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Reflected glory: solar eclipse shadows – in pictures

While millions across America looked skyward during the eclipse, others looked down to see the event projected onto the ground and other surfaces Continue reading...

'Not too bright': Trump trolled for staring at the eclipse with no eye protection

The internet has had fun with images of the US president looking up at the sky during the eclipse without glasses, in defiance of repeated health warnings The internet has made hay with images of the US president looking up at the sky during the solar eclipse without glasses, despite repeated warnings that doing so can lead to permanent eye damage. Show More Summary

Total solar eclipse across the United States – in pictures

Sky-gazers stood transfixed across North America on Monday as the sun vanished behind the moon in total eclipse for the first time in nearly a century Continue reading...

Your underwhelming photos of the solar eclipse

We asked Guardian readers to submit photos of the total solar eclipse that streaked across America on Monday. As you can see, eclipse photography is tricky but we’re grateful for their efforts Continue reading...

How to tell if you damaged your eyes during the eclipse

Use this simple test to find out if viewing the eclipse through a kitchen colander has blinded you Hospitals around the country were inundated with people arriving at their emergency departments to see if they had sustained eye damage as a result of watching the eclipse. Show More Summary

Eclipse: the view from 40,000ft above the Pacific Ocean

A chartered Alaska Airlines flight offered eclipse enthusiasts a chance at a unique view of the phenomenon: ‘A dream come true’ Evgenya Shkolnik, a professor of astrophysics at Arizona State University, is not accustomed to getting high-fives from fellow passengers when she flies. Show More Summary

Astro-bling: scientists recreate 'diamond rain' of Neptune and Uranus

Using lasers and polystyrene, researchers say they have mimicked the high temperatures and pressures thought to cause diamond rain within ice giants Diamond rain might sound like the stuff of poetry, but deep within the ice giants of...Show More Summary

How to view today's solar eclipse from the UK

UK stargazers in the south-west, Wales and Shetland have the best chance of glimpsing a partial eclipse. Here’s how Solar eclipse – live How to see the solar eclipse – with maps With moon about to pass in front of the sun, blocking its...Show More Summary

Solar eclipse live: America prepares for extraordinary spectacle

Some parts of US to be shrouded in darkness as moon passes in front of sun Total eclipse to begin in Oregon on west coast and pass through 14 states How to see the solar eclipse – with maps Portland in the spotlight: city readies for...Show More Summary

Share your photos and videos of the total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse will streak across the continental US on 21 August. If you’re along its path, we’d love to see your pictures and videos How to see the total solar eclipse across America A total solar eclipse will streak across the continental US on 21 August, when the sun will slide fully behind the moon and turn day into night. Show More Summary

Portland in the spotlight: flood of people expected for the Great American Eclipse

One million people are expected to head towards Portland, Oregon to witness an astronomical event that hasn’t taken place in the US since 1979 – but this city is familiar with population booms On the morning of 21 August, several hours after daybreak, a solar eclipse will plunge the city of Portland, Oregon into a twilight-like state. Show More Summary

What kind of eclipse you are likely to see? Let our visualizations show you

The path of the eclipse is 70 miles wide – meaning most of the US will see a partial eclipse. Mona Chalabi’s visualization will give you a sense of what you should prepare yourself for A total solar eclipse will take place on Monday, the first in 38 years. Show More Summary

Silver linings: the climate scientist who records cloud behaviour

Clouds cool the planet by reflecting solar energy back to space and also trap heat and radiate it back to Earth. In a Yale Environment 360 interview, physicist Kate Marvel discusses the double-edged effect clouds have on rising temperatures Clouds perform an important function in cooling the planet as they reflect solar energy back into space. Show More Summary

How Nasa's Voyager spacecraft changed the face of UK science

Although almost exclusively American, the 40-year-old Nasa Voyager spacecraft helped raise the ambitions of the UK’s planetary astronomers The rasp of the filling cabinet’s shutter fills the office, and my guest comes face to face with his past. Show More Summary

Porta-potties, police, prayers: how a tiny Idaho town gets ready for the eclipse

Weiser, Idaho, could see its population of 5,507 swell to 70,000 for the total solar eclipse. As the big day looms, will things go smoothly? The portable toilets began arriving in Weiser, Idaho, on Tuesday, the first of around 70 orange outhouses ordered by local agengies for the Great American Eclipse. Show More Summary

Your photos of the Perseid meteor shower

Some of our readers lucky enough to experience clear skies share their spectacular views of the Perseid meteor shower Continue reading...

Great solar eclipse countdown under way

How to enjoy the full eclipse experience on 21 August, during the first total solar eclipse to cross the USA from coast to coast since 1918 The countdown to the Great American Eclipse on 21 August is entering its final week as eclipse-watchers...Show More Summary

Space whisperers: the Aussies guiding Cassini's suicide mission to Saturn

The grand finale of Nasa’s epic 20-year mission to the ringed planet will be overseen from a deep space centre near Canberra. A photo essay by Jonny Weeks On 15 September 2017 at about 10pm AEST, Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft will plunge deep into the hostile atmosphere of Saturn on an historic but suicidal course. Show More Summary

Spectacular Saturn: Cassini's epic pictures using a one megapixel camera

During its 20-year mission to Saturn, Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft has captured some breathtaking images of the ringed planet and its moons, revealing many unexpected secrets. Here are some of the best • Read our photo essay from Tidbinbilla tracking station – Space whisperers: the Aussies guiding Cassini’s suicide mission to Saturn Continue reading...

Perseid meteor shower seen over Greece – timelapse video

The annual Perseid meteor shower filled the sky will glowing streaks over the weekend near the archaeological site of Mesimvria outside Alexandroupoli in northern Greece. As the meteors burn up, they can appear as green, white or orange streaks across the sky Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky – in pictures Continue reading...

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