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Who Needs RFID Tracking If You Have A 1:1 iPad Program?

While not widespread, a fair number of school districts have used RFID tracking devices to track the location of school kids. From the perspective of a school or district, using RFID to track kids can have some negative side effectsShow More Summary

If A Test Falls In A Classroom

It is difficult to keep up with the amount of misinformation spewed on a regular basis about the Common Core standards. The conversation is complicated because, depending on who is talking, the words "Common Core" can mean any one, or...Show More Summary

Manufactured Crisis: Education Schools and the National Council on Teacher Quality

The National Council on Teacher Quality put out a report that is it describing as "an unprecedented evaluation of more than 1,100 colleges and universities that prepare elementary and secondary teachers." Let's take a step back fromShow More Summary

Bullying: One Kid Talking To Another About Not Taking A Test

While collecting up my thoughts after the Portland Public Schools Common Core event last week, I came across this set of talking points written by the district "as a support to principals and teachers to understand State of Oregon requirements...Show More Summary

How Common Core Should Be Rolled Out

After attending the Portland Public Schools Common Core parent event, I've been thinking about the event, the people tasked to staff it, and the split between the Common Core standards, what our kids will be taught as a result of the...Show More Summary

Parent Information Night On The Common Core

Last night, on Tuesday, June 12th, I attended what was called a "Parent's Academy" on the in-progress Common Core rollout. The event was put on by Portland Public Schools. The goal of the event was stated clearly on one of the handouts...Show More Summary

Hiding Behind Metadata

In reading through the coverage of the ongoing data collection by the government, one of the ways that people obfuscate the depth of the privacy intrusion is by hiding behind the term "metadata." David Brooks, in NPR's Week In Politics,...Show More Summary

How Are Schools Using Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Explaining Surveillance?

At the risk of stating the obvious, I've been following the news of widespread data collection by the NSA with some interest. After watching things continue to unfold today - including President Obama's underwhelming defense of the program...Show More Summary

How Can We Teach Privacy?

Based on recent reports, it sounds like the NSA is regularly collecting data from major phone companies, nine major tech companies, and from credit card companies and ISPs (although it's not clear whether the credit card/ISP data collection...Show More Summary

Re-usable content, back to the basics, and knowing your tools

I've been on this kick lately of looking at the original architects of the web and what people were doing at that time. This picked up steam in January, 2013, right after our Open Content Authoring Day at EduCon when we started looking at the needed structure to support flexible open content authoring. Show More Summary

I Have Some Word Docs...

A question we are asked on a fairly regular basis is: I have a bunch of resources saved in Word docs. How can I release these as open content? It's a pretty straightforward question, and one version of an answer is: Specify a license;...Show More Summary

If We Need Data, Who Collects It?

Getting data on how people learn and how they can be supported while learning is a worthwhile goal. However, collecting data takes time, and the means by which these data points will be collected and stored have yet to be identified. Even...Show More Summary

Questions On Data Collection and the Common Core

As mentioned in earlier posts, much confusion exists around the Common Core standards. There is also some full throated paranoia mongering confusion about the requirements of data collection and the Common Core standards. To be clear, data collection and the Common Core standards are two separate things. Show More Summary

Getting The Details With Common Core

On Wednesday, OPB ran one of the better stories I have heard within mainstream media on the Common Core standards; the piece was reported by Rob Manning. The piece focused on adoption within Oregon, and contains gems like this quotation...Show More Summary

Who Isn't It Working For?

Cole Camplese has a piece on pushback against MOOCs over on his blog. In it, he asks: (N)ow that the MOOC thing has happened the same people who built rallying calls for more open access to learning are now rejecting this movement. Why?...Show More Summary

The Web Is Your MOOC, and Portfolios To The Rescue

I'm getting ready to head in to DrupalCon, where over the next few days I'll be talking education and open learning with anyone who is interested. And as I'm heading in, I have MOOCs on the brain - not because I'm particularly a fanShow More Summary

Knowing More About The Things We Take For Granted

Over the weekend, as I was searching for something on my phone, it struck me how little I understand this device that I use countless times each day. What happens when I touch my finger to the screen? What is the technology that enables my fingertip - but not, for example, a finger in a glove - to effect reactions within the phone. Show More Summary

Creative Commons and Human Nature

Over on his blog, Dr. Charles Severance has outlined some issues he faces with his use of Creative Commons licensing. I suspect that he is not alone in grappling with these issues. While I have responded in the comment thread on his blog, I also wanted to put these thoughts down here so I don't lose them over time. Dr. Show More Summary

Simple Is Usable, or Why Friends Don't Let Friends Apply Metadata Prematurely

As part of our work on open content, and how to design systems that support authoring and translation that are both useful and usable, we have been thinking about the role of metadata and, by extension, search. This post contains some...Show More Summary

Common Misconceptions Around Common Core

There's no getting around it. The Common Core standards bring out the crazy. Benjamin Reilly does a good job of collecting the crazy in one place, but his "alert" highlights a real issue: the amount of disinformation about Common Core...Show More Summary

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