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The Data behind the Women's Movement

Charts highlight some of the key issues Women’s March activists are fighting for -- Read more on

When 2 (Disciplines) Become 1

Reflections on the convergence of art and science -- Read more on

In Silico Flurries

Computing a world of snowflakes --

Visualizing Uncertain Weather

Storm prediction is tricky business. So is illustrating it -- Read more on

The Evolution of a Scientific American Graphic: Beetle Resurrection

Artist Kelly Murphy provides a peek behind the scenes, and describes how she developed an illustration for the December 2017 issue -- Read more on

A Visual Guide to the Search for Exoplanets

This infographic highlights the diversity of our closest stellar neighbors and the planets they host -- Read more on

The Evolution of a Scientific American Graphic: Pregnancy in Progress

When we return to a topic where the research has advanced, our visual explanations need to be updated accordingly -- Read more on

LIGO and Gravitational Waves: A Graphic Explanation

Infographic from Scientific American breaks down the technology behind our ongoing search for ripples in spacetime -- Read more on

Circadian Rhythms, Illustrated

A graphic from the Scientific American archive provides a look into the brain’s molecular clock—research that contributed to this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine -- Read more on

Visualizing Sex as a Spectrum

Infographic reveals the startling complexity of sex determination -- Read more on

Remembering Marian C. Diamond

Illustrations from the Scientific American archive highlight key discoveries of an influential neuroscientist -- Read more on

The Evolution of a Scientific American Graphic: Solar Eclipses

Data designer Jan Willem Tulp provides a peek behind the scenes, and describes how he developed several visualizations for an article in the August 2017 issue -- Read more on

Beyond Medical Illustration

The surprising applications of a profession you may not know exists -- Read more on

Visualizing the Innards of Subatomic Particles

With a nod to the recently discovered Xi-cc++ particle, here’s a look at the quantum foam that lies within -- Read more on

Why Are so Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.?

Data visualization engineer Zan Armstrong takes a close look at human birth patterns. -- Read more on

Revisiting a Climate Data Viz Icon

This humble 59-year-old chart reveals that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to climb upward -- Read more on

Illustrating Mental Illness

Researcher embraces data art as a way to diagram her own anxieties -- Read more on

Unexplained Light Curves

Boyajian’s star is dimming again. This graphic shows why that’s weird. -- Read more on

Interactive Brain Art

A new media installation at Columbia University renders the brain larger than life -- Read more on

What Does a Black Hole Really Look Like?

39-year-old drawing hints at what the Event Horizon Telescope may have just captured: the true shape of a black hole -- Read more on

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