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Musings on abuse, love and healing in relationships

The hugbuddy is back from being on a trip to another side of this globe. Having had a cool down time was good but hugs are better. ???? And now I wonder: what is a relation actually? Do I like … Continue reading ?

Free online summit: World Tapping event

Ooh, a bit late but you could get a view of all the vids in the last days of the 10th Annual World Tapping Summit. Register here. Enjoy! I am happy that I quit. Going through a difficult spot in … Continue reading ?

Higher Power

NEW! I think I understand the concept of the Higher Power. What?! Yay! Just read the post of Mike and it came to me; to me addiction is not living along the healthy bio-logically along which the Universe operates. To … Continue reading ?

Only as sick as your secrets

I have found peace in informing some friends and family that things are not going well and that I can not do things on my own. “Only as sick as your secrets” does not only apply to drinking – I … Continue reading ?

Rock the boat

2 Posts ago I wrote about me feeling like I am on a boat in a sea of nothingness when it comes to thinking about new work.Thing is, the whole picture is not about the boat, it is about not … Continue reading ?

3 years 6 months – feeling I am enough

NEW! Well, not really new, more than a week old I think, but NEW is the feeling of being enough. Looking inside and not shrinking away for my own gaze. Meeting people and being able to accept that they like … Continue reading ?

Learning to bend dark thoughts

Just to inform you and write this down for future references. Ever since the energetic healing which I wrote about in the last post, I have been practicing to bend dark thoughts. Coooooool! It is sort of like not drinking: … Continue reading ?

Feeling comfortable to be me

My last post was about darkness, I have been introduced to light and am liking it! A lot has happened since. This starts of dark but hang in there. ???? A while ago I was totally submerged in the horror … Continue reading ?

Now running: free online addiction summit

Heya! FYI: there is a new free online addiction summit in town. Check it out here:  ???? (improved link!) I am happy that I quit. Currently sorting stuff out off-line. Very thankful for those who replied to my former post … Continue reading ?

The issue of issues

My fight with sugar has brought me to what I feel is the main issue of my addictive personality; self-hatred. I feel so awful that I have difficulty leaving the house because I feel everybody has the right to hurt … Continue reading...

Online summit mindfulness & meditation

Hello, Soundstrue organizes another (free) online summit on the subject of mindfulness and meditation. Sign up here. Start date is the 22nd of January. I am happy that I quit drinking. I am currently taking another dive into my now … Continue reading ?

Peer pressure – and that at my age…

Yesterday I was at a fair with several booths selling alcohol free drinks. One booth had a tasting going on. The drinks were not soda drinks but alcohol free imitations which were made with alcohol and then the alcohol got … Continue reading ?

Standard unit of alcohol differs per country

Just found out that the worldwide standard unit for alcohol differs per country. That is so strange.  The UK has a 8 gram glass but the Canada and the US have a 13,6  and 14 gram standard. This is from … Continue reading ?

0:00 deadline surfing

Handed in my business plan for my project in a contest. The deadline was 7 january 2018. I handed it in at 0:00. Worked my ass off to get it done. Obviously my computer got stuck at the last moment … Continue reading ?

Emotional sobriety

I think I have come to the point where I can say that for me, with my addictive personality and the way my body reacts to things I can not be emotionally sober without quitting sugar. As far as I … Continue reading ?

The spiral of learning

Learning. My ´no chocolate´ diet is running for about 7 days now and suddenly I get the urge to walk to the shop and get some. So I thought I would go here and write. Not about chocolate. But about … Continue reading ?

2018 is going to be great!

Heya, Hope you had a good, healthy, joyful start of the year 2018. I did! I quit eating chocolate about 7 days ago, slipped once but wow, I am feeling sooo much better.  I’m BACK! Did and did not know … Continue reading ?

Hole in the soul

I want to write but somehow I do not finish a post and when I do I re-read it (NEW) and start changing stuff (NEW) until I get lost and then start a new post. That has been going on … Continue reading ?

Anger. Sadness. Happiness!

Happy? Yep, happy. How come? Different mindset. 2 Weeks ago I informed my boss that I would not be taking on a new contract. The work makes me ill physically and emotionally. The company where I work has difficulty with … Continue reading ?

Sleep disorder re-blog from SMART Recovery®

If found this a very good article. Also: 20 years ago something I read that people who sleep well when in early recovery have way, way more change to ‘succeed’ at it. I myself would add: no exciting TV Some … Continue reading ?

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