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5 Best RPG Games on Steam: Which Is Your Favorite?

It’s that time of year when many are looking for the best RPG games on Steam!  RPG games (which are also called role playing games) are some of the oldest games to come out on the PC and since then they’ve just become even more popular. Show More Summary

How are IP Addresses Available to the Internet Classified?

Trying to figure out what exactly is an IP address and how are they classified? Well, an IP address is a unique combination of figures in the web that enable you to find, transfer and receive information from one computer (which is called a node) to another node or computer. Show More Summary

ASUS vs. DELL Laptops – Which is the Best?

Looking to decide between an ASUS vs Dell laptop?  These are two powerhouse names in computers and we decided to check them out and see how they stand up against each other and which laptops in a Dell vs ASUS matchup did better. When you’re looking for a laptop, you don’t want to buy a If you want to keep reading ASUS vs. Show More Summary

Computer Glasses vs. Reading Glasses: What You Need to Know

Computer glasses vs. reading glasses, which do you need and why?  Isn’t “why” always the question to so many things?  In the digital age, people get confused as to whether they need computer glasses or reading glasses. Here is an overview of both and whether you need them or not. Show More Summary

Top 10 Stylish Headphones 2017 for Great Music Experience

Isn’t it time that you got some stylish headphones? Dr. Dre—an entrepreneur, record producer and full-time rapper says, “People aren’t hearing all the music.” This converts into a more accurate assessment that states : people are failing to buy the right headphones. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know: the Touchfire Keyboard Review

Here at Techiesense, we have reviewed many amazing products. Today, we are at it again presenting an in-depth Touchfire keyboard review! Yes, for many of us, typing on an iPad onscreen virtual keyboard can be a daunting or intimidating task. Show More Summary

5 Best of the Best 10 Inch Tablets Under 300 Dollars

Welcome to our Guide to the Best Tablet Under $300: Our search for the best tablet under 300 dollars is based on quality, sales and customer feedback and daily performance – all the key points we want to know about before we buy! Today,...Show More Summary

Top 10 Gaming Laptops Under $1000: Which Are the Best?

(Updated September, 2017) Not sure that you REALLY can find the best gaming laptops under 1000?  It’s true: Gaming laptops can cost you a pretty penny. However, contrary to common belief, you don’t have to break the bank to afford the best laptop. Show More Summary

“Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding”: VR Game for Gear VR and Google Cardboard

There are lots of game types that you can find nowadays, but only a select few actually make you think and enjoy your time a lot more than ever before. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is a wonderful VR Maze game that manages to test your orientation and puzzle solving capabilities. Show More Summary

All In One vs Desktop: The Battle Continues

Which is better: all-in-one computers or desktops? Well, the “all-in-one vs. desktops” debate is a long-running matter that we’ve covered in other posts and provided our own insights on before. All in One vs Desktop – The Battle Continues...Show More Summary

All in One vs Desktop Computer: Which is Best?

Desktop vs All in One – it’s been a question that many have asked! There has definitely been a long-running debate about whether all-in-one computers or standard desktop computers are best and which to buy. So TechieSense is going to...Show More Summary

8 Best Laptops Under $500 in 2017: Which Are the Best?

It’s isn’t easy trying to find the best laptop under $500 these days!  And it’s not because they are rare, but rather, there are a TON of laptops under 500 that are worth checking out.  And that’s exactly what we did for our Best Laptops...Show More Summary

Have You Seen the Top 10 Best TV Soundbars?

It’s definitely true that most people can’t stand the audio quality on their TVs. Unfortunately, even the modern sets have a lot of pitfalls when it comes to audio quality. In many cases, speaker drivers usually underperform and in most cases, are aligned to face the wrong direction. Show More Summary

8 Laptops With the Best Battery Life

If you are looking for a laptop with the best battery life, then you’ve already experienced what it’s like to run out of juice at the worst possible moment! What good is a laptop if its battery gives up after every two hours of rigorous...Show More Summary

User Beware! Facebook could be Spying on Your Smartphone Conversations

Just like all other social network platforms, Facebook was meant to help people “go social” without the limitations of their different geographical differences. But if what is going on holds water, then it is necessary to be on guard against something that goes deeper than the surface of the natural eye. Show More Summary

17 Best Wireless Headphones 2016 for Phone, PC, Gaming, TV & Running

Are you searching for a wireless headphone or wireless bluetooth headphones that work with your lifestyle? If you like to move around the house with your music, dance on your favorite song or cook while you listen to instructions, you need a headphone set. Show More Summary

17 Best Tablets 2017 – Top Reviews & Ratings

Looking for the best tablets 2017 offers?  Well, we’ve been tracking the Best Tablet for the Money for 5 years now, so we can easily show you our top rated recommendations to check out this year as well! Our favorites are based on several...Show More Summary

The Best Tablets Under 500 Dollars? Check Out the Top 5

(Updated September, 2017) Trying to figure out which are the best tablets under 500 dollars this year?  There are definitely a ton of top rated and reviewed options to consider.  So that’s why we have been checking out the competition,...Show More Summary

Best Laptops Under 400: How to Find a Gaming Laptop & More

We decided to find out which laptops, particularly gaming laptops, under $400 are the best. Our goal was to detail the best features available at an affordable price. Not everyone has the budget to afford a high-end gaming laptop, but...Show More Summary

Best Ultrabook 2017 – The 10 Winners Might Surprise You!

(Updated September, 2017) Are you searching for the Best Ultrabook Under 1000 or even the Best Ultrabooks Under 500?  We started this with our Best Ultrabook 2015 and have been reviewing and re-checking a couple of times a year since...Show More Summary

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