secret science committee” behind the pope’s encyclical

The Pontifical Academy is the "400-year-old collective... that operates as the pope’s eyes and ears on the natural world."

Michigan just did something amazing for good food access

A new service will offer loans to businesses to boost low-income communities' access to fresh, healthy food.

What would the planet look like without lichen?

Lichens are "exquisitely" threatened by climate change, and could go extinct within a century.

We picked 10 badass candidates for the new $10 bill

Because the U.S. Treasury decided that it would be "some lady... !"

One benefit to California’s drought: Cleaner beaches

Water quality along Los Angeles County's coast has improved due to less runoff.

This grocery store wants to sell ugly veggies

In a beautiful victory in the fight against food waste, Raley's will now sell ugly vegetables.

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