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Canadian expat disenfranchisement trap heading for Supreme Count ruling

It may come as a surprise to affected British expats that Canadian expats are being caught in the same disenfranchisement trap as their counterparts from the UK, but after just five, not 15 years! The Canadian law which states expatriate citizens are disallowed from voting after an absence of five years was first enacted in 1993, but was... Expats Blog -

Tens of thousands of Irish expats called home for abortion referendum

Citizens of the Republic of Ireland living and working overseas, are being urged to return to the Emerald Isle in order to vote in the abortion referendum. The Home to Vote campaign is stepping up its call to the Irish diaspora in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe to come back to the home country to vote in Mayâ??s historic abortion... Expats Blog -

Indian millionaire exodus due to regulatory overkill

If youâ??re a multimillionaire, you can live where you please but, for the Indian mega-rich, the grass is definitely greener overseas than in the home country. Over the past four years, almost 23,000 millionaires have deserted India for fresh fields and overseas pastures new, according to research co-ordinated by an internationally famous... Expats Blog -

Taxation without representation for long term British expats overseas

According to British lawmakers in favour of the private membersâ?? bill, long-stay UK expats are now the â??great disenfranchisedâ??. Expats from any world country except the UK whoâ??ve settled down elsewhere on the planet bring with them the right to vote in elections and referendums back home, and the majority still have family and... Expats Blog -

Netherlands idiosyncratic facts for would be expats

For the second year running, the Netherlands is the worldâ??s sixth-happiest countries for expats. Finland hit the number one spot, with Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland following, with the Netherlandsâ?? happiness quotient impressive for a small European country. At the least, its winter weather doesnâ??t create freezing cold and... Expats Blog -

Expats and UAE citizens send gifts of love to Syrian children

Over 2,000 Dubai residents joined in the â??From UAE With Loveâ?? initiative taking place over last weekend. The initiative was the brainchild of Dubaiâ??s Ministry of Human Resources, aimed at giving boxes full of toys as well as letters of encouragement to underprivileged children in Syria and neighbouring countries. Over 2,000 expats... Expats Blog -

Expat engineers in Kuwait panic over work visa renewals

The sudden enforcement of a new Kuwaiti work visa law has left hundreds of expat engineers in a state of panic. The new law, brought in by Kuwaitâ??s Public Authority for Manpower, has hit hard on expat engineers in the process of renewing their work permits, as itâ??s now mandatory to present a no-objection certificate. The... Expats Blog -

Expats in Russia warned of anti British sentiment after nerve gas attack

The British expat community in Russia is fearing reprisals following increasing tensions between the two countries. The viral news of the Salisbury nerve agent poisoning of a Russian defector and his daughter caused alarm amongst British expatriates in Moscow, but Theresa Mayâ??s reaction to the tragedy has turned alarm to fear. A terse... Expats Blog -

Porno pool party organiser gets Cambodian court hearing

An update in the fate of the Briton who organised a pornographic pool party in Cambodia saw him apologise to the Cambodian people during his court hearing. Daniel Jones is now facing a year in a Cambodian prison for his part in distributing whatâ??s been described as a pornographic advertisement for a pool party being held in a Siem Reap... Expats Blog -

EU expat exodus from UK predicted to soar during 2018

The trickle of EU expats leaving the UK is expected to become a flood during 2018. Ever since the Brexit referendum result was announced, EU member state citizens living and working in the UK have quietly been preparing to leave, either for their home countries or to start again as expats in an unknown land. As the negotiations drag on,... Expats Blog -

Cryptocurrencies win support from China and Russia

Expats pinning their financial hopes on digital currencies can take some encouragement from China and Russiaâ??s begrudging acceptance of the online money. Expatriates eager to invest in cryptocurrencies in spite of their unregulated volatility may have been offered some slight reassurance by Russia and Chinaâ??s take on the wildly... Expats Blog -

Trump tax reform bill makes little difference to US expats

US expats who were hoping a miracle as part of the Trump tax reform would ease FATCAâ??s pressure on their lives are now deeply disappointed. US citizens living and working overseas were hoping against hope that continuing calls by US expat organisations representing both sides of the political divide might result in an easing of the... Expats Blog -

Total Brit expat numbers in Spain now in serious decline

Recent reports suggest British would-be expats are continuing to buy Spanish properties, but the actual number of UK citizens in the country is in sharp decline. Official figures from the last quarter of 2017 show more British buyers are busily buying Spanish homes than are investors from other world countries, but the total number of... Expats Blog -

Shortage of real Indian curries in Spain inspires new expat aimed business

British expats in Spain and France are to get authentic curry kits from a new Derbyshire start-up. If thereâ??s one thing that Brits living in Spain and France miss, itâ??s the authentic Indian curries served up all over the UK in takeaways and restaurants owned by equally authentic curry chefs. However, relief is now at hand thanks to an... Expats Blog -

Beijing eateries restricted to serving 10 expats at any one time

Expats living in Beijingâ??s student accommodation district were confused as police ordered bans on more than 10 expats in any one restaurant at any time. Wudaoku district is a popular location for expats a well as for students as itâ??s well supplied with restaurants serving Chinese food at affordable prices and is located conveniently... Expats Blog -

Expats and locals in Chapala volunteer for pet sterilisation project

Stray dogs and feral cats as well as household pets are being sterilised and neutered as part of a massive effort by Chapala expats and Mexican residents to reduce the numbers of unwanted pets on the streets. One unwelcome and unexpected aspect of expat life in many favourite destinations is the high number of homeless dogs and cats... Expats Blog -

Detained in Dubai law firm fighting for Brit businessman

Former British businessman in Qatar Jonathan Nash is now being aided by legal charity Detained in Dubai after he was sentenced to 37 years in prison for a bounced cheque. Detained in Dubai hit the headlines at the beginning of this year for its successes in fighting on behalf of a number of expats whoâ?? d fallen foul of the UAEâ??s... Expats Blog -

Thailand extends Pattaya pubs darts ban nationwide

Januaryâ??s ban on the popular game of darts being played in Pattaya has now been extended to cover the entire country. Expats enjoying a night out along with a game of darts in several of Pattayaâ??s bars-cum-pubs were horrified last month when local police stormed in and confiscated the dart boards. The reason given was that a permit... Expats Blog -

EU parliament and UK lawmakers support Brit expats rights

The result of last weekâ??s House of Commons parliamentary debate on EU citizenship along with news of a European parliament draft resolution could be a lifeline for UK expats in Europe. Last week, the British House of Commons passed a motion urging the government to ensure Britons could keep their EU citizenship post-Brexit. The... Expats Blog -

Kuwait to ban expatriates with certain diseases from permanent residence

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has released a directive banning expats with certain non-contagious illnesses from becoming permanent residents. The ban follows another directive listing 22 sicknesses and applies to expats with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and several other non-contagious illnesses as yet undeclared. The original... Expats Blog -

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