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NASA adds up Tropical Storm Cindy's rainfall

Tropical storm Cindy was downgraded to a tropical depression after moving onshore near the Texas and Louisiana Border on Thursday June 22, 2017 and bringing a lot of rain with it. That rainfall was measured by NASA using satellite d...

Bid for environmental rights pact to kick off in Paris

Politicians, legal experts and activists will launch a campaign in Paris on Saturday for a global pact to protect the human right to a clean, healthy environment.

Scientists apply fingerprint test for CO2 storage

A test developed by University scientists to check for leaks from carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites has been used for the first time.

Iconic river red gums threatened by rising CO2 levels

Australia's iconic and most widespread tree species the river red gum is under serious threat by rising CO2 levels and their survival may depend on curbing carbon emissions, a study led by The Australian National University (ANU) has found.

On California, the drought and the 'yuck factor'

Although hydrologists say California has emerged from its most recent drought, how cities get their water is weighing on the state's experts—now more than ever.

Satellite technology could help agricultural producers more accurately measure subsurface moisture

Agricultural producers could, in the future, make use of better forecasts to more efficiently irrigate their fields using a Purdue-developed technology that could more accurately sense soil moisture below the surface through measuring the reflections of communication satellite signals.

'City that never sleeps' wants to dial down the volume

Car horns, sirens, drilling, jet overflights and restaurants where diners have to yell to be heard—New York is one of the loudest cities in the world.

France marks hottest post-war June day as Europe sizzles

France marked its hottest June day since World War II on Wednesdayas overheated residents across swathes of Europe coped with another day of sizzling temperatures.

Anger in Nigeria's south over oil spill clean-up delay

Under a leaden sky in oil-rich southern Nigeria, young men hang around with nothing to do, covering their noses from the noxious fumes of the polluted swamp.

NASA's infrared and radar eyes in space cast on Tropical Storm Cindy

NASA's Aqua satellite analyzed Tropical Storm Cindy in infrared light to identify areas of strongest storms and the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM satellite found locations of heaviest rainfall as Cindy was making landfall along the U.S. Gulf Coast states.

California named state with the worst air quality (again)

High ozone levels and a quickly growing population are making it tough to implement regulations to reduce pollution, says a Cal State LA professor.

Frequent hot summers in Europe/west Asia and northeast Asia after the mid-1990s

After the mid-1990s, the global surface temperature presented a significant warming trend. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the global mean surface temperature of the period from 2011 to 2015 has increased by 0.57° over the period from 1961 to 1990. Show More Summary

Vegetation phenology variability based on Tibetan Plateau tree-ring data

In recent years, researchers have focused on how vegetation phenology on the Tibetan Plateau (TP), the Earth's largest surface area above 4000 m ASL, responds to rising temperatures. An increase in growth activity of high-elevation vegetation on the TP may have a considerable impact on the regional carbon budget.

Main forest fires in Portugal under control (Update)

The main forest fires that have raged in Portugal since the weekend, killing more than 60 people, were brought under control on Thursday, the civil protection agency said, but grief and anger smouldered across the country.

Pakistani citizens gasp for clean air

Furhan Hussain moved to Islamabad seeking fresher air, only to find Pakistan's leafy capital in a semi-permanent haze. Frustrated, he joined a vanguard of citizens monitoring pollution themselves amid a void in government data.

Record UK rainfall in winter 2013-14 caused by tropics, stratosphere and climate warming

New research has revealed the causes of the UK's record rainfall and subsequent flooding during the 2013-14 winter.

Fake quake: Report of major California temblor a false alarm

The only tremors from a reported major earthquake off the California coast came on the internet.

Oil, gas giants could waste trillions in a 2C world: report

Thirty percent of investments planned by oil and gas majors over the next decade could be wasted if the world economy retools to cap global warming at two degrees Celsius, researchers warned Wednesday.

Algae: The final frontier

Algae dominate the oceans that cover nearly three-quarters of our planet, and produce half of the oxygen that we breathe. And yet fewer than 10 percent of the algae have been formally described in the scientific literature, as noted in a new review co-authored by Carnegie's Arthur Grossman in Trends in Plant Science.

Trash-picking seagulls poop tons of nutrients

At least 1.4 million seagulls feed at landfills across North America, which aside from the nuisance it might pose, is also a threat to the health of nearby waters, a new Duke University study finds.

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