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Sleight of hand, Slate?

by Wrench in the GearsMay 27, 2017 Over the past few days, my social media feed has been buzzing about Slate’s “The Big Shortcut.” The eight-part series, developed in coordination with Columbia Graduate School of Journalism’s The Teacher...Show More Summary

The New Gold Rush by TFA in Camden

Most critics of Teach of America focus on the criminally-miseducative practice of using white inexperienced Ivy League missionaries, most of whom remain blind to their own racism, to impose a form of corporate counter-insurgency in the poorest urban areas of America, where children need the most professional and experienced teachers. Show More Summary

SpeEdChange: Angela Duckworth's Eugenics - the University of Pe...

This piece was published by Ira David Socol in 2014, and it only gotten truer since. SpeEdChange: Angela Duckworth's Eugenics - the University of Pe...: "The direct result of this inquiry is to make manifest the great and measurable differences between the mental and bodily faculties of...

Moby-Dick for Babies: Marvel or Monster

NOTE: This first appeared in the Charlotte News, May 17, 2017Susan OhanianA display at my village library invites parents and others who care about young children’s literacy development to take a look at the new assault on childhood—baby versions of the classics. Show More Summary

The Silicon Valley Assault on Children's Learning

For almost 200 years, snake oil salesmen have hawked their wares to schoolmen and to educators, hoping to cash in on the public dollars that taxpayers have intended to help educate the young.Through the selling of textbooks, readingShow More Summary

Brent Staples Leads NY Times Editorial Thought Disorders

In a New York Times editorial entitled "Confronting Segregation in New York Schools," education non-expert Brent Staples begins well enough by talking about efforts to desegregate NYC's segregated schools. Such an editorial is amongShow More Summary

Personalized Learning Poised to Take Center Stage

from Wrench in the GearsMay 14, 2017As new state education plans are unveiled, the ed-tech sector is positioning itself to take full advantage of the ESSA’s ample provisions for innovation / entrepreneurial experimentation on public school children. Show More Summary

Privatizer Nick Melvoin wants Betsy DeVos style policies for Los Angeles

"Melvoin’s people are not ordinary constituents passing daily through LAUSD’s school house doors. These are an extremely rarefied set of LA’s ruling class, the managers and not the workers of this great city." — Sara Roos Nick Melvoin is a right-of-center, neoliberal privatizer who is close to David F. Show More Summary

Trump Is Just Another of Putin's Puppet Oligarchs

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Out of School Time Learning, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

by Wrench in the GearsMay 10, 2017 Digital education, pitched to parents as innovative, future-ready, and personalized, reduces student access to human teachers and builds robust data profiles that can be used for workforce tracking, behavioral compliance, and fiscal oversight. Show More Summary

What Happened When Sister Betsy Spoke at an HBCU Commencement

Racist billionaire and Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, thought she would smooth over some of Trump's more outrageous abuses of HBCUs when she went to speak at Bethune-Cookman's commencement. I don't think she will make that mistake again.

Graphic Essay: Betsy DeVos' 'School Choice' Movement Isn't Social Justice. It's a Return to Segregation.

Charters and vouchers have always been intended to break public schools, and wrest education away from the public commons. "School choice," a phrase coined by segregationists, has always been about maintaining and exacerbating segregation by race and class. Show More Summary

Hoping to escape Competency-Based Education? Looks like Wyoming is your only option.

from Wrench in the GearsMay 2, 2017Last week Susan Patrick of iNACOL (International Association of K12 Online Learning) and Chris Sturgis of CompetencyWorks presented “An Overview of K12 Competency-Based Education for Education Leaders and Teachers.” The webinar and slides can be accessed here. Show More Summary

KIPP Calls for End of Debate and More Disposable Teachers

My response below to Mike Feinberg's op-ed in the Houston Chronicle:It's that time of year again when thousands of exhausted KIPP Model teachers are anticipating their final teaching days and hoping to recover from the regular traumas of working in "no excuses" charters like KIPP. Show More Summary

Tell California State Senators to support SB 808

Network for Public Education (NPE) is helping to support California Senate Bill 808. The legislation, while it doesn't go far enough, is an important first step towards reeling in the outrageous excesses of the charter school sector....Show More Summary

The Dangers of Transhumanist Fantasy-Science

“Transhumanism.... is the idea of humanity attempting to overcome its limitations and to arrive at fuller fruition.” --Julian Huxley Gifted investigator, writer, and former evangelical Christian, Meghan O'Gieblyn, has published an abridged version of her important essay on transhumanism in The Guardian. Show More Summary

Mr. Staples: Here's What Happened to Black Teachers

As the chief education spokesman for the New York Times editorial board, Brent Staples' support for corporate education polices most often goes unsigned in his editorials. This week, however, Mr. Staples has an editorial piece in the...Show More Summary

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