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Houston Methodist researcher makes bold move by releasing nanotech 'recipe'

(Houston Methodist) In a rare move, a Houston Methodist researcher is sharing his recipe for a new, more affordable way to make nanoparticles. This will empower any laboratory in the world to easily create similar nanoparticles and could lead to a whole new way of delivering biotherapeutic drugs and do it more quickly. Show More Summary

ACP reaffirms calls to Congress for policies to reduce rate of firearms violence

(American College of Physicians) The American College of Physicians (ACP) today sent letters urging Congress to take immediate action to reduce the rate of firearms violence in the US. The letters to House and Senate leadership expressed...Show More Summary

Ohio University corrosion expert Nesic earns prestigious honor

(Ohio University) Ohio University Russ Professor Srdjan Nesic, who is also the director of the Russ College of Engineering and Technology's Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology (ICMT), has received the prestigious 2018 Willis Rodney Whitney Award for his contributions to corrosion science and education.

Combination of old and new yields novel power grid cybersecurity tool

(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) An innovative R&D project led by Berkeley Lab researchers that combines cybersecurity, machine learning algorithms and commercially available power system sensor technology to better protect the electric power grid has sparked interest from US utilities, power companies and government officials.

NASA's Aqua satellite finds Dumazile sheared

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Vertical wind shear is an adversary of tropical cyclones because it can blow them apart, and NASA's Aqua satellite found wind shear pushing Tropical Cyclone Dumazile's clouds south of its center.

Treating hypothyroidism to stop a stubborn surgical complication

(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) For the first time, researchers have linked radiation-damaged thyroid glands to poor surgical outcomes. The solution may be as simple as a common hormone supplement.

Slow-release hydrogel aids immunotherapy for cancer

(Rice University) An immunotherapy drug embedded in a slow-release hydrogel invented at Rice University in collaboration with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston appears to be highly effective at killing cancer cells.

We're not addicted to smartphones, we're addicted to social interaction

(Frontiers) Mobile-device habits may not be anti-social, but rather hyper-social -- stemming from a healthy human need to socialize. This is the finding of a new review of the dysfunctional use of smart technology, which concludes that the most addictive smartphone functions all share a common theme: they tap into the human desire to connect with other people.

Software aims to reduce food waste by helping those in need

(Iowa State University) An Iowa State University research team is testing a new online tool to provide food to those in need by reducing food waste.

Smart glass made better, and cheaper

(University of Delaware) New 'smart glass' technology developed at the University of Delaware could make curtains and blinds obsolete and provide an instant toggle between light and dark for windshields and roof panes. While this isn't...Show More Summary

Social factors, toxic exposures: Study to examine confluence of children's health risks

(Colorado State University) At Colorado State University, a multidisciplinary research team is taking a deep dive on a multitude of environmental and social stressors, and how they affect health outcomes for young children. The researchers are supported by a three-year, $600,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Taming biofuel-loving microbes

(American Chemical Society) Most people are cautious around gasoline and diesel for good reason, but some microbes love the stuff -- especially biofuels that contain fatty acid derivatives. So, as the world tries to go 'green,' it also has to consider the slime that such microbes leave behind, clogging up equipment and killing engines. Show More Summary

New insights could pave the way for self-powered low energy devices

(Georgia Institute of Technology) Researchers have discovered more details about the way certain materials hold a static charge even after two surfaces separate, information that could help improve devices that leverage such energy as a power source.

With a TENG, solar cells could work come rain or shine

(American Chemical Society) Despite the numerous advances in solar cells, one thing remains constant: cloudy, rainy conditions put a damper on the amount of electricity created. Now researchers reporting in the journal ACS Nano have developed hybrid solar cells that can generate power from raindrops.

Virtual testing of parts could replace physical tests

(Swansea University) Virtual testing of newly manufactured components, using 3-D X-ray imaging, could be on the horizon, thanks to research led by Swansea University, which has just been awarded £1 million in funding. Virtual tests could provide a big boost to the manufacturing sector.

One-month worth of memory training results in 30 minutes

(Abo Akademi University) A significant part of working memory training effects is a result of a fast development of task-specific strategies during training, rather than an increase in working memory capacity.

School of Advanced Science on Frontiers of Lasers selects students

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) The event on July 16-27 in São Paulo, Brazil, will fund the expenses for selected students. The School's main goal is to disseminate and improve knowledge in laser photonics, which is thought to play a major role in near future technology and society.

Sandia researcher Jacqueline Chen elected to National Academy of Engineering

(DOE/Sandia National Laboratories) Jacqueline Chen, a distinguished member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Chen is among the 99 new members from around the globe in the 2018 class.

An 'insider's look' at Tropical Cyclone 11S from NASA's Aqua Satellite

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Infrared imagery provides valuable temperature data in storms, and when NASA's Aqua satellite flew over newly developed Tropical Cyclone 11S in the Southern Indian Ocean, its gathered that data allowing forecasters to see where the strongest storms were located within.

KIT helps build the European open science cloud

(Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) ) Early this year, setup of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) started. It is to be a Europe-wide cloud platform, on which scientists can store, share, use, and reuse research data. As scientific data volumes may be gigantic, special know-how is needed for the setup and administration of the big data cloud infrastructure.

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