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What would be the 50 objects that represent Singapore to you?

Back in September, a friend pointed me to this NYT article about a project in New York City, asking historians and museum curators to name 50 objects that could "embody the narrative of New York".Top of the New York list was a Mastodon tusk. Show More Summary

Book review: "Praying to the goddess of mercy: A memoir of mood swings"

There is power in knowing a name.When it comes to an illness, knowing what it is called allows for some measure of rationality. We can start making sense of it and adopt ways to deal with it.Praying to the goddess of mercy: A memoirShow More Summary

Remixing Romeo & Juliet

Came across this graphic-novel adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play.Romeo & Juliet (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels), by Matt Wiegle.ISBN: 9781411498747I’ve never read Romeo & Juliet because it was not one of my literature text in school. Show More Summary

Have you ever had the office go silent on you?

It happened to me a few weeks ago.I was in meeting at an open area within the office floor. At first there was ambient noise with other colleagues in their cubicles speaking, typing. My meeting got heated. A few colleagues, including...Show More Summary

Crowd-funding to buy a Creative Commons license for an ebook:

You might be thinking what a "brain-ful" of concept behind this statement: "Crowd-funding to buy a Creative Commons license for an ebook".Let me break it down for you: Crowd-funding: "Funding a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people" (source: Purchase, i.e. Show More Summary

Mental preparedness: Towards Bicycling Zen

Note: I'm an amateur sharing my own perspectives on leisure cycling. I'm learning as I go (you know what they say about the 'blind leading the blind'). Feel free to join in the conversation.As mentioned in the previous post, my preparation...Show More Summary

My journey towards bicycling zen (or, "How I overcame my fear of riding on the roads")

I've been hitting the roads and Park Connectors on a foldable bike the past four Sundays, thanks to the cycling friends at ZenDogs 2.0.My initiation ride was 57km. Prior to that, I had stopped cycling for about two years. After thatShow More Summary

Dear Tern Bicycles: I love your Link P9 but...

Just posted to the Tern Bicycles forum:[thread starts here]Link P9 chain falls constantlySame problem here. Got my P9 about 4 weeks ago. Rode it slow first week and never went on gear 9. Then second, third and fourth week, I rode with my friends on the roads and park connectors. Show More Summary

P. Krishnan: His literary Journey

Now that I'm with the National Library (office is at the NL building, Victoria Street), I get to see all the exhibitions that have been put up for the public. I also thought I should 'archive' them or at least have a simple pictorial record that they once existed. Show More Summary

Remembering ECP McDonald’s

This served as a draft for this blog post I wrote for work, i.e. for the Singapore Memory Project:"Remembering a place like a fast food outlet is overdoing the whole nostalgia thing, isn’t it?"No it isn't, IMO.Not all places are equal in terms of hertiage value. Show More Summary

iremember my childhood: Being caned by my father

For the Singapore Memory Project. I guess it's really for myself:(Original Twitter sequence has been edited slightly)"@ramblinglib: As a kid, being canned by pa almost every day. For slightest thing. Didn't know why but resolved not to show emotions #sgMemory”“@ramblinglib: The caning was so bad I had obvious welt marks. Show More Summary

Blast from the Past: My presentation on "Web 2.0 & library services to young adults: An introduction"

Yikes. This is a really late post. Back in June 2011, I gave a presentation at the 5th National Library for Children & Young Adults Symposium, 2011, South Korea. The symposium was held at Duksan Resom Resort, South Korea.OK, so thisShow More Summary

Behind the scenes: Towards the launch of the Singapore Memory Project's flagship portal,

[Views expressed here are strictly my own. I am straddling between writing in my personal capacity, as well as my official role as the head for Digital Engagement for the project. Just so you know :)]By tomorrow, all the intense efforts...Show More Summary

Dealing with negative comments in social media

Ever since joining the Singapore Memory Project full-time in Nov 2011, I've been taking a closer look at social media strategies. Being a social media practitioner, as I had for the past seven years, does not necessarily make me a good "social media strategist". Show More Summary

Remixes, Attribution, Creative Alchemies: The Long Tail in Acts of Kindness (part 2)

Continued from Part 1:THE 'WHY' QUESTIONI get a kick out of the creative process. I've come to realise that's the basis of why I create. Of having seemingly created something out of nothing; moulding ideas into something that can be seen/ heard/ experienced. Show More Summary

Singapore Memory Project: Focus group session with Memory Corp volunteers

My Digital Engagement team mates and I conducted a series of focus group sessions today. For the upcoming Singapore Memory website. Here's one with volunteers from the Memory Corp: Tuck Chong, James, and Philip. We'll be posting more behind-the-scenes updates regularly. Show More Summary

Remixes, Attribution, Creative Alchemies: The Long Tail in Acts of Kindness (part 1)

Here's a few recent videos that used my songs from my uploads.Remixed with: Beyond Jupiter IIIRemixed with: Dreaming of the OceanRemixed with: Island Journey RepriseTypically, my songs are used in "hobbyist videos". Not surprising, as the need and demand for royalty-free works generally come from hobbyists. Show More Summary

My 2011 read list

The start of 2012 seems, for me, just as busy as 2011. Might as well just start with the annual read list.Total items read since 2004: 2011 = 70 items (25 items were eBooks) 2010 = 93 items 2009 = 79 2008 = 72 2007 = 104 items 2006 =...Show More Summary

When Nations Remember II - 28 Nov 2011

Here's my very belated take on the "When Nations Remember II" event, held on 28 Nov 2011. The event was part of the Singapore Memory Project (see this MICA speech), to thank partners and give various partners and stakeholders a sense of the goodwill and buzz that has been built up in the past months. Show More Summary

The persistent social media notice board (or "Singapore Police Force's first 'Facebook Arrest'")

In my view, the Singapore Police Force's (SPF) Facebook page is a very successful social media initiative by a government agency, in terms of public awareness, receptivity and amount of consistent "chatter" (i.e. comments).I've not done any recent environment scan, let alone a comprehensive survey. Show More Summary

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