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Still rambling (probably) but no more a librarian

Hello World.Today's my last official day as a librarian. Today is exactly 17 years and 5 months since I started work at the National Library Board. Slightly more than a year back, I reviewed where I was and where/ what I could be going/ doing. Show More Summary

A Creative Commons rights infringement case study (involving my work)

Last week, friends alerted me that one of my online artwork was used by a Facebook page owner without crediting me.The artwork was licensed under a Creative Commons ATTRIBUTION license. All the user had to do was credit me and he would be free to modify, repurchase, even sell the image. Show More Summary

Email interview with Singaporean hobbyist-musician, "Su the Bandit"

Another email interview with a musician (these days I'm into finding out what makes creative people tick). This time I interview a fellow Singaporean Carrie Chan, who goes by the online moniker "Su the Bandit".This interview comes five years later (an online longitudinal study of Singaporeans and their creative adventures? Heh). Show More Summary

2013 workshop: Creating Digital Music 101: Using GarageBand

This is my "ECA" this year. From the GoLibrary programme blurb:This programme will focus on the use of Apple's GarageBand, covering the basics of the software and how it can be used to unleash your creativity. If you are a beginner with...Show More Summary

Pre-release book review: Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy/ Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

It was a privilege to be able to review a pre-release copy of Scoble's and Israel's latest book, Age of Context (AoC).Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of PrivacyThis was what I posted at, leaving in anShow More Summary

Interview with Singapore Indie band, Pitch Feather (Part 2)

[From Part 1][RL] I don't know of any other SG musicians who've done any "how to" videos. Are there more tutorials like this that the band plan to release?[PF] We might, but no promises. =P How To Write A Song from Pitch Feather on Vimeo[RL]...Show More Summary

Interview with Singapore Indie band, Pitch Feather (Part 1)

I've been following a Singapore Indie band, Pitch Feather, on SoundCloud and FaceBook soon after they made their presence known in the Internet in late 2012. You might have heard of them too, when their remix of the 2013 NDP song went...Show More Summary

IFLA 2013: "Hello, may I help you?" #wlic2013

"Where can I get spare printer cartridges?""It's very busy out there... I need more people.""I'm tasked to assist the IFLA Secretary General... Nooo don't take my picture!""A taxi uncle brought this back. Somebody left it in his taxi"...Show More Summary

IFLA 2013: My Day-One #wlic2013

Registration was a breeze. I'm wasn't sure if that was a setup particular to the conference venue (Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre). After registering, I just had one more step to do, which was to collect......the official conference bag. Show More Summary

IFLA 2013: Some links to help the first-time visitor to Singapore #wlic2013

The last time I blogged about IFLA 2013 was almost two years ago.So it's finally here.If you're like me, attending an event in an unfamiliar country, you would have questions like "How do I get around?", "Where to buy food?", "How much...Show More Summary

Interview with a Contemporary Fusion musician: Tze

Some years back, I got to know a Singaporean musician and composer from a songwriting meetup. Back then, I didn't really know what he did. But he seemed to know a lot about music. Then I gradually found out that Tze Toh (or Tze, as he...Show More Summary

The launch of "Hands: Gift of a Generation" exhibition, 6 Aug 2013

Several of my colleagues at the National Library have been hard at work for the past few months, working towards this exhibition. The appointed exhibition vendor started work slightly more than a week ago. It all came together for today's official launch of the "Hands: Gift of a Generation" exhibition. Show More Summary

Book review: Love! Live Dangerously! And Have Fun!: a mother's lessons on love, hope, loss and the gifts of life

This one came in the mail for me to review. The book, targeted at young female readers, was easy to read. The tone and style was very personable.Cover from: All Rights Reserved.My take-away from the book:Crap will happen to anyone and everyone, at some point. Show More Summary

Interview with the artist/ writer: "Jack Doe: Anonymous"

[Earlier post: Graphic novel review - Jack Doe: Anonymous]This post is two years late.In 2011, after I blogged about the graphic novel, the author/ artist, Shawn Yap, found my post and left this comment: Hi Ivan! Shawn Yap here! Thanks...Show More Summary

Graphic novel review - Jack Doe: Anonymous

[Next: Author interview]I discovered this work in 2011, when browsing the graphic novel section at Central Public Library."Jack Doe: Anonymous"ISBN: 9789812769343Shawn Yap (creator & artist), Gabriel Chua, Nathan Peng, Daniel Barrett Lee, Xander Lee, Regina Lee, Amanda Yap, Beryl Kwok. Show More Summary

Part 2 - Physical Prep & Post-Mortem: Pengarang to Desaru, and Back Again: Cycling Adventure 29 - 30 Mar 2013

Super long rambly post. You should skip if you're not interested in cycling related information. This is a self-learning/ reflection post. Might be useful for other cyclists planning similar rides. Or experiencing similar pains. Part...Show More Summary

Feedback on the Khatib Bongsu Park Connector

Over the weekend, a few of my friends were discussing about Singapore's National Cycling Plan over email. One of our members offered to collate our ideas and suggestions, to relay to the right government agency folks.I love our Park Connectors. Show More Summary

Part 1 - Tripping on Two Wheel: Pengarang to Desaru, and Back Again: Cycling Adventure 29 - 30 Mar 2013

Total time on the bicycle: 10 hours, thereabouts.Total distance covered: about 112km over 2 days (51km each way).Total energy burned: pretty sure it's 1,800 calories at least (extrapolating from my own 40 km rides in Singapore).Total...Show More Summary

Post-workshop notes: Creating Digital Music 101: GarageBand

[Sat, 10 Nov 2012]Nine people turned up (there was a cap of 12; heard it rained heavily so maybe some opted to stay home?)Nine was a nice number. I sensed the average age was around late 20s to early thirties. Heh, it's nice to knowShow More Summary

Soon-to-be-released: My 2012 Creative Commons project: post-rock themed digital music album

My band mates, with a guest collaborator, started working on a few tracks around Jan this year. Through the usual (for us) way of passing ideas and MP3 files over email.In July, when it sunk in that 2012 would be the 10th global birthday...Show More Summary

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