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An Alcoholic Walks Into a Pain Doc’s Office…

Lest you think I am starting the new year with a bad attitude, I’m here to tell you I woke up full of piss and vinegar. That could be because I am actually on steroids. I went to an orthopedic surgeon yesterday, convinced I had bone cancer, only to find that the radiating pain in […]

Here’s a New One – Embarrassed By My Sobriety?

The holidays are all over but the paying of credit card bills… and they were wonderful. I was in Florida for the better part of two weeks, and I embraced family, drooling dogs and long beach walks. And after six months of careful eating, it was also a food-fest. I ate more carbs in two weeks […]

The Mothers of Addiction

When my son was a toddler, a resourceful mother bird built a nest in the tree outside his bedroom window. It was stressful for both of us to watch. The sparrows built their nest during a Florida wind storm. And because they took up residence in our tree, we felt responsible. We’d sit on the […]

Recovery Management or How to Trick Your Own Brain…

I just read an article by William White about the difference between Relapse Prevention (RP) and Recovery Management (RM). In a nut shell, he opines that one focuses on “deficits and vulnerabilities” and the other on “assets”. RP implies we are running from monsters (waking up the ghost?). Show More Summary

It’s a Dangerous World Out There, People…

I went to CPR training/certification last week with Sanford House. I felt a bit anxious as the trainer painstakingly itemized all the unfortunate things that can happen to a person. In the video, after someone cut themselves with glass or collapsed while ordering coffee at a kiosk, there was always someone who stepped forward. Show More Summary

“Buying” the Sober Life (With the Proper Packaging)

I bought a new pot of face cream. The package promised to “erase fine lines in a week,” which is great because it’s my birthday today and I wanted to have a wrinkle-free face by that milestone…   The Quick Fix… I mean, I actually bought...Show More Summary

Surrounded – When your Loved Ones Still Drink

I keep thinking about an email I got from a reader last week. Let’s call her Sharon. Her spouse is a (problem) drinker and has no intention of quitting. And the guy insists she doesn’t have a problem either.   What to do when it seems...Show More Summary

When Mental, Physical and Recovery Health Come Together…

I was in Jacksonville last week. And I was reminded at every turn that smart people are working to make our lives better. It was uplifting after all the storms, politics, mass shootings and tenuousness in our world.   And with mental,...Show More Summary

Facing Fear, Anxiety & OCD – When Moms and Minds Come Together

There is an old adage that says friends should not work together. I don’t understand this aphorism, because friends – best friends – are the people you respect and trust the most. They are the folks who help you face fears and insecurities and showcase your best self. Show More Summary

Sobriety & Practicality are NOT the Same Thing

I was very proud of myself last Friday. I wrapped things up at work and prepared for the long drive to Florida and a week of R&R. Why proud? Because my circumstances are so different this time around. The last time I drove to Florida, I was in a beater car with my wallet and […] The post Sobriety & Practicality are NOT the Same Thing appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Pretty Drinking

Every once in a while, I still get a vague, little twinge for the concept of drinking alcohol. It’s not a craving per se; I don’t actually want the drink. More like a snapshot in my mind of a time in a lovely setting, out of doors perhaps, where drinking and pleasure went hand-in-hand.   […] The post Pretty Drinking appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Kayaking in Recovery

I had an opportunity to kayak at 7 AM on a fast moving river Up North last weekend. I thought I was pretty clever for bringing my running gloves, because it was a brisk 45 degrees. The river was steaming when we put in and I was full of my sober self for about three […] The post Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Kayaking in Recovery appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Read the Signs: Turbulent Water! Violent Waves!

The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead When the skies of November turn gloomy… Gordon Lightfoot It would not have been a trip to Marquette without thinking of the time my brother almost got swept off a break wall there, during a storm. A couple of days ago I said the UP […] The post Read the Signs: Turbulent Water! Violent Waves! appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Weathering the Storms…

I am on vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula while most of my loved ones and all my most memorable stomping grounds are in the eye of a storm. My son Jonathan has been chased by Irma from Tampa to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Kim is laid-up in Jacksonville while several of her roofs lifted off their […] The post Weathering the Storms… appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Why do I get the impression you pity me?

I heard from another long lost friend this week. Whenever someone from my past contacts me they say, “You just popped up on my computer.”  As if my details appear randomly in their ad column on Facebook. (Like the pair of suede boots...Show More Summary

Recovery Doldrums? Step Off the Marked Trail…

The title is not a metaphor. I actually mean be a little racy and try the path less traveled by. And I defy anyone who is feeling like their recovery from alcoholism is a big ho-hum to do what I did this weekend and not feel like a champ. On Saturday I met some friends […] The post Recovery Doldrums? Step Off the Marked Trail… appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

Photo Shoots Sober vs. Photo Shoots Drunk

I was on a day-long photo shoot this week.  Our newest addiction treatment center, Sanford House at John Street for Men is almost ready to open and we were photographing the finished product. While everyone else was sporting pinhole boxes and eclipse glasses, Terry Johnston and I were marveling at the odd light cast on group room chairs. Show More Summary

What Did You Do On Your (Sober) Summer Vacation?

A few short years ago, the month of August would have been like every other month. I would have woken in a tangle of sheets, maybe bloody (certainly besmirched) with nausea rising in my throat and no memory of how I got the abrasions on my knees. Show More Summary

Four Years Sober – Four Things I Know For Sure

My four year sober anniversary came in like a lamb. I only remembered it, because Lauren sent me a text to congratulate me.  And other than being a mother (and for a while a wife) I haven’t maintained interest in many things for four years straight, so I should have been jazzed. Show More Summary

I Forget the Last Time I Forgot…

I was driving around yesterday, picking up obscure items like those things you stick to the floor of slippery tubs so you don’t fall while taking a shower and knock yourself out and drown. I saw a sign on a billboard on 28th Street. The sign read, “I Forget the Last Time I Forgot”. Brain […] The post I Forget the Last Time I Forgot… appeared first on Waking Up The Ghost.

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