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Dubai expats love the social life as much as the high wages

Dubai scores high in the latest expat survey, winning praise for its job prospects and active social life. Dubai is well known in the expat world for its high salaries and job prospects in general, but the results of the latest survey suggest itâ??s not just all work and no play. Given the chance to earn a generous, tax-free salary and... Expats Blog -

British owned Spanish rental property trashed by tenants from hell

Britons looking to invest in a buy-to-let property in Spain should take note of the nightmare caused by a Benidorm tenant from hell and his family. Burnley-born Kelly Louise Metcalf, now living with her husband in Valencia, was happy when her Benidorm letting agent informed her of a British tenant and his wife who were interested in... Expats Blog -

UK expats votes for life bill moves to second stage

The private membersâ?? bill aimed at reversing the hated 15-year disenfranchisement of British expat voters has passed its first hurdle. Fridayâ??s debate saw the bill debated as required, with Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale suggesting it should be known as â??Shindlers Billâ??, in honour of the Italy-based, now 96-year old WWII veteran... Expats Blog -

International relocation including your dog

Leaving your beloved dog behind when emigrating overseas simply isnâ??t an option for almost every would-be expat, but owners frequently worry their best friends will hate air travel. Travelling internationally with your dog is far easier than it used to be, perhaps because far more pet owners are relocating overseas and wouldnâ??t think... Expats Blog -

Expat good conduct certificate not mandatory for UAE residents job switch

The news that the UAEâ??s new good conduct certificate isnâ??t now required for expat residents switching jobs is a relief for many expat professionals. According to a source in the UAEâ??s General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs, the somewhat controversial new certificate will not be required when expats apply for a new... Expats Blog -

Survey reveals expats love Germany for its 'awesomeness'

Germany doesnâ??t exactly come to mind as a favourite expatriate destination, but those living there are more than happy with their choice. The most important aspect of German life for expats is the countryâ??s open society and sensible laws. Germanyâ??s modern, safety-conscious society with its inclusive legal system, gender equality and... Expats Blog -

Doctors quitting the NHS for early retirement and emigration

Doctors in the UK are retiring early due to strict pension savings rules and an overload of work. As thousands of EU nationals leave their NHS jobs for fear of their post-Brexit status, the worse news is that increasing numbers of their colleagues are retiring early and emigrating. Some 5,000 experienced medical practitioners a year are... Expats Blog -

Potential expat retirees choose property investment over employer pensions

If youâ??re planning to retire overseas, youâ??ve a choice to make between investing in real estate or paying into a private pension. For British retirees, the state pension is now insufficient to support a lifestyle in even the least expensive country popular with retired UK expatriates. Relying on capital to support your stay is risky,... Expats Blog -

Brit expats risk post Brexit block on pension and insurance payments

British expats are still being kept in the dark over the threat to their pension payments due to Brexitâ??s terminating of passporting rights. Five months after the revelation that British expats might lose their pension and insurance payments post-Brexit due to the withdrawal of so-called â??passporting rightsâ??, no clarification has as... Expats Blog -

Saudi SMEs going under due to foreign worker levy

The Saudi private sector is struggling with the recently-introduced foreign worker levy and is calling for changes. Unpopular even before its introduction, the controversial Saudi foreign worker levy is now causing difficulties in the SME private sector. According to local media, private firms are struggling to pay the levy and are... Expats Blog -

Second home owners in France face swinging increase in property tax

British owners of second homes in France are facing a 60 per cent increase in property taxes following reforms by the new French president. Macronâ??s aim is to discourage the disruption of the property market caused by short-term holiday rentals by slapping a 60 per cent increase on property tax for second homes. Short-term rentals, he... Expats Blog -

Cryptobillionaire expats commit to rebuilding Puerto Rico

Hurricane Mariaâ??s devastation wrecked the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico and is still in evidence across the main island, but its rescue may well come about via a very surprising development. The rise of the Puertopians is alive and kicking, with scores of crypto-wealthy Brits, Canadians and San Franciscans descending on the island... Expats Blog -

British expats face dilemma over QROPs

Brit expats living in EU member states are facing a dilemma over their QROPs. At the present time, there seems to be no stopping the progress of Britainâ??s divorce from the EU. The due dates are March 31 next year, followed by an all-too-brief transition period ending in December 2020. Both dates present a knife-edge for expats in Europe... Expats Blog -

British expat rape victim in Costa del Sol catches her attacker

A British expat living in the Costa del Sol got her revenge on her attacker when she traced and caught him using selfies heâ??d later taken using her stolen smartphone. The horrendous attack and rape of the 23-year old Brit took place in Torremolinosâ??s La Nogalera district just over a week ago at around 5 a.m. According to local media,... Expats Blog -

New British anti Brexit political party launches campaign

A newcomer to Britainâ??s political scene inspired by the rise to power of Franceâ??s President Macron launched its campaign last Monday. The anti-Brexit Renew party was formed last year, following Macronâ??s surprise election to Franceâ??s top political job, and is determined to stop Brexit at any cost. Itâ??s the latest indication that... Expats Blog -

Expats making life changing decisions due to anger and frustration

Whether theyâ??re frustrated, angry or simply scared sick for their futures, ordinary Brits and Europeans are making life-changing plans before the UK/EU divorce is finalised. Whilst politicians on both sides are struggling to formulate at least a plan ahead, everyday Brit workers and EU expats are planning to relocate their lives and... Expats Blog -

Lawyers representing jailed Brits stonewalled by UAE Embassy

Lawyers based in Dubai and London are fighting to help British citizens whoâ??ve fallen foul of the emirateâ??s draconian laws and been unfairly jailed. The Detained in Dubai group is becoming more and more frustrated by the refusal of the UAE Embassy to even meet with them to discuss the best way to end the regular imprisonment of... Expats Blog -

Mallorca expat businesses under threat from new law

Dozens of expat businesses located in Santa Catalinaâ??s Palma district are threatened with closure due to a proposed new law. The draconian measure would close down a good proportion of the terraces on which the businesses are located and is being mooted to create more pedestrianised spaces. Around 37 per cent of the terraces in the Pere... Expats Blog -

Expat psychiatrist conducts survey on Brexit mental health effects

An expat psychiatrist living and working in France has identified Brexit-related anger, helplessness and severe anxiety amongst British expats. Christine Haworth-Staines, a fully qualified psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS), has lived and worked in South West France for 10 years and is now seeing... Expats Blog -

Affordable Malaysia becoming a favourite with relocating expats

Expatriates in Malaysia are more than happy with the countryâ??s comparatively inexpensive cost of living. Malaysia is increasingly popular with expat professionals from Western countries, mostly due to its lower cost of living including healthcare and private education. A recent survey revealed many thousands of newly-arrived expats are... Expats Blog -

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