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The July night sky

Nights are getting longer again, bringing the first dark skies of summer. Look out for Saturn – more than a dot, even with binoculars As the sun turns southwards, our nights begin to lengthen and the moonless spell later in July brings many of us our first dark skies of the summer. Show More Summary

The Guardian view on plutocratic Mars missions: escape velocity | Editorial

The race between wealthy tech billionaires to get to Mars is a distraction from mortality For science fiction writers ranged across the astronomical distance that separates Edgar Rice Burroughs and Kim Stanley Robinson, Mars has been a theatre of dreams, variously realistic. Show More Summary

Queen's speech doesn't help British businesses frozen out of EU space contracts

Measures outlined in space industry bill are not enough to alleviate the problems Brexit has created for the industry in Britain, say companies Plans for commercial spaceports outlined in the Queen’s speech this week will not cancel out the economic threat of Brexit, industry leaders have warned. Show More Summary

Finding Neemo: Nasa goes from the bottom of the ocean to outer space | Andrea Boyd

Nasa astronauts-aquanauts have made a temporary underwater home to prepare for future missions. An Aussie space engineer is part of the team On Sunday a group of six astronauts, engineers and scientists submerged 19 metres to the bottom...Show More Summary

The hunt is on for gravity waves

Three craft, millions of kilometres apart and linked by lasers, will watch out for minute ripples in the fabric of spacetime The European Space Agency (ESA) has formally embarked on a mission to search for gravitational waves from space. Show More Summary

Vincent Fournier's best photograph: Boris the cosmonaut shows off his spacesuit

‘After two hours of drinking vodka, General Boris suggested we just do the shoot at his house’ Star City is a self-contained city for cosmonauts about an hour from Moscow. Astronauts still come from all over the world to get trained there. Show More Summary

Summer solstice: the perfect day to bask in a dazzling scientific feat

Wednesday is the longest day of the northern hemisphere’s year – but few realise that it also marks a monumental achievement in rational thinking If you live in the northern hemisphere, Wednesday is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. Show More Summary

Nasa's Kepler telescope finds 10 Earth-like planets: 'We are not alone'

Rocky worlds discovered by Kepler telescope are right distance from their parent stars for water to pool on the surface Astronomers have added 219 candidates to the growing list of planets beyond our solar system, 10 of which may beShow More Summary

Life on Mars: Elon Musk reveals details of his colonisation vision

SpaceX entrepreneur outlines his plan to make humans a multi-planetary species, including an “intentionally fuzzy” 10-year timeframe As far as home planets go, the Earth ticks most of the boxes: oxygen, water, food and lovely views. But there are risks to be considered too. Show More Summary

Scientists make quantum leap towards a secure new kind of internet

A global quantum internet is a major step closer as satellite beams ‘entangled’ light particles to ground stations more than 700 miles apart Scientists have taken a major step towards building a global quantum internet by beaming “entangled” particles of light from a satellite to ground stations more than 700 miles apart. Show More Summary

Alien megastructures – where we should look next

Huge extraterrestrial construction projects should leave detectable traces that astronomers could see You remember the alien megastructure. No? Let me refresh your memory. Back in October 2015, the internet nearly broke when astronomers...Show More Summary

Saturn in full view and at full tilt

Saturn is at its best, enjoying its summer solstice and in opposition, though sadly low in Britain’s sky Saturn’s northern hemisphere is now tilting at its maximum angle to the Sun, 26.75°, as the beautiful ringed planet enjoys its own summer solstice. Show More Summary

Solar spacecraft: two missions to the sun - Science Weekly podcast

Nicola Davis speaks with two scientists about their respective missions to the sun - what burning questions do they hope to answer? And what are some of the obstacle? Subscribe & Review on iTunes, Soundcloud, Audioboom, Mixcloud & Acast,...Show More Summary

Einstein’s Greatest Mistake by David Bodanis review – the story of a fallible genius

Stubbornness beset Einstein’s later years when he increasingly distrusted new experimental data In this very readable biography of one of the most famous scientists of all time, Bodanis tells “the story of a fallible genius but also the story of his mistakes”. Show More Summary

India launches powerful new rocket

Advanced satellite launch vehicle will free India from the need to buy launch slots from other countries in future India launched a new rocket this week, extending the country’s ability to place larger payloads into orbit. Until now,...Show More Summary

Americans 'under siege' from climate disinformation – former Nasa chief scientist

Fake news spread by those with a profit motive is leaving many people oblivious to the threat of climate change, says former head of US space agency Americans are “under siege” from disinformation designed to confuse the public about the threat of climate change, Nasa’s former chief scientist has said. Show More Summary

Kelt-9b: astronomers discover hottest known giant planet

Twice the size of Jupiter and 650 lights years away, planet found using Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescopes, made with off-the-shelf components It is a world like no other. Twice the size of Jupiter and hotter than most stars, the planet sweeps through space with a giant tail of superheated gas stretching out behind it. Show More Summary

Monitoring dam movement from space

Dams exert a massive load on the ground underneath. Satellite monitoring can measure deformation in time to prevent failure Sometimes solid ground isn’t as solid as it seems. This can come as particularly bad news when you’ve just built a whopping great dam on what you thought were strong foundations. Show More Summary

Microsoft co-founder launches world's biggest plane

Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch, which has a 117m wingspan, is designed to send satellites into orbit The world’s biggest plane, boasting a 117-metre wingspan, has been launched by the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The six-engine, dual-hulled Stratolaunch aircraft is designed to launch satellites into orbit. Show More Summary

Third gravitational wave detection gives hints on dark matter and black holes

Latest observation by Ligo brings scientists closer to goal of using gravitational waves to see ancient events invisible to optical and radio telescopes Ripples in the fabric of spacetime triggered by the cataclysmic merger of two black holes more than 3bn years ago have been detected by physicists. Show More Summary

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