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Teal Swan on feeling not ‘normal’

Must watch vid on disconnection and, as Teal Swan says it ‘parallel realities’. I am guessing all of you will recognise this and possibly, as I did, have a good cry over understanding how denial of emotions makes people feel … Continue reading ?

Misery – what’s in it for me?

Sorry for the rhyme. Wondering here why I hang on to misery. Thought writing about it might give me some insight. So yeah; heads-up; this can either be a brilliant post on finding a way out or another boring post … Continue reading ...

Went to see the GP

Went to see the GP. Things aren’t going all too well. Darkness surrounds me during the day and during the night my dreams take me to revisit abuse in the past. It is not that I ever really forgot what … Continue reading ?

Free online summit on Self-acceptance / dealing with the inner critic

Hi, I ‘spammed’ this in here before but I want to mention that the free online summit on self-acceptance has started today. Self acceptance leads to less projections and less critical behaviour towards others (hence my interest :-/, much to … Continue reading ?

Free online course on Self-acceptance

Dear all, Sounds True has a free online course on the subject of Self-acceptance, starting the 11th of September 2017. Check the link for the course here. Find more wonderful stuff, free and paid at their store. I am happy … Continue reading ?

3 years!

3 Years ago today was my first sober day in at least a year. Now reading my first blog post on this blog ever. Amazing to read that I was so proud of having quit: “I did it! I did … Continue reading ?

What is denial? How did you deal with that?

I just read a beautiful post at A Hangover Free’s blog. A men sends in a letter to a newspaper about his 26 year old alcoholic daughter. He, his wife and daughter live in one house and the daughters addiction … Continue reading ?

Progress, not perfection explained by Castle Craig

This is a copy of a post by Castle Craig – the organisation I would go into detox process if I had not at the last moment done an extreme addicty thing and decide to do things on my own. … Continue reading ?

Parasite summit

Eh, what?! Yes, a parasite summit. Free, online parasite summit. I’m do not know what they are up to but I did find this interesting: When you first hear this it might sound way out there but one of the … Continue reading ?

How we fall in love

Or how to choose a partner wisely. Food for thought. I am happy that I quit.  Still feeling a bit under the weather, went home from work yesterday because still not ‘there’. My throat does not heal. not sure why. … Continue reading ...


Watching a kids TV show and it warns witches for keeping control of themselves otherwise they can not control their magic. Which (witch?) set me off to wonder about my own assumptions. I assume that I will never fit in, … Continue reading ?

Throat infection, alcoholism, alexithymia, truth – possible 5th chakra issues

Home with a nasty throat infection after having been well, yeah ‘told off’ by my boss. He and I mostly see eye to eye but in this one case we did not and well, I overstepped (what’s new?) and he … Continue reading ?

Earning the money

Work has been tough lately. I’m in this position where I need to check other people’s work and set guidelines for them to work by. But the overseer left and now my boss wants me to sort of ‘fill in … Continue reading ?

Free online summit ‘Psychology of true happiness’

And another free online summit coming up. This one is about happiness. Looking forward to hearing what they have to say. ???? More info here. Enjoy! I am happy that I quit. Hope you are happy that you quit too. … Continue reading ?

How to start a sober blog

That’s a bit of a pretentious title but I actually made it up because it talks with search engines well. That would be a first :-). So, hi there, possibly first timer blogger? This is my blog ‘Feeling my way … Continue reading ?

Free online summit on shamanism

Hello, For those of you who have a taste for the extra-ordinary like I do here is a link to an online summit on the subject of shamanism. Free. Cool. ???? Sign up here. I am happy that I quit. … Continue reading ?

Free online summit on sleep and stress

Hello, Another free online summit you might be interested in. This is on anxiety, overwhelm, stress and sleep. How cool is that? Dunno, have not seen it yet, but…. worth checking out, not? Years ago I read somewhere that sleeping … Continue reading ?

Free online Chakra workshop with Anodea Judith

Just got posted a message on a free, online workshop on Chakras with Anodea Judith on Saturday, August 5. You can sign up here if you are interested. ???? Enjoy! I am happy that I quit. ???? xx, Feeling

While I am getting cocky, the addict within is doing push-ups in the brain.

The weekend before last I went on a short holiday to one a music festival organised by a friend of mine. He had invited me as plus one. We stayed on a campsite, had a lovely time and… there was … Continue reading ?

Recovery 2.0 starts in 2 days!

The free, online summit about recovery starts at the 12th of July and runs to the 16th. The summit is set up by Tommy Rosen, a recovery – guru and author of the book ‘Recovery 2.0’ Sign up here and … Continue reading ?

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