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Ryanair CEO threatens grounding planes in effort to reverse Brexit

Controversial Ryanair CEO Michael Oâ??Leary is threatening to ground all his planes after Brexit kicks in to force the UK to think again about leaving the EU. Committed Remain supporter Oâ??Leary made the announcement last Tuesday, saying heâ??s considering the move in order to show referendum voters theyâ??ve been lied to as regards the... Expats Blog -

Tips for a stress free expatriation to Spain

Whether would-be expats like it or not, learning the local language is essential to making your lifestyle change successful and stress-free. Moving overseas is a massive challenge to the majority of would-be expats yearning for fresh fields and pastures new, with tackling the basics and preparing yourself for inevitable changes is the way... Expats Blog -

Scots expat in Portugal fined for burying dead husband in garden

A Scots widow living in Portugal has been let off with a fine after burying her late husband in their garden. Edinburgh-born Louise Khan and her husband Alyn had emigrated to Portugal from Fife some four years ago, hoping to enjoy a long and happy retirement in the warm Portuguese sunshine. Sadly, Alyn was diagnosed with an inoperable... Expats Blog -

70 per cent of failed assignments down to family problems

Recent studies have revealed more than 70 per cent of failed assignments are due to trailing spousesâ?? inability to adjust to their new lives. The majority of women moving overseas arenâ??t expatriating to further their own careers â?? theyâ??re following their husbands or partners to unfamiliar lands due to an overseas position being... Expats Blog -

Update on Dutch housing costs for expat entrepreneurs

If youâ??re looking to relocate to the Netherlands, youâ??ll need to know which areas have affordable housing. With the Netherlands now hitting the headlines as a great destination for expat start-ups, the numbers of would-be expats checking out living and accommodation costs are likely to soar. Both house purchase and rental costs vary... Expats Blog -

US expat protest group challenges Bannon in Zurich

An American expatriate group protesting over USA lawmakersâ?? lack of interest in gun control made their voices heard in Zurich during Steve Bannonâ??s visit. As if the visit by the ultra-right wing ex-White House chief strategist wasnâ??t controversial enough, the small but effective expat demonstration outside the venue for his speech... Expats Blog -

New Kuwaitization scheme threatens expatriate private sector jobs

Kuwait is considering creating some 17,000 private sector jobs exclusively for Kuwaiti nationals. Meetings begun last month are progressing with the plan to create around 17,000 new private sector jobs aimed at Kuwaiti nationals. The Kuwaiti government is in conference with major trade unions to facilitate the replacement of expatriate... Expats Blog -

Choosing the best expat hospital by its rating is a risk

One of the most important decisions expats need to make when choosing an overseas destination for retirement or a new job is the availability of quality medical care. Many private hospitals overseas are now using rating systems, considered as the equivalent of the â??starâ?? system for hotels. However, relying on ratings when deciding... Expats Blog -

Expat lawyer crowdfunding appeal reaches its target in three days

The lawyer working with British expats in their court battle to preserve their rights has raised over 67,000 euros via a crowdfunding campaign. London-based lawyer Jolyon Maugham launched his crowdfunding campaign last Thursday, and was amazed when it reached its target of 60,000 euros by Sunday. The fund now stands at 67,000 euros and... Expats Blog -

Second passport schemes now popular with high net worth UAE nationals

As obtaining residency in first-world countries is getting harder, second citizenship programmes are coming to the fore in the Arab States. High-net worth UAE residents are increasingly turning to second passport applications as being granted long-stay visas in Western countries gets even tougher. Citizenship programmes are now being seen... Expats Blog -

Controversial Dubai DNA testing plan causes discrimination fears

Dubaiâ??s controversial plan to DNA test all its residents inclduing expats is being seen as an invasion of privacy likely to result in discrimination. The idea of creating the largest DNA database in the world is being justified as a scheme aimed at identifying dangerous diseases before they take hold, but is causing widespread concern... Expats Blog -

Expats and tourists caught up in Spanish hospital scam

A damning report has revealed several Spanish public hospitals are working with a company charging triple the actual medical fees to non-Spanish patients. A document shared with an English language expat-focused newspaper is claiming the International Care Patient Association is acting as an intermediary between non-Spanish patients and... Expats Blog -

Unanswered Brexit financial questions still worrying Brit expats in EU

Putting aside the problems of getting residency for long-stay British expats in EU member states, itâ??s the continuing financial uncertainty thatâ??s causing increasing concern. Itâ??s almost unbelievable that almost 20 months have passed by without any real clarification of the rights of both EU and UK expats, leaving just 16 months for... Expats Blog -

Pension tax relief billions could be up for grabs by future chancellors

Is the pension tax relief top-up scheme safe from being looted by future British Chancellors of the Exchequer? If youâ??re saving into a pension scheme with the intention of retiring overseas youâ??ll need to keep a close eye on government rule changes. The governmentâ??s pension tax relief scheme is made up of the money the government... Expats Blog -

Expats and environmentalists mourn famous Maya Beach closure

If youâ??re dreaming of a retirement spent mostly on Thailandâ??s famous tropical beaches, the one youâ??ve picked might well be closed before you get there. Thailand isnâ??t the only tourist and expat haven to be affected by beach closures and restrictions caused by careless divers, pollution and coral die-offs, but when itâ??s a beach as... Expats Blog -

US expat business owners in Oz hit hard by Trump tax plan

American expat business owners in Australia are about to get an unpleasant surprise courtesy of the controversial Trump tax reform bill. The problem is the so-called â??one off deemed repatriation taxâ??, levied at 15.5 per cent for internet giants such as Google and Apple, but also affecting any dual USA expat citizen operating a... Expats Blog -

May offers EU expats right to permanent residence

In a major climbdown, PM Theresa May has announced EU expats who arrive in the UK during the Brexit transition period will be able to apply for permanent residency. The surprise announcement was slipped into a Home Office Brexit policy paper, and also states EU migrants who arrive post-March 2019 will now be granted a five-year temporary... Expats Blog -

High net worth Brits quitting the UK for offshore tax havens

The threat of increased taxation and even more changes in laws governing the non-domicile status is persuading mega-wealthy British residents itâ??s time to go. Leading private wealth advisory firms are seeing an increasing number of high net worth individuals abandoning the UK for tax-friendlier destinations overseas. A January survey... Expats Blog -

Skilled worker shortages loom as EU expats leave the UK

Official UK government figures show an increasing number of EU expats are leaving and far fewer are arriving. New migration statistics are now giving credence to signs of a growing Brexodus as the balance between those arriving and those relocating to their home countries shifts. Office for National Statistics figures still show 90,000... Expats Blog -

Singapore and Hong Kong battle it out in surveys

A recent survey highlighted expats in Hong Kong and Singapore with 24 per cent stating Hong Kong had the best jobs against Singaporeâ??s 19 per cent. The Expat Explorer survey is no stranger to controversy, as are most comparisons between equally popular destinations. In this instance, nearly a quarter of Hong Kong respondents stated... Expats Blog -

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