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Warrant Issued for Abusive Charter Principal

For each of these feloni ous criminal abusers apprehended, how many thousands go unpunished? By the way, the Walton Family Foundation is a partner in th is abusive enterprise. A Baton Rouge charter school principal is wanted by police after he was accused of locking a 5-year-old student in a closet as a form of punishment, according to police. Show More Summary

Affirmative Action Has Served to Assuage the White Liberal Conscience

After decades of affirmative action, Black and Hispanic college applicants remain largely shut out of elite colleges, where grads have the inside track on America's best opportunities. While showing some limited success for increasing...Show More Summary

Income Inequality for African Americans Continues

WaPo has an analysis of the latest Census data on U. S. incomes. It's not hard to see who has been left behind. African-Americans are worse off economically than they were at the turn of the century.

Corrupt Charter Astroturf Group Pays Record Fine in MA

Last year white Alice Walton, New York hedge fund whales, and other Wall Street parasites poured $19 million into an effort in Massachusetts to increase the number of charter schools in the state by eliminating the state cap. With the...Show More Summary

Librarians!!!!! Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept 8, 2017

We still need librarians in public schools. Published in the Chicago Tribune, Sept. 8, 2017 Congratulations to the Tribune for informing the public about the lack of school librarians in Chicago. Not mentioned in the Sept. 5 articleShow More Summary

A scrappy parent takes on the bow tie man.

From Wrench in the GearsSeptember 9, 2017Or, how my day would have been very different had I worn khakis.This is a story about access. Who has it, who doesn’t, and how in order to save public education, people, especially people of privilege, need to take a page from the Ed Reform 2.0 handbook and start actively disrupting. Show More Summary

ED and Blackwater Share Same Goal

Just as her murderous brother, Erik Prince, has a scheme to privatize the U. S. military, the criminally-ignorant crone, Betsy DeVos, is out to do the same for schooling from pre-K through college: “I think that there’s been an outsized footprint in the last couple, three decades on the part of the federal government in education,” she said. Show More Summary

Time to end the racist triumvirate of Tuck, Huppenthal, and Horne

It’s a tale of white fragility and fear, really.—Imani Gandy These two racist State Superintendents finally got what they deserved for shuttering ethnic studies in Arizona. However, right here in California, we have a candidate for State...Show More Summary

NEA: "We're not opposed to charter schools."

Jeff Bryant, who remains a primary enabler of the corporate unions, NEA and AFT, recently interviewed NEA VP Becky Pringle at NetRoots.JB: Does that mean NEA is anti-charter?BP: We're not opposed to charter schools. We have started charter schools, and we have members in charter schools. Show More Summary

Charter Industry Demands Access to TN Student Data: Parents Say No

Under the misdirection of Commissioner Candice McQueen, the TN state legislature recently passed a sweeping new charter law that is aimed to expand the footprint and to give more public money to the charter industry's corporate welfare reform schools. Show More Summary

Ravitch Doubles Down on NAACP Charter Embrace

Ravitch then asks: Now, I ask you, what part of these five recommendations suggests that the NAACP is wrong? That it was doing the bidding of teachers’ unions?" The second part of your question I will answer with a question: Does anyone...Show More Summary

The Private Company Behind the Muncie School Bus Fiasco

by Doug Martin As the Muncie, Indiana, privatized school bus fiasco deepens, parents protest at bus stops, kids get lost on buses on the way home, 911 calls are made, buses never show up or are late, school gets cancelled for days because...Show More Summary

Bad Writer? Blame a Teacher, Says Goldstein

As journo-author of numerous pieces in her series, "Educational History for Dummies Who Want to Remain That Way," Dana Goldstein has another gem of a piece in the New York Times, where she regularly brings to light the corporate education...Show More Summary

Confusion Persists Regarding NEA Charter Policy

There appears to be some real confusion among what may be well-intentioned folks about what the NEA resolution on charter schools actually says about a moratorium. Here is the only mention of a moratorium in the document:Unless bothShow More Summary

Grit by any other name is torture

Angela Duckworth and her "academic" mentor Martin Seligman helped develop torture models that the CIA uses in places like Iraq. The very same elements of these torture models were taken from Duckworth et al. to establish the horrific "no excuses" policies of corporate charter school chains like KIPP. Show More Summary

Will "smart" cities lead to surveilled education and social control?

from Wrench in the GearsJuly 28, 2017A growing number of metropolitan areas are being shaped by “Smart” City policies. Bloomberg Philanthropy’s “What Works Cities” aims to bring these programs to mid-size cities as well. Even in communities...Show More Summary

NAACP Dumps Charter Moratorium And Wins Ravitch "Honor Roll" Status

Last October the NAACP adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium on the authorization of new charter schools. Even though the new position did nothing to help the millions of children already trapped and abused in thousands of apartheid...Show More Summary

NEA Continues Support for Charter Schools

NEA Continues Support for Charter Schools by Jim Horn Every year American public school educators send approximately a billion and a half dollars to the National Education Association and over half that amount to the American Federation of Teachers. Show More Summary

ESSA Goes After NY Community High Schools

There are 51 of them in New York City, and they serve transfer students whose circumstances made it impossible to work through a regular high school. Students receive counseling, career guidance, and other social services that allow students to actually learn while finish high school at a decelerated pace. Show More Summary

Digital Classrooms As Data Factories

from Wrench in the GearsJuly 16, 2017 My goal for this series is to make it clear that the “Future Ready” changes we’re seeing in today’s classrooms stem from the drive to create a speculative market in education data linked to social impact investing, Pay for Success, and Social Impact Bonds. Show More Summary

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