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Quotes: Outrage ? Change

White Americans are increasingly aware of the realities with which black and brown Americans live; black and brown Americans are increasingly aware of the granular details of events beyond their own communities... What we haven’t seen yet is change. —? Emily L. Hauser (Why outrage over police brutality isn’t enough)

Morning Video: Candidate Clinton Walks Back Charter Support

Here's C-SPAN footage of the remarks Hillary Clinton made about charters among other education topics, as reported by Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post (Hillary Clinton: Most charter schools ‘don’t take the hardest-to-teach kids').

Maps: How A Wealthy Dallas District Keeps Itself Segregated

@lcmoser @slate Wealthy Highland Park is completely segregated from poorer Dallas in our school district borders map — EdBuild (@EdBuild) November 4, 2015 This Slate article describes how Highland Park keeps itself separate from the surrounding Dallas schools. Plus map from EdBuild.

AM News: Obama On Mascots, De Blasio On Real Estate, Zuckerberg On Community Responsiveness

Obama: Schools 'Really Don’t Have An Excuse' To Keep Native American Mascots HuffPost: With Adidas' recent announcement that the company will help schools transition away from Native American mascots, "schools now really don’t have an excuse" for keeping them, President Barack Obama said Thursday at the 2015 White House Tribal Nations Conference. Show More Summary

Maps: How Many States Have "Repealed" Common Core, Again?

There's some energetic back and forth going on behind the scenes about the accuracy of this WSJ piece and how it codes the states (Financial Woes Plague Common-Core Rollout), but that doesn't mean you can't read it and check out the map of states.

Quotes: Why Turnaround Worked In Miami But Not In Chicago

In Miami, school district officials had prepared for the grants. They had the support of teachers, unions and parents. In Chicago, where teachers fought the program and officials changed almost yearly, schools churned through millions of dollars but didn’t budge the needle. -- Reporter Caitlin Emma in Politico

Morning Video: Kids Debate Whether Hillary Clinton Could Be President

Watch kids talk about whether a woman could be President -- and then meet Hillary Clinton. Or (it's Friday!), watch this amazing video of two "jetmen" flying alongside a massive jetliner:

AM News: Washington State Wants Its NCLB Waiver Back (& More)

With White House rethinking tests, Washington wants its ‘No Child Left Behind’ waiver back Seattle Times: With federal waivers — which Washington had for awhile — school districts didn’t have to set aside some of their federal funds to pay for private tutoring for students attending schools where test scores fell under certain levels. Show More Summary

Maps: Handful Of States Still Omit Student Growth Measures For Teachers

"At least three states, Alabama, Texas, and New Hampshire again, told the federal Education Department that they use state test scores in teacher evaluations, but those policies only exist in their waivers." EdWeek writeup of NCTQ report ("Will Teacher Evaluations Through Test Scores Outlast Obama?)

Quotes: Privatization "Such An Easy Way To Avoid Issues"

I worry about the folks who link every challenge public school districts face to "privatization." It's such an easy way to avoid issues.— deray mckesson (@deray) November 5, 2015 "I worry about the folks who link every challenge public school districts face to "privatization." It's such an easy way to avoid issues." - Deray McKesson

Morning Video: "I Thought I Knew How To Listen To People"

Watch this UC Memphis panel on #BlackLivesMatter and education, featuring among others Brittany Packnett. (Skip to 14:00 to hear her "I thought I knew how to listen people... I thought that I was not being paternalistic in my practice...")

AM News: Feds Tap Brakes On Ohio Charters

Federal government puts the brakes on $32 million to Ohio for charters Washington Post: More than a month after the Obama administration gave $32.5 million to Ohio to expand charter schools despite Ohio's history of multiple scandals involving charters, the U.S. Show More Summary

Charts: The Great Convergence (Of NAEP Scores, Demographically Adjusted)

"Once you control for demographics, nearly every state performs about the same," notes a recent post from Neerav Kingsland (NAEP and the Great Convergence). "only 4-5 states are outside of the +/- six month band... This feels like a great convergence of some sort."

Charts: How One Miami SIG School Made Significant Progress

"Under the three-year SIG grant, test scores [at Miami Edison Senior High School] went up and students made significant learning gains." (from Politico's Here’s why $7 billion didn’t help America’s worst schools). Used with permissi...

Quotes: Don't Blame Students' Poverty For Academic Achievement

There is no way you can blame socioeconomic status for the performance of the United States... When you look at all dimensions of social background, the United States does not suffer a particular disadvantage. -- OECD's Andreas Shcleicher quoted in NYT column by Eduardo Porter (School vs. Society in America’s Failing Students)

Morning Listen: Parents' Nuanced Views About School Choice

From WBEZ Chicago: A small tale about a new school, market-based education reforms and Home Depot.

AM News: Elections Change Landscape In JeffCo, St. Paul, & Seattle

Jeffco school board members who pushed controversial changes ousted in recall ChalkbeatCO: After two years of political acrimony in the Colorado’s second largest school district, three conservative school board members were easily swept out of office Tuesday in a recall election that cost more than a million dollars and attracted national attention. Show More Summary

Charts: What Teachers Get Paid (Compared To Other Professions)

Here's an figure from CAP's new report on improving the teaching profession: "Smart, Skilled, and Striving." Image used with permission.

Charters: When "Thin" Contracts Were All The Rage (2009)

There was a moment, maybe six or seven years years ago, when it seemed like charter schools with "thin" contracts were all the rage. They combined the autonomy and flexibility of a charter with the protections against unwarranted dismissal or arbitrary treatment from supervisors. Show More Summary

Quotes: Are Edu-Combatants Ready For Collaboration?

I think we may be reaching an end to those pitched, and pointless, battles... It is starting to feel that in a large and significant sense, all roads are beginning to converge on the educational definition of Rome: a public education...Show More Summary

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