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Study suggests you can 'pick up' a good or bad mood from your friends

(University of Warwick) New research suggests that both good and bad moods can be 'picked up' from friends, but depression can't.A team led by the University of Warwick has examined whether friends' moods can affect an individual therefore implying that moods may spread across friendship networks.

Monk parakeets invade Mexico

(Santa Fe Institute) In a new paper published in PLOS ONE, researchers describe a recent, rapid, and ongoing invasion of monk parakeets in Mexico, and the regulatory changes that affected the species' spread.

Method to estimate abundance, trends in North Atlantic right whales confirms decline

(NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center) NOAA Fisheries researchers and colleagues at the New England Aquarium have developed a new model to improve estimates of abundance and population trends of endangered North Atlantic right whales, which have declined in numbers and productivity in recent years. Show More Summary

Mathematician and chronicler of political murders

(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) Emil J. Gumbel's formulas are fundamental for extreme value theory. This statistical discipline describes extreme incidents, such as floods or storms. Little is known, however, that he was also a pioneer of modern data journalism, unveiling the patterns of political murder in the Weimar Republic. Show More Summary

Students' self-concepts of ability in math, reading predict later math, reading attainment

(Society for Research in Child Development) A new longitudinal study looked at how youths' self-concepts are linked to their actual academic achievement in math and reading from middle childhood to adolescence. The study found that students'...Show More Summary

Gun laws requiring domestic abusers to surrender firearms could save lives

(Boston University School of Medicine) The mass shooting in Plano, Texas, this month was the deadliest of 2017. It also fit a pattern: The shooter had targeted his estranged wife and her friends and family -- and had a history of intimate partner violence (IPV).

Catching diversity of fish species means more stable income for fishers

(University of Washington) A team of scientists analyzed nearly 30 years of revenue and permitting records for individuals fishing in Alaskan waters and tracked how their fishing choices, in terms of permits purchased and species caught, influenced their year-to-year income volatility.

When radio galaxies collide, supermassive black holes form tightly bound pairs

(Rochester Institute of Technology) Supermassive black holes found in the centers of galaxies can form gravitationally bound pairs when galaxies merge, according to a study published in the Sept. 18 issue of Nature Astronomy.

MAA announces $150,000 to increase diversity in math

(Mathematical Association of America) The Mathematical Association of America, on behalf of the Tensor Foundation, awarded $159,700 in funding to 30 institutions supporting women and underrepresented groups in mathematics in 2017.

New data-driven analysis reveal deeper insight into athletic performance at sports symposium

(American Statistical Association) With the demand for data, analytical tools, and a competitive edge on the rise in professional and collegiate sports, the 2017 New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports will feature fresh findings, applications, and insights into player performance and team success.

IMDEA Networks connects to the 5G world at 2017 Taipei 5G Summit

(IMDEA Networks Institute) Professor Arturo Azcorra, IMDEA Networks' director and one of the top European experts on the fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G), participated as an invited speaker in the 4th Taipei 5GShow More Summary

Luxembourg Stock Exchange and University of Luxembourg enter partnership on Fintech

(University of Luxembourg) Representatives from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliabity and Trust (SnT) and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange met at LuxSE headquarters in Luxembourg on 12 September 2017 to formally sign a Partnership Framework Agreement. Show More Summary

The bilingual brain calculates differently depending on the language used

(University of Luxembourg) How do multilingual people solve arithmetical tasks presented to them in different languages? The question will gain in importance in the future, as an increasingly globalized job market and accelerated migration will mean that ever more people seek work and study outside of the linguistic area of their home countries. Show More Summary

Plant breeding in the 21st century

(American Society of Agronomy) Contemporary plant breeding requires teams of scientists with expertise in genetics, phenotyping, and statistics. The 'Plant Breeding in the 21st Century' presentation planned at the Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting in Tampa, Fla., will address this important topic.

'The dark side' of quantum computers

(Eindhoven University of Technology) The era of fully fledged quantum computers threatens to destroy internet security as we know it. Researchers are in a race against time to prepare new cryptographic techniques before the arrival of quantum computers, as cryptographers Tanja Lange (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) and Daniel J. Show More Summary

She loves me, she loves me not: The analytics behind finding true love with online dating

(Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Looking for love online? Nearly 50 percent of Americans know someone who has used an online dating site and 5 percent of Americans who are married or in committed relationships met online. Show More Summary

Lay interventions for depression and drinking

(PLOS) Brief psychological interventions delivered by lay counselors in primary care were effective and cost-effective for patients with depression and harmful drinking in India, according to two studies in PLOS Medicine by Vikram Patel of Harvard Medical School, USA, and colleagues from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK and Sangath, India.

Letting the data speak for itself

(King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)) A new statistical approach for environmental measurements lets the data determine how to model extreme events.

Want to improve your business's online ratings? Make sure to respond to reviews

(Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Can responding to online reviews improve a business' online reputation? According to a forthcoming study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science, a leading academic marketing journal, management responses can not only lead to higher ratings for businesses, but also more informative reviews.

Congressional redistricting less contentious when resolved using computer algorithm

(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Concerns that the process of US congressional redistricting may be politically biased have fueled many debates, but a team of University of Illinois computer scientists and engineers has developed a new computer algorithm that may make the task easier for state legislatures and fairer for their constituents.

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